Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New house, new lifestyle.

Just so you know, I moved to a new house already *happy*. The house owner managed to let me moved in mid of February, as she promised. So far, I'm satisfied with this house. Abit quite at night because currently not too many residents in this area. This house is a new block.

That was how empty the house. Since it is just a small house, so I did all the cleaning only half day.
And I really can't helped myself from buying furniture on the day I moved in HAHAHA. Not even started cleaning, I rushed to furniture shop and bought cheap single bed, cheap rack, cheap desk and most important thing was a full-body mirror so I can enhance my vanity wtf. Well okay, I didn't bought too many furniture laa of course. Basic things only. Considering when I get the chance to transfer back to my hometown, it'll be a big matter to bring them all together.

Stupid cheap wallpapers are coming off. I don't bother to redo them again. They'll naturally falling on the floor wtf.

I tried to avoid cute theme and was going for modern and mature. Then I noticed that I'm still can't get away from cuteness wtf.

Stuff that I haven't arrange properly to the right places.

Now I can display my blythes, Bunga and Yna, without worrying dust will be all over them again.

Favorite heels and favorite shoes.

Duhhh bags. I should let go some of them. These are actually some that left with me. I don't know where did I put others T_T.

This is what I actually love. Just because I don't have drill, so it just stay still there.

I'm living a life I really want right now. Sadly I have to wake up around 5 am to get ready and start driving to school. Until now, it doesn't matter because I actually enjoy the morning drive as I can see fresh scenery and drive #likeaboss because there are not too many cars on the road. The most part that makes me super happy is better internet connection yeayy!! I can sit still in front of laptop surfing internet from afternoon till sleep time HAHAHA.

Hello previous hair! FYI, I recolored my hair yesterday with ash blond. And right now, I pray hard that bosses won't come down to school, or else I'm in big trouble HAHAHA.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hello 26!

As in my previous entry, I made it obvious that I'm turning a year older so that I would get million birthday wishes wtf. All I can say, it's not even close to million wtf but at least, God still allows some people in this earth remember and wish me happy birthday wishes. THANK YOU ALL!!!!

It's a birthday. What do you expect? Well, of course birthday cake plus birthday party. Reality check, I didn't do anything HAHAHA become older not excited anymore with birth date. Not even try to buy a cake and celebrate it by myself #foreveralone. On that day, I went work as usual. Last year, I took a day off on my birthday. This year, I'm saving them for traveling purpose *ehem* The only effort I did to make my day looks special was wearing my most favorite color.

At work, I was like this............
Bored face.

I've been complaining on how #foreveralone I am these days because nobody seems to remember me and I always alone and alone and alone. No friends to hang out together and bf is far away too so a date whenever I want is almost impossible. But on my birthday, I still got wishes from bestfriends and virtual friends XD Let's count them.

*WARNING! Photospam!!*

Blogger friends.


Childhood friends.

Aunt and brother.

Aunt again.

Teacher friend.


Hot mum friend.

Easy-going junior at college friend.

Hot and super kind mom friend.

Twitter spammer friend HAHAHA

Twitter spammer friend also HAHAHA. even sang birthday song for me. Well, in email of course wtf

Virtual Tourist with beautiful poem (is it?). Eventhough its obviously auto-generate, I'm still thankful.

My bestfriend in college. She just delivered a baby girl on 21st Feb. A day before mine.

Lovely BFF

Lovely BFF

Lovely BFF

Digi. I'm their loyal customer since decades ago.

So I got approx. 24 wishes this year. Aren't this good signs? At least, #foreveralone term was not available on my birthday HAHAHA. People still wished me beautiful things. And thanks to my thick-skinned effort on announcing my birthday in facebook and twitter wtf.

My 26th birthday wishes ;

1) Live healthy and happily.
2) Earn more money.
3) Spend wisely.
4) Safety when I go travel.
5) Avoid laziness. Be more hardworking putting anti-aging creams!
6) Marriage is out of topic this year HAHAHAHA.

See you again on my next year birthday!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tomorrow is not 22nd February

In February, there are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28 and 29.

Did you notice there is no 22? (if you hadn't you must be rechecking right now the numbers above HAHAHA)

Because if there is 22nd February tomorrow,

I'll be...................................................

