Thursday, December 30, 2010

Anosa Cosmetics Sexy Pink

I'm not sure should I put this entry under product review or maybe just to show off stuff I recently bought. Last Saturday my family and I went to 1 Borneo because Aowa held lucky draw there and the grand prize was Perodua Myvi car. It is a coincidence my car's plate number is 7462 and my auntie's ticket number was 07642. My car got into accident and we believe every cloud has silver lining, so went there to see we are lucky or not. Unfortunately we don't. So I mustn't believe to that anymore HAHAHA.

While waiting and because its boring, I went into SaSa (again....) with no purpose of buying anything. Ok I shouldn't lie I actually looked for Dolly Wink lower lashes (again....) but they were out of stock I guess. Since I cannot be trusted when I have extra money in purse, I bought Anosa Cosmetics Sexy Pink just because its pink and I was attracted to the ads HAHAHA.

Told you, its pink! This Anosa Cosmetics Sexy Pink is actually for you to regain your pink-ness. I'm not good in explaining. You can search more about in on the net.

It comes with two tubes. The left one is for lips and on the right is for nipple. In my case, I didn't put on my nipple but I put it on my underarm and hope it'll works better whitening my underarm HAHAHA. My lips are naturally not-so-pink so when I want to act cute by wearing pink lipstick, it didn't work as much as I hope, so frustrating! Now I'm gonna try these Sexy Pink tubes and when it works I'll share more about it then.

I wish I don't have to go back to Miri cuz I don't have fabulous internet connection there T____T

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

inspiration *photo spam*

As you all know, recently I bought Dolly Wink lashes. Fyi, upper lashes mission accomplished already. I now own lashes no.1 till no.4 HAHAHA wtf there are soooo expensive but still I cannot avoid from buying. Nevermindddd. Its not like I'm buying them every month (well I'm actually try to persuade myself why I let my money went away just like that).

I bought them for purpose that I want to achieve dolly eyes 100% achievement! No matter how long your natural lashes are still you can't achieve the dolly eyes that only fake lashes can give you. So here's photo spam for you! Who I think achieved dolly look 100% and I'm sooooo jealous!

All photos are stolen from google. So I can't give credit to exact web.

I've seen her many times in Popteen and I can see she is the sweetheart of Popteen now because her face is always on the cover.

Her eyes are really big! How can you do that? Ok I actually found the way she makes her eyes bigger but that still a secret. Wait till I try and will post picture soon :)

Nana Suzuki
This girl is really cute! I've found her without make up and still cute! Maybe she puts some spell on her face to be cute 24/7 HAHAHA. Suddenly I remember Tangled. When Rapunzel sings, her hair will glow. Maybe Nana Suzuki does that. She sings and her face turns cute to the max! HAHA.

I still haven't found out what's on her hand. Some tool to increase cute-ness maybe wtf.

Now we come to meet our super sweetheart!!!

Tsubasa Masuwaka
If you don't like her, you can close this tab wtf HAHAHA. Words can't describe how much I love her. More than I love my bf HAHAHA no larr I'm just kidding. But I adore her. Adore the way she dressed, the way she made her Dolly Wink line, the way she achieved everything in modelling when she is just 150 cm, and so on.

I found this somewhere on the net. Her hair caught my eyes in the first place.

She's so adorable.

I promise myself I'll wake up earlier than ever everyday to put gorgeous make up on my face before I go to school. Well okay, I usually forget about my promise HAHAHAHA.

Monday, December 27, 2010

some random thoughts

I was trying hard and harder downloading Gossip Girl Season 4 since two days ago unfortunately the web only provides episode 1 until 5. I do not know where to find other sources. Everytime I went looking for it in youtube, I'm not so lucky where most of them are just preview, or they'll give some random link says you can download full episode from it but before that you must answer stupid IQ questionnaires and to get your IQ marks you must submit your phone number first but still you CANNOT download the episode. Stupid.

