Saturday, May 28, 2011

Teeth Whitening

I was thinking about another product review (since my recent hobby is spending money on make up wtf) but hold first. Wait till I reach home and get tip top internet connection pfftt what a lame excuse I give this excuse every time I am lazy of posting new entry HAHAHA.

Actually I spent a lot money this month fml. That's why people tell you not to apply plastic card. But then, I think it's worth the money because it is more to investment. I went to dentist for teeth whitening. My first experience of teeth whitening is when I was 17 years old. HAHAHA it was 8 years ago!

When I was a child, I only brushed my teeth in the morning. I skipped the night part because I was lazy. Plus, I drank coke and coffee a lot. So I guess that's the reason why I have this yellow-ish teeth since my young age. Pfffttt my mother should be more strict to me in this case.

So at the age of 17, my teeth is in good condition. I mean the color. But then I keep drinking coke and coffee, and teeth whitening wouldn't last till you die wtf, so the yellow-ish come back. But I am too poor to spend my own money and do teeth whitening. So I played some trick to cover my yellow-ish teeth like cover my teeth with hands while laughing wtf.

And now I think I can afford teeth whitening because I get my salary on time every month HAHAHA, so I did it last Thursday. If you live in Miri and want to do teeth whitening like me fml, I suggest you make an appointment with Bright Smile (a block next to Bintang Mall) because they offer affordable price. Other dentist will charge more than 1k but not Bright Smile. The doctor is also friendly, makes you feel comfortable. If you want to try other dentist and they offer cheap price, make sure you ask either it is for both upper and bottom teeth or not.

The process took about 45 minutes. 3 sections for whitening. Doctor put some gel (I don't know what is that) to protect my gum. Then he put blue gel (I think that is the teeth whitener) on teeth and let the laser machine did it job for about 10 minutes for each sections. If you can't take pain, it might hurt a bit. As for me, it is not a very big problem. I can handle it.

Now my teeth is lighter than before. Not really white like toothpaste wtf but better. And the doctor also removed stains on my front tooth. I am sorry no pictures because I haven't take any latest picture after the procedure.

We can actually do-it-ourself at home. Only buy the whitening kit and it costs cheaper than the laser technique. But the result will take time.

Now, I can skip the teeth-whitening-photoshop part! HAHAHA.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Maybelline Magnum Mascara and Kiss Me Eyebrow Highlighter

I bought mascara rarely. To be exact, my mascara was always given by my aunts or if I happened to buy it, I bought the cheapest one wtf. My previous mascara was I-don't-know-what-is-the-brand from Daiso. Bought for RM5 only. Now you know how poor I am. I bought the cheapest. Or stingy fml.

Recently I bought new mascara because previous one finished already. RM5 item use until the last drop wtf. Actually I wanted to buy Maybelline Stiletto Mascara (or something like that), which I read a review from XiaXue, but I guess it still unavailable in Sabah and Sarawak. Or maybe Malaysia T__T. I refused to buy this Maybelline Magnum Volume Express just because it is yellow. Why you didn't come in pink?

Yellow eww

This is how the brush look like

People say don't judge a book by its cover. So actually it works well for me. Picture above is my normal lashes. Not too straight and not too curl.

This is how it looks after I put on the mascara. See the difference? I don't use curler to curl my lashes just because I don't have eyelash curler wtf. I love how it works with my lower lashes. It makes my lower lashes much more obvious.

Next haul is Kiss Me Eyebrow Highlighter in Light Ash. My hair is not black anymore so light color hair must be matched with light color eyebrow too. So I've been finding this for ages because I am so jealous to see Cheesie perfect eyebrow and at last I found it HAHA. Okay, Cheesie's of course different brand but the point is eyebrow highlighter!

It should be use after you define you eyebrow with eyebrow pencil. Me? Ehem I don't define mine using eyebrow pencil or whatever because my fringe can hide anything lack on my eyebrow HAHA.

That's the color.

And this is the result. Excuse my messy eyebrow. Okay, I messed up. I overdid it HAHAHA. It is not that bad actually. It is just my skills are bad T___T. I think all girls with light hair shades need this.

And this one is just to say goodbye wtf.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Candy Doll Alternative

Candy Doll is Japan products (in case you don't know LOL). When I say Japan, so we should know it'll be a little bit pricey when it comes to us. Especially when your country is far away from Japan in the world map wtf. And if you just poor like me, you'll freak out once you found out the price HAHAHA. Okay I am joking.

I knew about Candy Doll long time ago. Since I started put interest on Japan make up. Okay obviously after I started reading Popteen. Popteen is poisonous. All the models look really kawaii that make you want to be like them. Which lead you to use the same products as they use fml.

But... tried Candy Doll by myself, I found some alternatives you can use to get the inspired effects of Candy Doll. Especially if you are Malaysian, you can get the alternative products in affordable price.

First, I'll review on Candy Doll Cheek Color Peach Pink.
I suggest the alternative for Candy Doll Peach Pink is this IN2IT blush set in 01 Lovebird. It is actually has 3 colors. Bought this IN2IT blush set for about RM20 plus, I can't remember. Candy Doll costs me RM55 plus T_________T

The brightest pink is almost similar with Candy Doll Peach Pink. Okay maybe my eyes are playing trick on me wtf but seriously the colors are almost the same.

Not big difference right?

I used Candy Doll in the picture above. If you read my older entries and happen to find my pictures in it, which you think I put the almost similar color on my cheek, that must be my IN2IT blusher.

Second review is Candy Doll Lip Concealer. Okay this one is much simpler. Just dab a little bit of your usual concealer on your lips.

As for me, I am using Silky Girl Stick Concealer in 02 Medium as my daily concealer. So before this, I did dab a little bit of it on my lips too to make my lipstick color much obvious and nicer. SilkyGirl Concealer is just about RM19 or RM13 plus I can't remember. Candy Doll Lip Concealer costs RM55 plus T_______T.

