Friday, March 30, 2012

Insta Spam

Before I blog on my next Bangkok entry, I would love to spam you all with pictures that I stole from my own Instagram wtf. I don't post beauty pictures or scenery because I lack of talent just like that wtf but still, if you want to follow me on instagram, search me by my name vujie. For those who followed me, you can skip this entry because you might find this useless to spend time reading HAHA.

#1 Me wearing Rainbow Color lenses in Earth Brown by Cheesie. I'm thinking on making a review on the lenses, so I pray hard that my hardworking mood comes faster. It doesn't comes yet wtf.

#2 The lightest I packed in my entire life for my recent Bangkok trip. No tops at all. Only shorts. I have to admit I'm a bit picky when it comes to buy shorts, so I brought my most comfortable shorts. Tops, I don't mind as long as they are comfortable. So I didn't bring any because I wanted to buy there in BKK and instantly wear them. Of course I hid my underwears wtf.

#3 My airport fashion wtf. WC Kumatan sweater and WC spec. Excuse my tired face. Woke up at 4 to catch early flight on that day.

#4 I couldn't describe how much I love coconut drink. And I was super happy because in Chatuchak Market, they sell this very original coconut drink for only 20baht!

#5 My flower headband costs only 20baht.

#6 Couple tee. 

HAHAHA there's a story about these tees. My bf and I are not the type who show our chemistry or love or whatever to the world by wearing these stuff. I once bought couple tees 3 years ago for us but we never wore them in a same time wtf. Both of us refused to wear together to avoid goosebumps HAHA. So I gave up. In Chatuchak, they sell these very cheap like 150baht for both tees. Super cheap with good quality, it's a loss not to steal. Then we chose the most did-not-look-like-couple-tees and agreed to wear them in BKK because nobody recognize us there HAHAHA. For now, my tee rests happily in the wardrobe waiting when will I wear it again together with my bf, which only miracle can tells.

#7 Some hauls I bought in Platinum Mall.

#8 Back in Miri. Was bored alone at home and decided to drive around town with nothing to aim.

#9 I'm recently addicted to this DrawSomething game. That's my Elvis Presley.

#10 And my Lady Gaga.

That's all. Wait for my next Bangkok trip ^^

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bangkok, Thailand, The Land of Smiles, Part 2

Before we proceed, I would love to warn you that this entry has almost 50 pictures in it! I suggest you to have excellent internet connection to view this entry beautifully wtf. Okay, seriously. I don't want to combine them, like 5 pictures into 1 just because I'm blogging this as my permanent memory. In case I have alzheimer in the future, this blog can helps me HAHAHA. Or as a reference for my next generations in case they want to find out how do I look when I was young wtf.

Actually I brought my make up and lenses because I knew one of my intention in the trip was taking pics a lot, so must put make up to make me less ugly. But, before our flight landed, the stewardess announced that Bangkok is 33'celcius, my bf and I looked at each other and we instantly understood we both will sweat alot HAHAHA. And I automatically neglected the make up and lenses because sweat absolutely won't tolerate.

#1 Luckily I brought my WC spec, my saviour to ugly face.

Day 3

I really wanted to visit wax museum. Madame Tussaud in London is too far, so I went to Madame Tussaud in Bangkok because it is the nearest wtf. I find it's cool taking pictures with celebrities eventhough they're just wax version HAHAHA. Madame Tussaud in Bangkok located in Siam Discovery, so we walked to Siam because my friend said it is just a walking distance from Pratunam. Save on transport, spend more on haul, remember? HAHAHA

Top : OneSpo
Short : local shop
Bag : Samantha X Hello Kitty Aimi
Accessories : Adidas pink watch
#2 If I die in Bangkok, this will be my heaven wtf

Do not underestimate this Platinum Mall. You can't see people in the picture because we went there super early and the mall hasn't opened yet. Once it open, people is everywhere.

#3 Thais are very religious. Even in front of mall they have this and pray there.