So I make an effort to come out with entry entitled 'some random thoughts' and I hope you'll enjoy my random thoughts wtf HAHAHA.

I love when people taking my pictures. I bet this come from my genetic because I can see my little cousins are all camera lovers HAHAHA. They know how to give best pose and never worry about making cute faces just because they are already naturally cute. Every kiddos are cute right? But why the cute-ness fades when we grow older? This is not fair! I'm saying this because I'm getting older and nobody tells me I'm cute anymore. Not even my bf HAHAHA. I hate my life because I have nobody around me who loves to take my picture wtf.

All pictures of me are pictures that I took by myself T___T. Most of them are like this.

......and this

I hope 2011 will give me hope on this. I must befriend with people who have DSLR and loves taking human pictures. By human I mean ME! HAHAHAHA. Next year I must buy camera and its stand so I'll take million billion zillion pictures of me without help from others wtf. I'll go solo and bring my camera wherever I go *confident*!

I found this on some random blogshop. Probably (ok we can see clearly on the pic wtf). That kind of fashion will me my 2011 fashion *determined*. I am hairy person so any shorts can't help my fashion sense ohmy I tell you this so I'm quite sure my reputation will drop to zero right after you read my confession here HAHAHA.

And this also. Hello skinny jeans! We will be bestfriend for the entire 2011! Let's partyyyyy!

I really hope you enjoy my random thoughts wtf.

Friday, December 24, 2010

i swear i refused

I'll remark this December as hair-damaged-month just because I changed hair color two times and bleached in the same month. If only my hair have legs, I'm so sure they will run away because their owner never leave them alone without any color or straightening or curling or whatever wtf. But this time, I swear I refused 100% to change my darling milk tea color but I have to because schools are opening soon T___T. My job forbids colorful hair, only natural color and not too light.

Me saying goodbye to darling milk tea brown. Will see you again next December :(

The hairstylist must be annoyed because I asked many questions and kept repeating the same questions HAHAHA. "If I use this color will it be too dark?" "Oh I'm so 'sayang' my current color. So can you suggest which color are one or two shades darker but still light (HAHAHA what question is this)?"

At last I decided to pick dark brown.

Here's what it looks like now.

Dark again T__T ok I'll put this entry under emovujie label wtf. Why I look chubby in second and third pictures? I thought I lose weight why still look chubby? But seriously, my arms are getting skinny and skinnier. Oh maybe all fats moved to face now HAHAHA.

Dolly Wink againnnnn. Now I cannot tahan myself already HAHAHA. 10% of my salary this month I spent on Dolly Wink products T____T.

Outfit of the day. Went to Suria Sabah for the first time. HAHAHA so kesian I'm Sabahan but never stepped into Suria Sabah before just because I spent my days at Miri more than Sabah itself. Many shops haven't open yet. But nevermind, as long as Suria Sabah got Liquids and Liquids provides Dolly Wink products HAHAHAHA.

School breaks will be ended soon. Still not happy going back to Miri, actually never happy when going back there, cuz my car still in the workshop and back without car is like back without soul HAHAHA.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dolly Wink

I clearly remember how stingy I was when I found out Dolly Wink lashes are sooooo expensive. At least, expensive for poor people like me T__T. I better buy cheap lashes that similar to Dolly Wink HAHAHA.

But, I also can't deny the fact that I can be easily influenced by other people. I read many reviews about how good Dolly Wink is and its quality worth the price. So, I decided to give a try. I went to million blogshops that offer reasonable price HAHAHA wtf already decide but still want to find cheaper price. I can't read any languages other than Malay and English. So every japan or taiwan blogshop is pointless. Even google translate can't help my stupidity HAHAHA.

Since Miri don't have SaSa (or maybe got but I don't know where), so I assumed that no Dolly Wink at all there HAHAHA. No larr.. Actually I hate it when I stepped into any shops in Miri then they give my weird look, like I don't have money to buy anything. Ok la fine, I can't deny that I always being messy there not fashionable at all. What's the point of dolly-ing yourself when you hang out with older people, in the end you realize you end up at babies corner with them fml HAHAHAHA.

