Sunday, October 30, 2011

don't read also okay

I was actually thinking of doing some shopping in taobao and was searching for Liz Lisa (fake also count wtf) but then this poor internet connection really pissed me off. Or maybe the internet is not being sporting to make sure I didn't spend more money on clothes wtf.

School near to its end already, at least for this year (which actually a hoyeeaahh for me because I can lay on my bed 24/7 but still get salary in the end of the month wtf). Well actually not all teachers like that lah. Most of us, especially for teachers who teach in town area, didn't get to rest at home 24/7 like me. They still need to go to school and do some extra classes and etc. It's a different situation for me because my school is only a small school located far from town so I can rest a little bit on holiday with no extra classes. Plus, if they ask me come to school on holiday, I have to spend money on expensive airlines tickets!! By the time the school starts again, I'm just like the rest work like there's no tomorrow wtf.

I was in my comfort zone for the whole last week because it was exam week. Went into class gave orders to the students then I read the novel calmly for at least 50 minutes. Oh I'm so lovin' it! For next week I'm all occupied for helping other teachers handling sports event. So I'm gonna meet with the sunburn again T____T

Sorry for the useless photos HAHAHA. I feel like my skin is glowing and I can't help myself from taking thousand pictures. Ever since I started working, all in my mind is always travel travel travel. Now I'm thinking of where should I go for this coming December. I'm thinking of going to KL but the tickets from KK are freaking expensive!! Grrr why why why??? Well actually I don't really want to go to KL. I prefer going to places like Penang, Langkawi or maybe Singapore hehehe.

Thinking of getting rid some of my clothes. Most of them I wore once or twice. Got some never wore too. But I can't handle any selling right now since the post office is located an hour by car from my place. Plus, I don't know if others can fit my size. I am the size of smurf (I can assure that I'm not blue wtf).

HAHAHA why am I so random? Work, travel, clothes, all in one entry. I am not faking this but I am like this in real life. I talk random stuff in one time. Sometimes I talk about a topic which my friends don't have any idea of what I'm blabbering about. How my colleagues would understand about twitter when they don't have any? But still I start my sentence with, "you know what, in twitter they gossiping about blablablablaaaa..." fml no one around me understand the virtual life I'm living in.

Out of ideas already. Bye!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Kuching Eyecandy

Hi! This is my long lost entry. HAHA this one actually should be posted decades ago. Went Kuching on September and now we are heading to November pfftt *procrastinator. It was my first time travel to Kuching and this is one of my wishes, which is travelling alone. Ehem actually not really alone.

Okay sorry. Picture above shouldn't be there HAHA. As I mentioned in this blog earlier, at first this travel suppose to be road travel because I am too confident I can drive alone by myself for almost 12 hours to reach Kuching wtf. But then, plan changed. Bought tickets and it became air travel HAHA.

And I googled a lot about where to stay in Kuching. Even asked in twitter! Luckily got feedback that helps. I decided to stay in Abell Hotel. This hotel is comfortable with red color as the theme. The most important is affordable!

I almost call other luxurious hotels to make reservation but then I thought I shouldn't spend too much money for a bed where I didn't use 24 hours. I only need a room to sleep safely at night. So this room is considered small (single bed) but still okay.

And sexy bathroom HAHA. The only thing I don't like about this room is it's lack of mirrors. The only mirror is in the bathroom.

When I first booked this room, I know it doesn't have window. HAHA it actually do have window and you can find plastic plants out there.

Not forget to mention for this single room you need to book via website and pay on the spot. You can't book this single room by phone call. What if you paid for this room and cancel your booking at the last minute? That's a question I cannot answer wtf.

Yes, this is the exact reason why I went to Kuching. My friend, Shima Sanim wedding (both of them were my classmates back in college). I am not a good photographer so you better go to her blog to find more interesting pictures of her wedding. Seriously, she made her wedding really awesome! Simple but cute.

For guests.

I adore her wedding gown. Princess one!

Happy smiles of newlywed.

So, what about me? HAHA.

Thanks to my friends Cahya, Yaya and Cahya's sister, they were really generous to pick me up and tagged me along wherever they went so that I wouldn't feel alone pfft (that's why I said I was not really alone).

But then, after attending the awesome wedding, I told them it's okay I feel like go sightseeing by myself. So, here starts my travelling alone wtf. I was lucky because by the time I went there, Kuching held a Sarawak Regatta. It is actually a water sports event where you can see boat race, wakeboard and all.

Took these police motorcycles without realised the policemen were actually standing right behind those big size motorcycle HAHAHA. I quickly acted like a tourist (or am I?). They must thought why is this girl take picture of bikes and not us HAHA. Cahya's brother told us these are the new line of policemen bikes or whatever it is. Looks more stunning than the old one.

And this is Chief Minister of Sarawak's car.

Sorry I am not a good photographer. This is so Malaysia. What is Malaysia without hundreds food stalls wtf.

Angry birds get angry in a sunny day wtf

Traditional music instruments. This one called gong.

Sarawak traditional costumes.

Traditional stuff (i-do-not-know-the-names-pfft)

My shitty face after walked along the Kuching Waterfront pfft. It was so hot and I knew I'll get sunburnt.

Thank you Shima for sending me to the airport.

Shima and Sanim. I am so happy for both of you! And very jelly too because you two very cute pfft.

HAHA so thank you for reading this post written by untalented blogger.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Princess Mimi (Bambi Series)

Yna : Hi Bunga! Where have you been? Long time no see.

Bunga : Hi Yna! Hey what do you mean long time no see? We see each other everyday! Oh okay almost forgot maybe your vision is not really good anymore. Vujie put us in our box and it is dark in there. That's why you can't see me wtf.

