Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Happy 25th Birthday Vujie

So Happy Birthday to Me!
*loser* Nobody wish me that's why I have to wish myself wtf.

Okay. I can count by my fingers those who gave me birthday wishes. See I told you I'm not one of those popular girls who'll get thousand wishes on their birthday T__T.

Nevermind. As long as my boyfriend never forget my birth date. If he does, he'll die in 2 hours wtf. So he did surprise. Bought birthday cake. We were in a supermarket, he said he wanted to go upstairs (or he said to go to toilet I didn't listen carefully) and I said okay. I was waiting for him but he didn't show up so I waited in front of the car. He came and brought this.

HAHAHA wtf this is obviously not my cake! I stole this pic from google. Thank you google finally I can be perasan for a while, having a cake like this.

I left usb cable in Miri so I can't transfer any pic from my phone. All cake pics, birthday girl pics and so on store in my phone. You can find my birthday present on the left side in Candy. My RM20 birthday present wtf.

Here's your not-so-happy birthday girl. Excuse my pimple.

This one with happy birthday frame. But still, not-so-happy one (because I have to go back Miri at 4 pm today T___T ).

My boyfriend forced me to blow birthday candles just now. He is the one who extra excited, not me! He's been asking me to do that since last night but I refused and give excuses like, "I'm not a kid lah!" Plus, last night was still 21st Feb. My birthday is 22nd Feb. I know he's the one who want to eat the cake actually not me wtf.

Please peeps, pretend like today is not my birthday okay so I can be young at the age forever wtf.

Fine lah fine! I'm officially 25 today. Happy Birthday to Myself.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Tomorrow is the day

So tomorrow is my birthday and I don't feel like celebrating. Suddenly I lost my mood. I'm not sure what cause it. I just feel that. This post will be under emo post label.

I'm quite sure my phone will keep silent for the rest of the day (well okay I might get some wishes from bestfriends) bcz nobody remember my birthday. As a matter of fact, I'm not one of those popular girl so nobody cares about any special dates of me T_T.

I don't really mind actually bcz in the first place, my wish for 25th birthday is my boyfriend is there next to me and here he is. And he actually did something that beyond my expectation. He bought a surprise birthday cake for me (up to now, I haven't say thank you yet, and I haven't open the box yet fml). Well the real birthdate is tomorrow so tomorrow la baru open the box :p

Okay. Gonna close my eyes now and hopefully I'll get my mood back tomorrow :)
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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

hello kitty madness

Please don't tell the doctors I am actually free from any sickness (didn't count my flu-that-getting-better). But I had to lie that I had diarrhea for the sake of medical leaves. I told the doctor I've been bestfriend with the toilet and I missed my flight back to Miri and bravely asked for three days straight medical leaves HAHAHA wtf this time I have the gut. Okay, the first doctor said he can only give two days mc and asked me to go to another doctor. So the day after, I went to second doctor and gave the same reason wtf. I successfully got three days mc!

Well actually my school asked for Chinese New Year leaves from the PPD but they didn't allow. I don't know why. Most of my colleagues already bought flight ticket and they decided not to show up on Monday till Wednesday. I don't want to be the only 'skema' person so I bravely escaped too HAHAHA. That's why I have to get mc even if I lied to doctors. Plus, the workshop promised me I can get my car before CNY but they can't make it. Seriously it a waste for me drove 8 hours straight from Miri to Kota Kinabalu fml but nothing good I gained.

So I went to KK cuz KK won't be great if I didn't show up my face there HAHAHA WTF. Actually my life won't be great if I didn't go to KK fml. Lisa Dearlova asked me to help her buy Dolly Wink lashes so I went straight to Suria cuz I thought much easier to find car park. I was wrong. Even I arrived early car park also hard to find.

I don't know maybe that day was my unlucky day or what. Hard to find car park, then I marched like 7 times in front of Liquid and I saw the girls were busy cleaning products with the door half opened and at last they closed the shop just like that. Wtf? I waited like one hour and they closed? I almost knock the door and ask, "You didn't open today ah? Can I just go inside and buy something?" So unlucky. Okay, maybe they were rush to get back home for CNY. Nevermind. So I ran to Wisma Merdeka and luckily Liquid there were open.

But I can't deny maybe it was lucky day too for me. I've never stepped into this shop called 100Yen in Suria. Just because I-don't-know-where-to-go-while-waiting, so I went inside and went crazy. I hope people in there won't realised how my face automatically turned bright because of Hello Kitty stuff! I thought I grew up already but I realise I haven't enough. Wtf I shouldn't tell you all this cuz this is a secret so you won't go and buy all Hello Kitty junks there.

This is why I always pour loves for KK! Hard to find things like this in Miri (or maybe I'm the one who don't know where to find them), or even if I found they will be crazily expensive. Wtf why you people so irrational? Not all people in Miri are rich like you!

As a gift for CNY, here's your beloved Vujie's vain pictures collection wtf. You can delete it if you don't like.


Sunday, February 6, 2011

nail art

I'm not one of the famous girls in my college days. I can prove it by nobody have been attracted to me when I was there for five and a half years HAHAHA. While my girl classmates got the attention from KPLI trainees, I stucked with these crazy boy classmates Musa, Akmal, Rosli and others. Went to cafeteria together, went to town also together HAHAHA. Yeah maybe because they are loud like me and don't have to behave all the time. Owh not to forget Zashima and Sanimah too. We just don't care about other business as long as we can laugh by our own jokes.

I'm not over friendly too. Unless people make an effort talk to me first then I'll be unstoppable talking machine. That is why I am not one of famous bloggers too HAHAHA. Cuz I prefer writing my own jokes and laugh at it by myself. I blogwalking rarely. Even if I go to others blog, I just read and walk away without leave hello or something. That is why nobody commenting my entries HAHAHA.