So when I'm back in KK, I rushed to SaSa for the sake of Dolly Wink. Too bad always out of stock.

This was the only one I can found in SaSa. So I bought it to give a try. From the first time I tried it, I fell in love and wanted to live happily together forever wtf HAHAHA. Seriously, all girls must try Dolly Wink!! It is easier to apply and it looks so natural. So you won't have the looks like you have a broom on your lashes. Plus, you can get the dolly looks you ever wanted in your life!

Then this blogger told me where to buy Dolly Wink lashes in KK instead of SaSa. I was so excited that I can't wait any longer to bring them back home. I don't even care I had to find car park for more than half an hour at Wisma Merdeka I don't know why lot of reserved parking there T_T. I became very patient on that day for the sake of Dolly Wink. I'm so proud of myself wtf HAHAHAHA.

So I went to the shop and stared at Dolly Wink about 5 to 8 minutes to choose which lashes I want to buy HAHA. If I'm rich of course I'll buy them all. Since Christmas will come soon, so this shop gives 10% discount on Dolly Wink lashes and I felt so lucky to buy them cheaper than ever wtf. I bought Dolly Wink no.1 and no.2 because I still not confident to use bottom lashes HAHAHA. Yeah right I must give a try but later okay. Don't ask for pictures because I haven't open them yet just because I'm too 'sayang' them HAHAHA.

That's Dolly Wink no.4 on my lashes. Like natural right? Ehem please tell me my make up improved already HAHAHA. Ok stop looking at my background! All the junks behind made me proud on myself okay. Increase my motivation whenever it downs wtf HAHAHA.

Before I end this post, even it is freaking expensive, you must give it a try! This suggestion obviously goes to girls that love fake lashes like me. Or maybe you can put it in your 2011 wishlists HAHAHAHA.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Gorgeous-i 16mm Lens

Before my laziness comes, I better blog about something. Something like.... erm.... okay... whatever-thing-lar-just-update! I know I promise to update about car accessories and shirts and whatever that I bought recently, but the mood and excitement flew away since my car got into accident. I don't want to look at stuff that reminds me to my lovely car wtf so emo when talking about car.

So okay. I've been unhappy for about a week and still unhappy now, so I went to blogshop hunted everything that catch my eyes and bought them. HAHA no lar don't you remember how poor I am. Obviously can't shopping lar. Only window shopping. Mind you, I got a very long bookmark pages now about what-I-need-to-buy-when-payday-comes.

Remember my bestfriend I mentioned in previous entry? She happened to ask my lens and wanted to try the special feeling *wtf* of wearing lens and make eyes bigger. So she asked for my help to buy contact lens for her. Well, your Vujie never changed. Not only bought for her, I bought lens for me too. More than her orders btw! HAHAHA.

The service is very superb! The next day after I made payment, she sent my items. How fast! The only reason why I received them late because it was weekend and postmen were spending time with family.

Four pairs of lenses in the picture. Actually I bought five pairs altogether. The day my pink lens killed my eyes, I opened one most favourite pair and changed lens. All of them are 16mm in diameter. Once you ditch 14mm, trust me you won't back to 14mm! 16mm is enough to make your eyes look like a doll. If you still unsatisfied, you can try 17mm. But if you want to be natural, so 14mm is for you.

These pairs are mine. The seller actually sent wrong order. I ordered gorgeous-i shinny but she gave me gorgeous-i sunny (on the left). Its okay since its nice btw. On the right is gorgeous-i magic black. I'm gonna use that black to go to school. I want to be natural but bigger eyes to school. So my students will zip their mouth and did not give me questions like "why your eyes are green? Why your eyes keep changing color?"

My friend asked for my suggestion what color should she buy. I told her "If you are brave enough like me, buy green or blue! If not, pick natural colors." And she said, "I am not brave. Buy brown and grey for me." HAHAHAHA wtf is I am brave. I don't even have the guts to wear blue. I don't think blue suits my skin color. I've tried green but also I don't like.