#4 Siam Paragon

#5 Ultramen and UltraVujie

#6 Cis no muscle only bone also want to show off HAHAHA

#7 So I was here at Siam Discovery

#8 Both are vain

When we were at the counter to buy Madame Tussaud tickets, the salesgirl kept persuading us to buy the Siam Ocean (or whatever I can't recall) ticket too because it'll be cheaper to buy in Madame Tussaud + Siam Ocean package. She even said the biggest in Asia or what I can't remember. Since the first place, I'm not interested and my bf is sick of anything related to sea (because he works there) except seafood (because we both loves seafood), so I refused. Then the girl once again asked, "Are you sure madam?" HAHAHA she really wanted to sell the package to us to get more commission I guess but sorry, we have that too in our country, Aquaria KLCC (which actually I never went). But wax museum, we don't have.

So, pictures! Some of them I actually didn't recognize HAHAHA

#9 Queen Elizabeth and Queen Vujie

#10 Lady Diana and Lady Vujie

#11 Tun Mahathir (former Malaysia Prime Minister) and me. Auww our smiles match each other.

#12 Me on Breaking News

#13 Einstein was my teacher when I was in school wtf

#14 We were in serious business *write an agreement*

#15 You know, I can play beautiful music (yeah right HAHAHA)

#16 Shit Beckham, why you asked me to smell your armpit?

#17 The Tallest and The Shortest

#18 If he's in boxing tournament, he'll be in Middleweight category.

#19 And I'll be in Flyweight category wtf

#20 My most famous pic in facebook album HAHAHA. Me and Nichkhun 2PM

I tagged my cousins in fb to make them jealous and warned them don't ever steal him again because Nichkhun is mine already wtf. This Nichkhun is really tall, I don't even reach his shoulder. I mean, my height fml.

#21 Pretended to be a super fan to 2PM by listening to Heartbeat song passionately

#22 Madonna and MadonVujie HAHAHA

#23 This I don't recognize. Shit, this man is really handsome how come I don't know who???

#24 Amitabh Bachchan

#25 The Beauty of Bollywood, Aishwarya Rai. The Beauty of Malaysia, Vujie wtf.

#26 Michael Jackson

#27 So you know, I was invited to the Celebrity Party.

#28 With funny Jim Carrey

#29 Lady Gaga, are you really that skinny in real life?? My waist is obviously bigger than you fml

#30 And this look like real the most.

#31 We were discussing where to do leg surgery on me to make me taller with Oprah wtf.

#32 Jackie Chan

#33 Pretended to be elegant and gorgeous while in prison


#35 HAHAHAHA I like this. You can actually fight like real with the fat guy in the screen.

#36 Doraemon. And I'm Sizuka?

#37 If only you understand human talk.


#39 The hair used for the celebrities


My bf and I were too excited that we moved very quick from one section to another section. We were like 'there must be more more and more. faster! faster!' When we reached the last section, we were like, 'so that's it? really?' So I'm saying don't expect you'll find thousand wax in the Bangkok museum because the main wax museum is in London. Take your time read all the information given about the wax. We didn't because we thought there must be more so we rushed to another site T________T But it still fun.

#41 Channel [V] Thailand


#43 MBK Mall

It offers lot stuff too but I didn't buy anything there, except phone case, considered on my laziness to bring them back to Pratunam. Plus I really wanted to spend all my money on Platinum Mall. I'm not sure if in MBK you can bargain on the price like what you can do in Platinum Mall.

You can also find halal food here at the foodcourt.

#44 I only bought this iPhone case at MBK. I think it look like a strawberry biscuit with its pink and brown color. I feel like eating it HAHAHA.

When we were heading back to our hotel, we accidentally found a cosplay event in front of Siam Paragon. That explained why they have ultraman and robot before.


These two cosplayers were the cutest we found that day. I wanted to take picture with both of them. My bf too. I almost went to them and ask for photo but then I told my bf, it'll be awkward for him to be in the picture with them because those two girls were taller than him, then he backed off HAHAHAHA. At first I thought the girl with long wig was prettier but then I changed my mind, the girl with green wig was prettier. Plus, I don't know why I think the long wig girl's heels didn't match her costume.


#47 I wish I can have this Paul Smith's car and drive it around town. It must be cool.

#48 Oh Mulberry, can I have those giant ice creams?

#49 Korean Music Wave will be in Bangkok again this April.

#50 Some stuff you can find in Pratunam lane.

That's for Day 3. We went back to hotel and can't feel our legs anymore wtf.