Sunday, April 29, 2012

Quick Update

Top : Polkadot Sleeveless from Dazzle Fairy
Skirt : Harajuku Short Skirt from Dazzle Fairy
Bag : Vintage Telephone from local boutique

Top : Vintage Bunnies from Dazzle Fairy
Pant : Nicole from local store

Dress : Fashionable Girls Printed Dress from Dazzle Fairy
Bag : Piano bag from local boutique
Accessories : Angel Wings from Dazzle Fairy

Thank goodness I am now recovering from flu. Hopefully no more driving with headache, or sleepy (effect of meds) while driving, etc. I know I know. It's dangerous but I have no choice. Frankly, yes I do have a choice. Which is hire a driver wtf.

Last week my school held a Language Week and I was in charge for karaoke competition. I purposely chose to handle that because it's fun to me, rather than in charge for poem, story telling, scrabbles and all. Plus, my colleagues knew when there is karaoke event in school, I always be the first to choose song wtf. So they just let me have fun with myself handling karaoke HAHA. All done very well. My talented students sang really well. Their sporting parents came as well so the event became merrier and happier. So now, hectic Language Week ended. And I'm looking forward for another hectic week wtf. Okay, May is approaching and I'm gonna be busy with preparing my students for their mid year test. Oh wait. I haven't prepared with questions yet -____________-"  

Just a quick update. Suddenly I realise that I haven't done my lesson plan. Ugh I thought I've done all things T______________T So yeah. Take care!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

W♥C Haul and Insta Spam

Do you still remember my post here? Yes, I made a mini W♥C shopping again last February I guess, but only now have the time to update. Thanks to my real job recently. Too many things to settle down.

Okay, here's the truth. It was my other half who wanted to buy shoes from taobao, so I said I will help him order if only he willing to buy a pair for me too HAHA. He agreed and I happily helped him to deal with the agent. Unfortunately, the shoes he wanted already out of stock. Instead of asking for refund, I changed his order to my stuff HAHAHA. So, I got my shoes. He didn't get his shoes but I got my W♥C stuff instead.

Red polka sweater. I was having hard time either to choose this red or yellow. Both colors were really nice. 

HAHAHA my-failed-pro-model-pose. I know I know. This I'm Poor but Good Looking is soooooo last year but still, the statement speaks for me well wtf. Okay, poor but not really good looking for sure.

Okay, that's all for W♥C haul.

For those who doesn't have me in your instagram, don't worry. I'll entertain you all with my insta pictures that I stole from my instagram wtf

I was taking photos for my DazzleFairy last night. Since I put lots of make up on me, camwhore is a must! The first picture I posted and warned that I will upload more annoy pictures wtf

First annoying picture.
Second annoying picture.

THE BEST COMMENT EVER from Nekochan. HAHAHA where got look like Tsubasa? Impossibru.jpg

I went to town looking for this Hershey's Kisses chocolates like I was in a treasure hunt event but can't find any in Miri. So I told my other half and he bought for me all the way from KK. I had to mms him the Hershey's Kisses pic that I stole from Google. I had to because I told him that the Hershey's packaging look like red onion and he doesn't have any ideas at all! Or maybe he doesn't know how red onion look like wtf. I mean like this;

My explanation works or not?

My favorite ice cream at the moment. Butterscotch ice cream! I would drive to town just to get this ice cream.

Actually I stopped buying Popteen and move on to ViVi and Scawaii. I saw Tsubasa on the cover and I told myself that I must have it!

Near the beach with my other half when he came to visit me last week. Not to watch sunset like romantic couples do. Frankly, we are not romantic enough to do things like that. We were there to eat seafood with nice view HAHA. Ordered like four dishes (prawns, crabs, clams, vege) and finished them in a blink of eye. We have monster inside us.