Yna : So, why are we here today? Not in our box wtf?

Bunga : Hey open your eyes please. Look at these small bottles. These are Princess Mimi lenses by Tsubasa Masuwaka. In Japan, they've known as Bambi series. In fact, I myself not really sure are they originally Bambi series and repackage as Princess Mimi or not.

So yeah. I've been out of my mind for a while, I bought these 3 pairs of Princess Mimi lenses. At first I don't really interested on these series because it is only 15mm. So it didn't fit my liking. Plus, most blogshops sell these as preorder. I don't want to wait months just for a lens.

Luckily, Geo Lens Town has ready stock.

They gave me redeem cards and gift voucher if RM5 too. I haven't try them all (I mean in proper make up on face) so no photos yet. In Popteen latest issue, I can see Mizukitty wears brown and it looks good on her. I wish they'll look good on me too. Especially the green one HAHAHA because for all this time I always think green is meant for fair skin girls and very pretty one. I can't imagine how do I look if I wear green cz I'm not fair and far from pretty HAHAHA.

Yna : So what's next Bunga?

Bunga : Don't ask. You knew it.

Yes, you guys will be put back in your box. I used to display them on my table but then they get dust easily. So I decided to put them in a box. Maybe I should get a glass box which can cover them from dust 100%.

Be good in there.

So these are my favorite lenses for the time being. Four from them are brown because the more natural is better. My skin color doesn't allow me to go crazy wearing colorful lenses T____T

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Dolly Wink Eyeshadow Sweet Dolly 01

This post is actually not really a review because when I read a review post by other bloggers, they will put pictures on how to use how the textures how is the pigmentation and all. Too bad I know nothing about all that! All I know is just how it will look on me. I don't even know what is pigmentation is wtf (lazy blogger). For a very good review, please use google thank you pfft.

So I bought this months ago. I don't actually need colorful eyeshadow since my daily eyeshadow is brown. I don't know how to put colorful make up or if I even dare to try, I'll end up looking like a clown. So, no thanks.

Honestly, I bought this eyeshadow because of Tsubasa. As for me, there's nothing special about the colors anyway since I can get these colors on other brands. But then, I gave a try. The packaging looks like Anna Sui don't you think? Well, both Anna Sui and Dolly Wink are more to cuteness and girlish.

To my surprise, Tsubasa did a good job! I can pick up these colors in one swipe only. Is that what they call pigmented and creamy? Fml. Do not worry if you are afraid on what color to put in this area because the packaging that can be opened up like a book will show you that. Means that you pay not only for the eyeshadow but for the tutorial too exclusively by Tsubasa Masuwaka wtf.

Okay this was my first try. I didn't put heavy eyeshadow on me because I was afraid I'll look like someone just punched me straight on my eyes. Well, that actually happen when I overdo my make up fml. I am sorry if I disappoint you because my picture didn't actually showed the real result of Dolly Wink eyeshadow.

For daily make up, I just emphasize on the eyeliner. So I practised hard to get the right shape wtf.

Oh I lost that bracelet I wore in the picture last week T___________T. That was my first bracelet I bought use my own money and now I lost it.

When you can have a good lighting or the sun is shining brightly that will compliment your skin, don't hesitate to take zillion pictures of you wtf.

Our government house looks like this *truestory

In every pictures I took, I felt like I gained weight but weight scale told me I am not *confusing

HAHAHAHA puffer fish face. Pfftt I hate Malaysian boys pretend to hate those Malaysian girls who take picture like me above. Yeah right when Malaysian girls do that you despise the most. But when Korean do that, you say cute max. If you don't like just shut up. Gosh I sound like I am one of the puffer fish face girls HAHAHA no I am not. I prefer giving big eyes with normal face or smiling brightly in pictures.

Till then, bubbye!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

spell emo for me

This is like a dying blog. Yes, I know it is pfftt. You know when you just don't know what to blog? Or maybe you have tons to blog but no words can describe it? That's happening to me. I went travel and still don't get the mood to blog. I hang out with friends wearing nice outfits and deserve to be blogged but still don't get the mood. I think I am starting to forget my social life in social network wtf.

Fortunately I still remember how to type favorite url and keep browsing. Most important I still can remember my blog url wtf!

The more I grow up (read : older), the more I realise a lot of things are nice to be in mute. I used to be a bird who keep chirping about my life. I thought it is nice to share my happy and unhappy moments with those who know me. But now I think I better keep them deep in my heart.

I start to feel like I prefer people not to ask me too much questions. I mean for things that does not really important. Like asking who is the owner of my heart or maybe asking why I didn't hang out often anymore or maybe why I didn't plan for my marriage yet or maybe why my car break down again or whatever. Sometimes it is just annoying T__T

For the time being I want to do all things I haven't done yet. Time has never been kind to me waiting for me even a second. It keeps passed me although I am not ready yet. It is a sad thing when I plan to do things then I tell someone, in the end I don't get the responses that I want. Like when I tell people I want to go somewhere alone and they keep insisting it is too dangerous to go alone. So what should I do? Keep waiting till someone offering himself/herself accompanying me? That's wasting my lifetime. Life should be a little dangerous.

I don't want to play safe all the time. That is too boring. If I want to play safe I can lock myself in my room all the time so that safe zone will forever be mine.

Money is important but it is okay to spend money. Today we spend money but who knows tomorrow God has planned a lot of money for us. So, why should people keep worrying about my finance?

Sometimes I wish people can try to understand my desire in life and let me do things I want to do.