Sunday, July 29, 2012

My first experience with Number76 Hair Salon

My fresh-from-oven hair

There's always something in me that I always try hard to get what I really want. So I had this intention of visiting number76 salon which located in Kuala Lumpur (they have 2 branches; Mid Valley and Mont Kiara) to try out their amazing ultrasonic iron treatment. Number76 salon sponsors famous Malaysian bloggers such as Cheesie and Audrey. Since I started reading their blogs, I've never seen their hair in black HAHAHA. I wonder how do they keep their hair healthy with all those colors. Plus, Cheesie kept saying that ultrasonic iron treatment is the best for her hair. So I told myself it's a MUST to try the treatment. Or else, I'm not complete as a human wtf. To cut long story short, at last I managed to get there XD I went to the Mid Valley branch.

I've read somewhere they always fully booked especially on the weekend. So I called few days before I go to make an appointment. I asked the girl is it possible for me to come at 10.30 am Saturday. She told me all stylists are fully booked on that time (see? what did i told you?). Only Hama-san left, who is the CEO. Wahhh daebak! I can have the CEO as my stylist! She said everything is in same price except hair cutting. Gaahh I don't mind that because I know I can trust him to make my hair looks better than ever! HAHAHA

At first, I just wanted to do the treatment. Then I accidentally read Cheesie's commented on her instagram that hair coloring is actually did not damaging unless the salon don't know the right way to do it. HAHA so I decided to change hair color AGAIN!

Previous hair under direct sunlight. Haih I really hate it when my hair starts turning orangey.

That's Mr Hama putting his magic spell on my hair.

I think that was the first time I went to a salon free minded HAHAHA I mean like I don't even have any clear inspiration in my head. I left everything to Hama-san to decide. I just told him that I want  a new hairstyle but maintaining the side fringe and change to a darker brown shade that'll compliment my skin tone plus suitable for my job as you-know-what-is-my-job. Hama-san went 'emm...', 'okay...', 'what about this..', I was okay with all his ideas because he knows better HAHA.

Sorry I didn't take lots pictures on the process because I was too shy *failed review*.

Hama-san is very nice, he tried to start a conversation with me by asking about my work, but I was too nervous to speak. He is a pure japanese okay! I was afraid he can't understand my poor english -______-" #ohmyenglish

All of them are very helpful and nice plus very professional. The one who helped me wash my hair also very friendly. While he does the treatment, he let me touch the iron and it's not hot at all! Very magic one! When Hama-san blow dry my hair, one of them came and helped. The way they spoke to each other also in a respectful way. Arrgghh I love them max!! I remember one of my mum's boss, who is from Japan and a pure japanese also, gave her a present for her hard work in the office. Why all Japanese are sooooo kind??? 

*teary eyes* Outdoor look.

Omaigod this is superb! An instant headache for me thinking how to maintain this gorgeous hair. Too excited with my hair that I took selca pics while walking back to Mid Valley mall and can't help the super wide smile HAHAHA usually I'm shy to selca when there's lot strangers :X 

*teary eyes* Indoor look

Took vain pictures in every changing room I went LOL. Can't get over the magic that happened!

After few days, at school.

The color is very stunning I really love! I might visit them again in the future for the magic touch *break piggy bank* The treatment also made my hair softer and smoother even after few washes. I think I have to come back for the treatment few times again then my hair will be completely alive again. It's worth all cents I spent. Number76 also rewarded me with a membership card (that I forgot how it works. Collecting points maybe.) and RM20 voucher that valid in 3 months.  

Thank you Hama-san!
Thank you Number76 Hair Salon!

*please consider opening a branch in KK hehehehehe

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Impromptu escape to Kuala Lumpur

Sometimes I would feel like I'm not Malaysian because when someone talks about Kuala Lumpur, I don't know what's the latest happen there. You know outsiders mostly will notice Malaysia if you mention Kuala Lumpur. So I feel like if I don't know Kuala Lumpur that much, I'm not Malaysian wtf. I mean like current top shopping mall, or super delicious meal, etc etc. The last time I went there was two years ago. Attended my convocation. Eventhough I was in transit at LCCT and KLIA few times this year, can't be count because those airports are not in major cities wtf.

So this was my impromptu trip. Went alone and met my friend who works there. Well actually, not really impromptu lah because I planned this for weeks but still can't decide whether to go or not to go. In the end, I went HAHAHA. You know why did I suddenly want to go to KL? The only purpose was I wanted to visit 76style !! My friends told me I am crazy spend money just because I want to visit a hair salon. But I insisted this salon is different! It is Japanese salon! HAHAHAHA will blog about my experience with 76style in my next post (god knows when).

My first day. I went straight to the airport from work and didn't get enough rest. I went kamikaze without book a hotel, so I had to walk here and there looking for the best hotel for single lady. In the end, I stayed at Capitol Hotel in front of Lowyat and next to Sungei Wang. They gave me a corner room costs RM 4++ per night. I'm not sure why they gave me discount so I paid much lesser than that lah HAHAHA I'm so lucky #likeaboss. The room is super comfortable! Worth the rate I paid I must say. The only lack about the room was the tv. It didn't function like a tv wtf. You can only listen to sound but no graphic. Maybe the person before me changed the signal and I'm too stupid I don't know how to fix it fml.

Wait for my friend to pick me up for supper.

KLCC view from my room. Believe it or not, I never went to KLCC yet T______________T

Top from Berjaya Times Square. Chose black because I wanted to try mode-style then I started to fall in love with it even though before this I always thought people who wear black all the time is fashion-less and lazy HAHAHA.
My minimal make up nowadays. I rarely put eyelid tap already. These days I also read Ray magazine and I try to practise their minimal but sweet make up. Contact lens is RainbowColor Wood Ash. Eyeliner, pencil liner both from Dolly Wink. Lipstick and lipgloss from Candy Doll. Cuteness from myself HAHAHAHA.