I love buying earcaps recently. Saw this 3D bunny earcap then can't tahan myself from buying. Even though it was expensive it was RM15 *stingy. Y U NO cheaper for simple thing like this?? It lasted about 2 weeks before the bunny fell and I'm too lazy to glue it back fml

Then I found this gorgeous beautiful stunning bling ribbon earcap. So goodbye bunny. I'll put you in my memory wtf

I actually don't really have witty words flying in my mind right now because I'm too tired these days with tons of work at school. And sore throat started to come to me T_T I wish I won't fall sick. I hate to see the doctor to get medical leave. Or else I had to attend school even though I'm sick pfft. I refuse to use my CRK (a special 7 days leave for teachers) cause I'll need them for my next vacation, where I actually wasted 2 days of them already. One for Bangkok and another one for my major car service. See, I'm not in my right mind that I don't know why I'm explaining all these to you wtf


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

RainbowColor Lenses by Cheesie Review

Short : Soon will be in DazzleFairy
Bag : Local boutique 

Before I went to Bangkok, I was dying to buy new contact lens because I knew I will take zillion photos of me, so must wear contact lens, make up and all then will look less ugly wtf (in the end didn't put all that vain stuff if you read my Bangkok entry you'll know why T__T). I knew Cheesie (famous Malaysia fashion blogger) produced cosmetic contact lenses recently so I decided to try them. Plus, I saw this pic of Cheesie in instagram and I told myself 'what is this lens??!! Very nice!'

Look very nice right? It looks natural.

So my first purchase was RainbowColor Earth Brown from Tokyoninki. They were very generous they also included Candy Doll pamphlet in it with Tsubasa Masuwaka all over it! 
Top : Vintage top from DazzleFairy

I mosaic my ugly armpit HAHAHA

I fell in love with it since the first time I wore it because it has super nice color, vivid but natural. Well you know, I told you before, I am now going for natural look and no more blythe eyes HAHA. It is 14.2 mm in diameter, slightly bigger than my original, and comfortable to wear (in my case, with help from eyedrops). I was so in love with it that I told myself I'm gonna buy another color! I was aiming for Wood Ash.

One fine day, I saw Cheesie tweeted that Rainbow Color now available in SaSa. My conscience said 'stop dreaming. It is almost impossible for them to reach SaSa in Miri this soon. Wait another 2-3 months wtf.' HAHAHA I always have this idea that everything I saw on the internet is currently unavailable in Miri, need to wait for miracle first then they'll appear at least for 3 months. For example Dollywink. I can get them easily back in KK but I waited two years then they finally reached Miri pfft.

But my legs were very stubborn. I magically appeared in SaSa Miri HAHAHA. I looked around and can't see them then my conscience once again said, 'see what did I told you?' Ughhh shut up you conscience! Luckily the salesgirl approached me and I told her what I want. At first, she wasn't familiar with RainbowColor and she told me to go to optic shop wtf. I told her not ordinary lenses, they are cosmetic lens and I read on the net they're available in SaSa. Then she finally understood and showed me the rack. Unfortunately Wood Ash unavailable and I bought Storm Grey.

Obviously I have moustache in pic above HAHAHA 

Sorry I'm not good with not-smiling-face

I love them both!! 

Color : 5/5
Design : 5/5
Comfort : 4/5

So, what do you think? Do you love them?

I was actually tried to take photos like Tricia Gosingtian always do for my blogshop pictures, and I failed HAHAHA.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Dolly Eye Bubble Lens review

I'm now in a phase where I start forgetting the intention of becoming real life doll wtf, probably because I'm aging and can't handle the dolly image anymore HAHAHA so I revert myself to natural look and wearing 14mm lens again. HAHA no lah. I was just kidding. The truth is recently I bought new lenses and chose 14mm lens again, well, just because.... I tried to ditch the 16mm, first because I'm heading to mature look now. Ehem considering my age wtf. Second because I had enough fun with 16mm lens already. Third because I can't help myself adoring those lenses and they are all in 14mm size! Barbie lens seems boring already to me, mostly because everybody wear them nowadays.

This time I'm going to make a review on these bubble lens, bought from Gojess Lens Shop. Few months ago I saw a girl wore the same lens in blue. The lenses looked very nice and vivid but I didn't know what type are those, so I just get over it, just because I don't know the lenses brand wtf. Then, this friend of mine happened to sell this lens! So I placed order and made payment. It only took a day for me to receive the happy parcel ^^

I chose brown because my conscience said 'be more natural. don't ever pick green, blue or pink, or else u'll die answering the questions from your students why your eyes are colorful' wtf.

I was afraid that this lens would dry faster. That will bring blurry vision if wear them for long hours (I usually wear lens for 9-10 hours) and I hate that because I can't drive with blurry vision! In my case, usually rohto-c didn't help much T___T The best solution is to take out the lens immediately and look shitty with make up that meant for eyes with lenses fml. 