21 years old!!!!!

So, tomorrow I'm gonna fit into the age where people can vote. An age where people get permission to do things that below 21 can't do. And every awesome things that people 21 and above think awesome wtf.

Since college, I was like this......

#truestory. No surprise party. No celebration. No everything. #foreveralone Well okay, back in college, I still received some presents from friends. Now I'm working, no present at all. Even worse, no one remembers! wtf

Even facebook.....

Or if someone do remember............

So yeah.
I'm still your #foreveralone at the age of 26 (tomorrow). I said 21 earlier, it was 5 years ago wtf

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Just a short post. There are many things in my mind that I didn't properly arrange. The things are actually list of things I want to buy. Why do I have this feeling when I'm actually broke wtf?

I found this picture on a-web-I-failed-to-recall and think the girl wear a gorgeous dress. I think I've seen this before but as a forgetful person, once again I can't recall wtf. Anybody know where can I get dress like that?

I also want to buy this kind of mannequin. I searched a lot but all I found was just the lame plastic mannequin. Once again, anybody happen to know where to buy this?

Besides the intention of spending money, these days I got the ideas of making money too. When I was in high school, I've been known as one of creative person among my friends. If others get 100% marks for creativity, I can reach 80% wtf. As I grew up, I lost my mojo. The creativity keep disappearing. Right now I think I only have 50% of creativity T______T I love making things like handmade cards with various designs. So I'm thinking to make use of my passion. Like start selling wedding card designs? Or selling tops with cute prints on it?

Well, you know now I'm always like this. A daydreamer wtf.

Friday, February 10, 2012


Starting this with pics first.

This is how my hair look like whenever I'm too lazy to style it. My hair is thick so it takes lot of time to curl them T__T
Close up on my make up, which is actually always the same HAHAHAHA I don't know how to put make up like pro. Whenever I try do it like what I see in the magazine, it'll turns out weird wtf.
I'm planning to go somewhere this coming school break. Bought return tickets from Miri to Kuala Lumpur already but don't want to spend the holiday there. As for me, KL didn't really attracts me that much. I prefer going out of the country. Bangkok is my first choice for now. Plus,they say Bangkok is a heaven for shopper!!

The problem is, I asked my bf to go with me but he can't decide yet. His brother is getting married around those dates too. This is one of the dark side being a teacher. None of my bestfriends are teacher like me, they prefer going on vacation not on school break as the airline tickets are waaayyyy cheaper T__T So if bf can't go with me, I might go travelling alone, which I think is more challenging but less fun -.-"

These days I spent a lot of my time google-ing about Bangkok. Where to stay (nearest to Pratunam and cheaper as I plan not to waste money on luxury hotel but spend more on shopping), where to shop, what's best there etc etc etc. And I'll continue google-ing until I satisfied wtf

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Yuria Kushido

I acknowledge her from SCawaii magazine if I'm not mistaken. My first thought was what is this girl exact height. Because she looked so small in the picture. Or maybe the other male models are too tall for her wtf. I'm unable to deny her cuteness. She has a unique looks. She look very skinny too. My friends always complain on me being too skinny but actually it is obvious in my photos that I have fats on my thigh. That makes me wonder how skinny is this Yuria Kushido. Look at her very very very skinny legs! Oh-I-am-jelly.

I don't like super short bang. It looks weird. But why this world is unfair? Why short bang suits Yuria very well??

She looks like she does go to club very often. Well, girls can always have fun right?

That hair caught my attention. How come she can get that healthy shiny hair with perfect volume? She probably done uncountable charity works in her previous life wtf.

Yuria Kushido has a good sense of fashion. She is the producer of GYDA too if I'm not mistaken. Her tips are always revealing a little bit of skin so that gives sexiness. She usually wears super short pants to show her skinny legs and that gives us a picture of long legs. Well I think short girls must try that tips to stand out in crowd.

I love how gorgeous girls make the ugliest pose but still look fabulous. Japanese models always do that. They are very brave to reveal their bare face because they have confidence on them. I've never seen Malaysian models like that in magazine. Models here would never ever show their bare face wtf.

How many of you love Yuria Kushido like I do?