I really love this top especially at the back. It has buttons at the back so it doesn't look like typical boring black top.

The hotel receptionist noticed my necklace and she finds it pretty. Thank you so much but I'm not selling it wtf

Close up on the necklace. Bought at Bandung. Can't recall which outlet. Either The Secret or Oasis.

Accessories from Forever 21
La Senza was having sale on that time so,,,, yeahhh.. I actually don't mind wearing a RM10 bra as long as it's comfortable and able to hug me well wtf. This La Senza haul is ummmm just because HAHAHAHA Not sure why I bought floral motives. Usually I prefer plain one. No fancy colors, no fancy motives, no fancy laces, etc etc etc. I don't find those are important because for the time being, I have no one to show my bras HAHAHAHA
Pastel skinny from Topshop. I saw Tricia Gosingtian wears this color and she looks really good in it. I hope it'll looks good on me too. Not sure why I dare to compare Tricia who is a walking barbie with myself who is a walking zombie fml.

So this short trip ended here.

It's fasting month and I'm doing good. I've never mentioned this before but I actually took Ephyra since June. I'm on my second box now. Ephyra is a collagen drink. In a same time it can gives energy. So, thank you to Ephyra for your contributions in my fasting effort lol.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

a better person for a better life

These days I try my best to keep calm. I admit I can get angry easily. Like really easy. Even if someone accidentally use unsuitable voice tone to me. Or to people around me *sigh*. Since I was born, I have this princess attitude that I want everything runs as smooth as I want. If it doesn't, that makes me grumpy. I am spoilt brat I know T__T As I grew older, I noticed that I've changed. Not fully changed yet. A little bit, maybe. I laugh when something annoying happen so that I can act like I'm not angry at all. They say laugh is a good medicine. That's how I try to be a better person.

But still. I don't understand why people don't even have the intention of getting better. I mean like they say they want to change, but then their complains are getting bigger than before. Or do you mean it doesn't matter change from nice to bad as long as you change? 

I read The Secret. Even though I am not good at practising it but I did try. The Secret is not even a Quran. But it is a good book to read and practise. The Secret emphasizes the more we complain, the more bad things will come to us. Based on that I can see why troubles keep coming and find the people who complains a lot. For financial, for job, for lifestyle, etc. Their life is not getting better at all. I do complain. And these days, I calm myself first before I complain. It's hard to do but I try.

Then, I don't get it why people always have an issue (or issues) with others. I mean like, sure there is something small that may be annoying that makes you feel like slap him/her right on the face, can we just laugh at it and let it pass? Why must make it an issue just to make others join the war and fanning the flame? As for me, I won't get involve if it doesn't include me. So please. You can say everything bad but don't expect me to join the parade. I would love to stay away from any negativity. We are friend but that does not means it is compulsory for me to be on your side and makes enemy *sigh*

Be better for people around me is easier for me than be fully better person for my other half and family. Ugh I never knew that's too hard to do. Especially for my other half. If you happen to read this (usually he don't), I am sorry for making you my punching bag because it is too hard to throw away this princess attitudes when it is you T_T I am trying my best, please give me your supports.

That's all. Thank you. Emo post shouldn't be long like this HAHAHAHA

Monday, July 9, 2012

Insta Spam #2

Promised to blog my Bandung hauls before. These days I bought too many things that I don't know where to start. Some of them are still in plastic bags T__T So I do this trick again. Steal my own instagram pics and come out with a new post wtf. So yea, it's basically random insta post.

Super nice wave I got from my lazy hair routine, which is put my hair into braid HAHAHA. Sometimes I let my messy hair be itself without any chemical stuff or straightening iron heat or whatever, but I make sure they're in neat condition like braid or Japanese hairbun because I don't want to scare people around me with lion hair wtf. So yea, that's my super dry and super damage hair.

Explain to me on how can I do proper post on these hauls. They're too many. Remember when I was at KK and got super fast internet connection? I went mad that day.

This was when our school held a motivation camp for Year 6 students. Basically I tried to tell my colleagues that even I'm Poor but I'm Good Looking HAHAHA. Matched that loose shirt with Miss Sixty skinny jeans from The Secret factory outlet in Bandung.

Marc Jacob day. From top to bag (and perfume, the smell can't be shown on picture wtf), all are Marc Jacob. Top and bag from Rumah Mode, Bandung. I regret why didn't I buy that top more than one. It is so comfy with good material used. Don't ask either they're authentic or not. I don't know. The bag I'm quite sure not authentic.

Colorful stripes top from Rumah Mode Bandung also. Asymmetrical sky blue skirt from online blogshop. Showing my short legs HAHAHA.

Cute cafe curtain bought at Daiso. I can't say no to the pink roses and strawberries. Still try to figure out where to hang them. Too short to be kitchen curtain.

Ya ya I know this is sooooo last year. I tahan myself not to buy since last year just because everybody seems to wear it but then dropped my ego and bought it just for fun. My student said I wore kids watch. Oh kids, what do you know about fashion LOL.

I did this fishtail braid to my friend and she likes it! Yay! I can feel like I'm talented and I can open a salon already wtf
Picture taken while my friend and I tried our best to take our own selca but we wanted it to be like someone else take the picture for us. It's like someone really adore you and take your pics nonstop and you can feel like you are the most pretty in the world HAHAHA. We both had so much fun laughing at our own selca.

I'm just done with airline tickets again. And this week I'm gonna fly again weehuuuu~ No matter how much money flew away, if this stuff can makes me a happy person, why not right?

But wait. Remember my pink dotted luggage? Broken already T_________T I need new pink luggage!