So do you love the lens like I do?

Short review

Wore them few times and yes, they dried fast and hurt my eyes T__T So I put lots of rohto-c and before drive back home, I took them out. Nevermind, as long as they can help me look nice that day wtf.

Color : 5/5
Design : 5/5
Comfort : 3/5

Overall, I'm pretty happy with this bubble lens because the effect is really nice. Dryness is not a big problem because eyedrops can help.

More pictures!

Pictures below are actually taken for my blogshop, DazzleFairy.

Top : DF027 Pastel Popsicles from Dazzle Fairy

That's all. Bye! ^^

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bangkok, Thailand, The Land of Smiles, Part 3

So this is it. This is why they all say blogging is one of real commitment. I feel like I have a serious commitment here. To blog about this lovely Bangkok till my last breath wtf. Well yeah. Do not worry too much. We almost finish. Now we are heading to Day 4 and Day 5, all in one entry. Actually this is the last one. Wait no more. Read now! HAHAHA 

Day 4

As I planned (obviously I'm the leader in case like this and I think I can plan better than my bf HAHAHA), we did our major shopping business on the 4th day. Frankly, it was only me. He found his things mostly in Chatuchak, mine was in Pratunam area. HAHA this is why they say if you are going to Pratunam, the men will be bored easily because this area built specially for women LOL.

At first, I thought this was SHIBUYA109 and I told my bf 'look! they got the super similar building name with the most famous Japan Shibuya109. Auw this Thailand can have everything they want'. My bf just nodded which he actually totally lost he didn't know what is Shibuya109 Japan. So you know now, it is only me who have interest in Japan lar. He does not fml. Only to realised on the 4th day that it was actually Shibuya19 HAHAHAHA.

This new Shibuya19 I think it is just a matter of time to be as famous as other malls. The shops inside are not bad. They offer the same quality as Platinum Mall offers. I was much more comfortable to buy things here because it was not as crazy as Platinum Mall, yet. You can also buy in wholesale price here, just like Platinum Mall. Pffttt you know now how much I love Platinum Mall that I mentioned the name four times in this paragraph.

What if you accidentally spend more than you should???? No worries. Money changers are easy to spot HAHA this is bad for people like me.

We were in the same restaurant again. The owner must be bored to see our faces came to the restaurant everyday HAHAHA. Hey it's not Malaysia okay. Halal restaurant is not everywhere lol. Look how cute the glasses with bears on them. And our tees, read the story here wtf

Tuk-tuk. I read on the net that tuktuk drivers really know how to cheat customer, especially tourists. Always nego before you ride. We rode this once only to have experience HAHAHA. That was when we wanted to go to the airport link which is actually near to our hotel but decided to ride tuktuk because my luggage was heavy as 17kg rocks wtf. I asked how much the driver charged and he said 50baht. Well okay, didn't mind. We were going back to Malaysia and baht was not that important to us anymore. The driver however didn't give sincere smiles at first, but when I handed him 60baht and told him to keep the change, he smiled reaaaalllyyyy wide like McDonald HAHAHA my bf and I both laughed because of his face expression.

Back in college days, there was a pink taxi which I really wanted to ride once. On that time, that taxi was the only taxi with pink body. However I never had the chance because always booked by other customers T__________T In Thailand, I really love how they show their appreciation to pink color. Even on taxis HAHA.

Some souvenirs for friends. Mini tuktuk and vespa.

Day 5

Random pics of monks.

Okay here's a story. We both were like 'why everyone bought LCD tv? I mean indian. Is it super cheap here? Yesterday I saw the price but it was not too much differences with our price in Malaysia. Or is that my imagination?' I can't hold my curiosity, I approached the indian lady sat next to me and asked why everyone bought LCD tv, So she said the price of a LCD tv in their country is really expensive. That explains why every single human in the pic above had LCD tv on their trolley. Then my bf and I kept asking each other how will they handle the LCD tv in the flight. And we were busy guessing which one is the richest based on the size of LCD tv they purchased HAHAHA.

Me and photobomber cleaner behind wtf

Goodbye Bangkok! You will be missed.

And yeah, I miss you already, Bangkok T_T