Can you see my brown lens? The color blends well with my original eye color since it doesn't have too much difference. But I kinda love it.

Ok much closer this one. Don't you think it looks nice? So I look like not so fake.

I went home and decided to give a look on my old lenses. Found out they already hard like a rock because I neglect them for like 11 months HAHAHA. That honey color lens was my first lens ever. I've started wearing lens like early 2009 I think. On my college days, I changed eyes color almost everyday. Even if I had PE class, I wore black lens with zero degree HAHAHA. Now can you see how much I love contact lens?

Since I've been posted to plantation area to educate students there wtf, I lost my interest wearing lens just because I think nobody will pay attention on me there HAHAHA. If I walk naked around that plantation then maybe people will notice me HAHA.

Ok. If you feel interested on getting lens for cheap price, bigger eyes and also superb service, contact this lady. Oh ya about the wrong order I mentioned above, do not worry. It only happens once in a blue moon. This is not the first time I bought lens from her. Maybe she was too confuse because she got too many orders that day and if I'm not mistaken, her stocks were just arrived the day before so mistaken happened. So no worries deary. Go place your order now! Tell her I made review on her lens HAHAHAHA wtf.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

my bestfriend wedding

I was bored that day. I am dead without car. My car in the workshop and I am dead without you love fml. So bored until I read newspaper. HAHA read newspaper to catch world issues wtf.

So bored until I solved this word puzzle. No lah I didn't solved all of them. Only half because I got phone call in the middle of solving it so after call ended I went sleep. But still proud of myself can't believe I still have the interest of solving word puzzle fml.

So bored I even tried Xiaxue's tutorial on curling hair and slept with them. The next morning it only stays for half an hour then back to normal. Pheww my current hair seriously doesn't allow me having sweet curly hair.

The next day was my bestfriend's wedding day. HAHAHA so funny she has to rearranged her wedding and changed her wedding date just because the 'wali' wants to go travel on the day she suppose to get married. I almost didn't make it on time because of transportation. See I told you I am dead without my car T__T. I am leech now glued myself to anybody who has car if I want to go somewhere. That day, I forced my bf woke up earlier than ever and took me to the wedding.

The wedding had been held in mosque so must wear 'tudung'. My friend called me many times asking my location every 20 minutes. She said, "You must come! You are only my friend who attend my wedding today. If not rugi la you didn't see my wedding." HAHAHA so kesian. So I said, "you are the one who will rugi cuz didn't see me wearing 'tudung' for the sake of your wedding." HAHAHA.

She said I resemble my mum 99%. My bf said that too. Ok la fine I blame it on the 'tudung' cuz it is actually my mum's tudung HAHAHA I don't have any. Stop staring at my stomach!!! I look fat here T___T Don't believe what you see on the pic cuz I lost weight actually and I don't like it at all!

This is my most lovable part! Reached home changed clothes and straight to mall cuz my bf said he need new shirts. I happily glued myself again and chose the mall we should go as if I am the one who'll do the shopping HAHAHA. Pic above is actually to show off my new lens. My pink lens are killing my eyes I don't know what's wrong with it so I have to forget it and put all my love to other lens.

Don't you think he looks like girl? HAHAHAHA if he had fringe like me so you people will misunderstand that I am lesbian. Sometimes I can't tahan myself to put make up on him HAHAHA.

If you buy more than RM20 at Guardian you'll get sticker. Then collect all the stickers fulfill the card and tadaaa u can get soft toy for free HAHAHA I'm being childish I know. For the sake of getting sticker, I had to buy something and make sure the amount is more than RM20. That explains why I bought Strawberry Yogurt Mask. Tried it already. It smells like Fernleaf Calci-Yum Strawberry Yogurt. Next time if I put it again on my face you can lick my face cuz its yummy HAHAHAHA.


