Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What handbags are you?


Which one is your priority?

I think it is handbag for me. Because I can handle myself when I see attractive elegant beautiful apparels. I can persuade myself that it is okay. Nice clothes are everywhere. Shoes, I love them. Realistically, my shoes are usually stay alive nicely on the rack and rarely use, especially high heels. Because wearing high heels to school is something that can be considered insane. Why? Imagine yourself wearing them super gorgeous from home, only to arrive at school stepping on mud, chicken shit and all. So sayang my heels, so yeah, please rest in peace on the rack wtf.

Handbag? That can kill me in instant. My pocket always have holes so I can say I am always money-less HAHAHA. How I control myself from a jaw-dropping handbag? Obviously, I failed all the time wtf. First, I talk nicely to myself that I don't really need it. I have too many bags. Most of them left unwrap just because I can be satisfied by owning and not using HAHAHA wtf is that. So I don't need new bags. Just stick to the one I use everywhere I go until it dead. Then, I go home and sleep. When I am awake, the visual of bag still there. That is when I tell myself again I NEED THAT BAG! *start the car drive straight to the handbag location wtf*

I don't earn large amount every month. I still can't achieve the level where people wear Chanel just to buy fishes at wet market. Level is still locked. So, cheap ones but good quality is the best for me. Until today, the expensive bag I ever bought is Coach Poppy Swingpack for RM 200. It is just a small bag. Can't even put in my Roxy long purse. Haih small bag cost a lot because the brand. Why I bought it if it's expensive for my range? Because I was too curious what makes those branded bags super expensive!

Well well well. A girl is still a girl. Why men can spend a lot on modifying car? That's the same reason why girls are always dreaming for branded handbags. It is satisfaction (sorry if you are not this type of girl but I'm sure I am). Thank you my dear colleagues, you guys are my backbone to this madness. Thank you for being there next to me whenever we browse for the babies online *sarcasm*   

My dream bag right now is Balenciaga. One day, you are gonna be mine.
Followed by Miu Miu, Prada, Chanel, Kate Spade, CD, blablabla. 

Actually I don't really admire Coach. It didn't attracts me as much as Balenciaga does. But then, that's the only brand I can afford right now HAHAHAHA

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Your dream walk-in wardrobe

I believe it's every girls dream having our own walk-in wardrobe. A girl can never had enough apparels right? If only universe have special fund for us girls to renovate our house and turning one of the rooms into our own walk-in wardrobe HAHAHA. This is actually one of my point of renting a house and living alone. So that I can spare a room for my infinity amount of clothes that seems like never reduced but keep increasing wtf. I swear I bought too much clothes these days and I haven't wear them yet *sigh. And of course, my imaginary walk-in closet has to be in pink! A combination of white and pink to  be exact.

Something like this. But where are the clothes? It almost doesn't make sense for a girl to have so little amount of clothes wtf.

Blair Waldorf's personal wardrobe. Ohmyyyyy look at those heelsssss!!!

BEP Fergie's wardrobe.

Because I have too many clothes, so I guess this one is better to be my reference on how to organise all my stuff.

Realistically, my so-called-dream-walk-in-wardrobe is actually like this :-

Filtered with heavy noise to avoid you from vomit seeing how messy the room is HAHAHAHA.

This house has three rooms. One is my master bedroom which I strictly put few important things only, e.g : bed, side table, fan, full body mirror, because I want it to be comfortable to sleep. Comfortable enough to make me sleep until noon wtf. Second room is my working room, filled with electronic stuff. A room where I spend most of my life wtf. Online, writing, typing, printing, watching movies, daydreaming, etc etc etc. And the third room, a room I want to make it my walk-in wardrobe, in the end look like a warehouse HAHAHAHA. I have too many useless stuff which I still can't decide to keep or to throw away. I put everything in there. So, there goes my dream of having my own celebrity wardrobe *sigh*

This is the best I can do wtf

So, what is your dream walk-in wardrobe?