Friday, August 31, 2012

Hari Raya 2012

To be honest, my Hari Raya usually is too far from what you see on television ads where elders happily making ketupat and dodol, children run happily here and there. Every year, my hari raya starts by waking up early morning, wear new baju kurung, salam-salam all family member (no hari raya speech or whatever, salam just like that), straight to the kitchen find anything that can be eaten, preparing self going to grave, back home then watching tv. That's all. Hari raya is just like usual holiday for me *sigh* I don't know. I'm just like that.  
That's me on first day of hari raya without any makeup. Didn't bother to put any chemicals on face.

Me with my lil cousin, Afifah Antasha. The naughty one. She arrived kampung late that day and she knocked my door in the middle of the night (I was asleep already) just because she wanted her new clothes HAHAHA kids nowadays. Her mother said she insisted of going back kampung that night. Of course because she knew new dresses were waiting HAHA.

I'm the one who always in charge of hair styling in the family wtf. The kids will naturally find me when it comes to hair styling. Here's one of my artwork HAHA :-

My so called Bohemian Fairy Braid.
And this one is my so called Waterfall Fairytale Braid (taken at school).

I actually have nothing more to say about my hari raya. It was seriously nothing to share. What's there to share when I was staying at home all the time? By the time my hari raya break ended, I went back to Miri. Now, I'm continuing my boring life.

Taken today before going out paying bills, drive the car to car wash, breakfast, lunch, doing some light shopping, etc etc etc. 
Lost of words. I'm having period pain right now. So everything is like going to the wrong direction T_________T

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Featured on 76Style facebook

I wonder why this blog suddenly got visits quite high (at least for my benchmark wtf) today.

Now I know \(^_^)/

Thank you 76Style for sharing my experience's link.

Now, what are you waiting for? Click the link and LIKE the page nowwww! You won't regret I can confirm that. Everytime they post new pictures of customers, I was like ohemgee I need to put that exact style and color on my hair HAHAHA.