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

First attempt to have dolly eyes

I am in the middle of watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 and I don't feel like I'm focusing on it. Okay la it is because I am not a fan of Harry Potter actually. I'm watching it just because I'm watching it wtf. They are all grown up and that makes me less and less interesting to watch. Not cute anymore. The only adult who is cute is me HAHAHAHA ok fine you can faint now.

I don't remember maybe three or four days ago I've tried MaguChan's dolly eyes. Glad she did make up tutorial so now I can have dolly eyes like her HAHAHA. But I don't think I achieved her dolly eyes 100%. Nevermind. Like old saying, "practise makes perfect" HAHA.

Here was my first attempt. At first I was lazy to tried on my whole face that explains why the other half of my face was naked. Plus, I intend to see the difference between make up on and no make up on my face. God I am better with lens on!

First attempt was okay. Not too bad and not too good. Just fair.

Much closer. Ok my lower lashes was failed one HAHAHAHA. After snapping about millions pictures of half naked face, unsatisfied so I did full make up on face. And improved a little bit wtf.

Don't you think I improved my skills already? Hopefully Maguchan won't see this if not she'll faint cuz I can't achieve any of her tutorial smoothly not even the eyes' looonngg tail HAHAHA.

All I can say is I hate my bb camera quality. I still praise my previous sony ericsson camera quality T__T. Nevermind. Must put much effort saving money and buy good camera! I am sorry I have to neglect you for a while shopping mall and all T___T. Why am I so poor fml.

Ok enough. Back to Harry Potter!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Berry update

First attempt updating from berry
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Color transformation

My obsession for hair color started since I was in school but those days I was in boarding school and never had a chance of coloring my hair. If not then my teacher will volunteer to chase me around the school just because my hair is not black. My first experience of coloring my own hair (yalor so poor on that time can't afford to color hair in saloon) was I bought a small box of super cheap hair color. Can't remember what color. I have the gut to dye small amount of hair only because I don't want to be scolded by mum aunties uncles and bla bla bla. Dyed small amount of hair made me felt gorgeous already on that time wtf.

Then I tried various hair colors. Red shades, brown shades, already tried. But haven't tried pink or purple or green because I am not Lady Gaga HAHAHA (not funny? Nevermind, I am a fan of my own jokes). Recently, I used marshmallow brown.

But yeah, like all those negative comments I read on the net about Liese Bubble Hair Color, it can't stay for too looonnnggg. Faded a lot already.

So when my brother asked what color should he use but he don't want a very striking one, I quickly offered myself to buy hair color HAHAHA. His hair is virgin black so if use light color like Chiffon Beige also won't be major problem because the color won't be too obvious. The other one Milk Tea Brown is mine!! See, I am crazy about hair color fml. Now you know why I have dry and damage hair but never learnt.

I never had the guts to color my hair like this before just because I was in college and hair color is not allowed. To feed my need I just dyed them one or two tones lighter than my original hair color. This time, I bleached my hair too!! Oh can't believe I am so brave wtf. At first I want to highlight them blonde but the hairstylist said cannot if I dye blonde but didn't bleach first then the color didn't turn out well. She said, "Just bleach enough already. Pretty also." So ok la. I put my trust on you wtf.

This is my hair in daytime. My boyfriend also jealous and wanted hair color like me HAHAHA. Oh not forget to mention *ehem* I use my love Dolly Wink lashes for the first time and it makes me want to buy mooorreee!!!! Tsubasa Masuwaka, your lashes are really great! I don't care you underwent plastic surgery thousand times or not, you still my inspiration wtf.

I put that pink blablabla (forgot the name and too lazy to google now) to hold my fringe stay in place all the way from house to KK. I went to this shop to buy drinks and forgot to take it off. So stupid my boyfriend didn't tell me I still had it on my hair!! Yalor I know he loves to see me stupid like that HAHAHA. I won't go to that shop for 3 years from now on!! Please shoot me now I want to die.