So this junior in college, NekoChan, thing I can remember about her is she managed to turn my friend from a simple girl to a very gorgeous girl at our dinner back in 2009. She really did a great job! I have never chitchat with her back in my college days. We were from different batch and no juniors like to talk to seniors like us cuz we are senior citizen HAHAHAHA.

Recently, I started hopping to her blog cuz I just realised she is into gyaru too. Wtf I'm too slow HAHAHA. She loves nail arts and blog about the tutorials. Seriously she born with the talent. Influenced by her, I bought Elianto's and tried to put some arts on my nails but I always failed. So I gave up and bought this sticker nail arts. HAHAHA much easier!

Cute! Okay la. Cheat one. I didn't stick them and out from the house. Only put them for fun. Plus, my nails are short and I don't like them to be long. So my mission completely failed one.

Great now I'm showing them with my just-awake-face HAHAHA.

I still have like four nail art stickers and I don't know when will I have the courage to put them on and go off the house showing everybody hey there are art on my nails please be jealous wtf.

Friday, February 4, 2011

things can actually bring happiness. even a lil bit.

When I'm at plantation area, I try hard to find something that can make my life great. My housemate prefer sleeps when it is rain but I will go to other places even if it rains when I'm boring. It doesn't matter if I have to go alone.

And, nothing can beat the happiness where you go shopping and get back home with loads of plastic bags HAHAHA. Okay, usually I don't buy too much things cuz I have this weird ideas of "if I buy all things now, next time I won't have reason to go shop again" wtf. I prefer buying a lil stuff and the next day drive again to get another stuff HAHAHA.

Went to Bintang Mall Plaza in Miri and accidentally went into Watson and found this! There were actually four types of shower cream but each one cost RM19.90 wtf so expensive. I'm just stingy like this. Since it's Hello Kitty, I gave it a try. Bought this one even I don't like the blue ribbon on her head but this one smells nice than others. And, I haven't use it cuz so 'sayang' HAHAHA.

My friend laughed at me when she saw me holding this princess mirror. Yeah I know I act kiddos. But how to 'tahan' myself for cute things like this? I hang it in my room so every morning when I want to put tons of make up on face to go to work, I'll feel happy surrounded by cute things :D Wtf why can't you leave me alone? I want to feel like princess also cannot. Unfair la you all HAHAHAHA.

This one is... erk... errr..... HAHAHAHAHA. I don't know what was on my mind. I made a wishlists. Well this is uncommon. I didn't do wishlist cuz I just go with what I'm capable with. Like I know I'm not that brilliant so I didn't aim for 4.0 when I was in college. Actually I didn't put any aim. I'll take everything I got from the effort I made no matter it came from a hard work or from laziness. Leave alone my grammatical error I made in it!

I told my boyfriend about my 6th wishlist, pink compact camera and he said, "heh you've been saying this for two years but never bought any." HAHAHAHA see? My boyfriend also didn't trust me.

Okay, I arrogantly didn't put 'Getting Married' as one of my wishlist for this year wtf.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Make up for fun

I am glad I finally changed my blog background, sidebar and all. I am now forcing wtf myself to be more flowery, girly and more Liz Lisa theme which is more pink, small and soft color flowers. Because I realize my age keep increasing and if I wait two or three years more, by that time I might only wearing boring maternity dress wtf. People say enjoy young and unmarried life before marriage comes. Ok la not actually 'people' say that. That's me saying that wtf.

Here's my attempt on matching make up and flowery and girly outfits. HAHAHA bluff again. No la. I tried this style of make up before, which is inspired by MaguChan but last time not pro enough. Now also not pro but better.

This time with lower lashes. Upper lash by Dolly Wink no. 1 and lower lashes is no-brand lash HAHAHA. Before this I neglected eyelid tape cuz I arrogantly saying to myself my eyes are nice already no need those tapes just make up also enough. Once I tried, now can't stop already HAHAHA. Cheap confession : I bought it because it super cheap like RM1.99 only. But works magically helps my eyes fake the big eyes illusion. Eyelid becomes higher and eyes seem like bigger than ever.

I only put that kind of make up, which you make the end of eyeliner longer and flick to give doll eyes sense, when I go shopping or travel or wherever as long as it didn't related to my works. When work, I put below make up.

HAHAHA wtf my painting use paint also become better. Not like last time when I drew a cat using paint, it became a cow. Ok, seriously. This one also can give you big eyes effect. I name this Okarie's eyes. Red line is where you should apply eyeliner. The end of eyeliner still longer but no need to flick it. If you line it way below your original eyes is better. So you can have the effect. The spray one that connecting the end of eyeline and original eyes is line that you color use pencil liner. I'm sorry if you can't understand. My explaination is suck. Ok, enough on Vujie-goes-to-work-makeup.

I didn't line my eyebrow cuz at the time where I actually put this make up on, I just opened my grey lenses and decided to give a try how will it looks with proper make up. Nevermind. Just concentrate on my make up okay.

Now let's start with vain pictures HAHAHA.

By the way, I love this picture so much. Cuz I think me on the picture is not really like me. I mean this one is different from other pictures that I always took. My usual pictures always remind me of my truly malaysia blood. But this picture however gives me a feeling like Caucasian Japanese and so on HAHAHAHA okay okay sorry this is perasan.

Trying to look like professional model but I know my mission fail fml.

I'm sorry the make up is actually not perfect one cuz I'm lazy to put highlighter, foundation and whatever. But nevermind. You can still use your imagination how will it looks when its a complete make up one.