HAHAHA I put noise on my face skin just because I don't want you all know how horrible my skin is in close up photo. But my lips are free from noise effect okay.

So I put Candy Doll Lip Concealer on the left and Silky Girl Concealer on right. Can you see any differences?

Actually Candy Doll Lip Concealer is a bit glossy. I think that's why Tsubasa Masuwaka suggests us to wipe a bit using tissue after put it on HAHAHA. Silky Girl Concealer is just matte.

But still, both of them can give you the same effect when you put on your lipstick. I used Revlon Colorburst 070 Soft Nude and Majolica Majorca PK211 Lip Gloss on my lips.

Okay that's all I think. I am really sorry if my explanation sucks. I am no good in explaining HAHA.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Candy Doll Haul

This will be a very long post. Yes, I am not kidding *serious face*. Guess Digi Telco kindly give me opportunity to blog about this just because I promised you guys in twitter decade ago wtf. I whined about how expensive Candy Doll but still I bought them HAHAHA. So here's my Candy Doll haul.

After calculating my salary minus car loan and other bills wtf, I decided to buy these three items.

1. Candy Doll Mineral Powder
2. Candy Doll Cheek Color Peach Pink
3. Candy Doll Lip Concealer

"Candy Doll is a cosmetic that realizes the wish that the girl wants to be cute. Sweet as fluffy. Happy as milky. It begins sparkling as made magic."

What do you mean by Happy as milky? HAHAHA sounds funny to me.

Hey ya. At last I can meet you for real :p

I read comments on how people reviewed that this mineral powder is small in size. Yes, it is small but thinking of it, I don't use it as much as I use compact powder. So I guess, the size is acceptable.

Okay. Here is Candy Doll Cheek Color in Peach Pink.

Actually I want to buy Carrot color or something like that I can't remember exactly the name but then I think my liking is tend to cuteness. Pink suits me well. Nevermind, I'll buy it next time.

And this lip concealer. My dear friend, Lisa Dearlova bought this and she likes it. So I thought I should give a try too HAHA.

I am actually want to come out with a review about it. I took pictures already but haven't finish editing them. So wait for it okay? :D

Some vain pictures HAHAHA.

Look at my cheeks! What do you think of the color? I was using Candy Doll Cheek Color Peach Pink. HAHA okay I cheat a lil bit. I did adjust the brightness a bit.

Okay. Bye.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Teacher's Day

So we had so much fun today. Teacher's Day this year is much more fun than last year. This year we held outdoor games for teachers and students. It was hilarious seeing senior teachers running and skipping and playing those silly games with students. I felt better in situation like that. It was different from our usual days which are boring HAHAHA.

I was trying to upload pictures but I think can't accept the cuteness in all the pictures wtf. Okay I'm just joking. I am now using my bb as modem and the internet connection is really slow like snail. Upload pictures might take zillion years. Plus, I am trying to update my antivirus now which is restarted about five times already wtf. When it reached 40% updated then it'll automatically restarted back to 1%. I feel like cursing you antivirus!

Back to the Teacher's Day. I played so called bowling and I scored higher score wtf I don't know that I have this hidden talent in me. No lah. My score was actually 8 pins, where others only scored 3 and 4 HAHAHA you guys need to practice more. And I ran away when they said the next game is finding candy in flour. HAHAHA I don't want to wash my hair everyday I am so lazy please be informed.

My students are all very cute. They made handmade cards for us. I don't know but their small gifts really means a lot T__T. I don't wish to receive expensive gifts from them. All I want is just their appreciation. Those students who I yelled a lot just because they forgot to bring their textbook, still gave me cute cards. Even they just wrote "Happy Teacher's Day. Thank you for teaching me." already made me feel like crying. Damn emo one.

Haih. This post is really boring without any pictures.

Then came the karaoke. HAHAHA people around must be annoyed by our voices especially me. Wtf my voice is like Rebecca Black still want to sing high notes HAHAHA.

Okay gotta go. I am sleepy.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Candy Doll. Not yet a review.

I wish I had awesome internet connection now so I can update my blog properly. Cuz I had too many things to share. They are all about face products btw. Because sharing about my lame life is pathetic wtf.

I'm thinking about coming out with some reviews but I'm not really good in explanation. Well you don't want me to do copy paste from their official web, don't you? Wtf. Yes, of course I'm gonna share with you all my experience using those make up products I bought recently. Especially those awesome Candy Doll.

And... Here's offer for you. If you think Candy Doll line is very expensive (or if you are stingy like me wtf), I do have another alternative for you. But that's still a secret till I get awesome internet :)

Till then, wait for it ! Bye :D

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

4 days without rice

I am not on diet. Seriously. I didn't take any rice for 4 days straight because..... emm just because. I will be happier announcing this if my tummy reduce by 1 inch or more. In fact, nothing change. I didn't take rice and nothing change so nothing to be proud of wtf.

No lah. It is just I think I took rice in a very very big portion nowadays. If my friends eat one plate, I'll ask for extra plate. I think I have monster in my stomach wtf. Eat like a pig but didn't see any changes to my physical, except tummy. The only thing that can make me realize I gain a lot is weight scale HAHAHA. So I decided not to eat rice and cooked spaghetti for 4 days straight. My mum must be proud of me cz I know how to cook something now wtf.

But, do you still call it cook when all that I do is just throw anything reasonable into the pan and fry them then claim it as my best dishes for my whole life? Fml.

My aim for not taking rice will end today. Cuz I plan to eat unreasonable portion of rice today wtf. Now you know I'm 100% truly Malaysian. I can live without rice. That's my objective in life wtf.
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