Tuesday, May 29, 2012

#random 2

Sigh. I feel like killing myself nowadays. I don't take vain pictures lately just because I have this worst skin condition due to back to back reality job T_T Picture above was taken during exam week. Thank you filters, you hid my worse skin really well wtf. Even if I think I had enough rest but still, my body didn't work as I thought it should be. So I guess, the rest was not enough actually. In the end, I can rest, like seriously resting! HAHAHA It's school break and I'm spending my days in KK right now. Duh I don't want to say this again and again but I just can't hold myself to say this, I LOVE THIS INTERNET CONNECTION HERE!

Too bad I left my car in Miri. So I'm car-less now and I'm stuck at home can't go anywhere. My house is not located at somewhere you can get public transport easily. Plus, I can't remember the last time I took a bus (vacation doesn't count) wtf. I probably forgot already how much bus fare from where to where. Leaving car and stuck at home actually didn't leave my bank account in peace. I still do online shopping HAHAHA Thank you internet!

I went to taobao and saw a pair of fake Jimmy Choo, then I went crazy in front of laptop. Never advise me to buy the real Jimmy Choo because I can never afford it with my current job. So, taobao will save me for sure HAHAHA. But no, I haven't put orders yet. Still K.I.V it.

In less than 3 weeks, I'm going to Bandung (hopefully everything will work smoothly). Right now I'm still searching for the best hotels I can get. I don't hire driver or travel agent or whatever, so I need to plan this carefully. No sightseeing for sure because it is only a 3 days 2 nights vacation. Every minutes will be dedicated to shopping purpose HAHAHA. 

But why do I think hotels in Bandung are expensive?? I went to Agoda. I got scared to stay in budget hotels because I read many complaints on them. Even for RM150/nite hotel room also got complaints. That RM150 is not cheap okay (at least for me). So, do I have to book RM300/nite hotel room? Shit that's too expensive! It is actually a bit hard for me to choose a hotel that suits my budget. Even if I find one, they don't do online reservation. I think walk in method not really secure. I'm going there on weekend, in case the hotels are fully booked, where should I stay? Mosque? Urgghh!! This didn't happened when I was choosing hotel in Bangkok *sigh*

*continue clicking here and there in Agoda*

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Honestly, I've never celebrate Mother's Day before #baddaughter. Because I'm not good in showing affection. Even to my own mother T_T. Where every daughter/son talk to their mother everyday and walking together holding hands, but not me. I've been like this since I don't remember when. HAHA wtf I don't even remember when was the last time I walk with my mom holding hands. Well, maybe the last one when I was a little girl.

So yeah, in my family, we didn't show affection to each other like hugging, holding hands, saying 'miss you' or whatever. I think it is because we find that funny HAHAHA. I don't have problem with others who apply that kind of affection, it is just in our family, we didn't do that. We do show our affection, in our own way. Which I don't know how to describe.

But my mom, is a super power mom. Well, every mother is, right? If you notice, I've never mentioned about my father before. Simply because I don't have one at home. He left us when I was 8 years old. What happened between my mom and my father, that's their personal. Since that, my mom is our only parent. She is the father, she is the mother.

She had me at very young age. That explains why she still looks young eventhough I'm getting older wtf. Having me at young age means she had to sacrifice most of the moments that she supposed to enjoy before entertaining babies.

I've seen she struggled with life. She struggled with her own problems. She struggled for our problems too. She worked very hard to make us a better person. I've seen how she worked to earn money. I've been there. At the situation where money was our biggest problem. My siblings and I were too young to earn money. But she never left us. I found out days after my second brother passed away. School called mom and told that we can't claim for insurance because his school fees haven't settled. That day, I felt really guilty because my mom still gave me money every weeks for expenses where she actually having problems settling our school fees. My brothers and I was in boarding school on that time.

I can say my mother and I didn't really talk a lot. I mean like we didn't share secrets. We do talk about simple stuff like what to buy at grocery, what color you like for Hari Raya, who's married this week and etc HAHAHA. But I never talk about my other half to her. I've never asked her on how to cope with this love matters. She never asked too. But I know she cares. She knows something is wrong by looking at my body language whenever it happens.

I did bad things too. I can still remember more than hundred missed calls on my phone because she really worried that I don't return her calls. I was angry (personal matters) and I slept over at my friend's house. My phone died and I didn't bring charger. When I saw that hundred missed calls, my tears ran down like heavy rain because I felt guilty that I made my mom worried like that.

I also remember how I've been a spoilt daughter. I asked mom to drive me to town (an hour drive) just because I had a date wtf. I knew she was tired from work, but that might be my potential perfect man, I just had to date him! HAHAHA turn out that man was never my perfect man wtf. Mom never complained. She waited till my date ended. I can proudly say my mom is a very sporting mom in the world! Okay, at least in my world.

Being a super mom, she still cooks for us. Even we are big enough to take care of our own tummy, but she still wants us to eat her dishes. I'm the one who always been far from home, so whenever I'm home, she'll cooks my favorite dish!

I know I can't repay all her sacrifices for me but I'm trying my best. I try to give the best for her. I'm not sure if I can say this in real life, but here I'm sure I can, I heart you mom.

My mom, my cousin and my brother.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Bling Bling iPhone Case

I almost forget that I bought bling bling months ago. I was actually wanted to stick them on all my make up cases so that they will be prettier than ever, and special *ehem*. But then, yeah, I'm always the one full of imaginations but lazy wtf. So that day I was too boring while waiting for Love Rain (fav korean drama at the moment) buffering, I took all the bling bling and started to do something, instead of doing nothing staring at the screen for like half an hour fml.

My no-longer-use iPhone case. Got this for free when bought the phone. The white actually turned to yellowish already euww.


LOL nothing to proud. Cheat one HAHAHA. It's very simple. I don't have to arrange them one by one. The blings originally come with its sticker. All I did only mix match them wtf.

So now, I can have my own bling case.

Bling iPhone cases are very expensive here. Some of them cost more than hundred. Wtf very expensive! Since I'm the type who throw phone carelessly in handbag, I'm not sure how long the blings will stay -.-"