Wednesday, October 27, 2010

emo again and again

Well now I'm back. For my blog . With nothing in mind wtf.

If you don't like, then just ignore my pic. Uploaded it because... erm just because. I've done with my medical check up yesterday and report showed nothing suspicious. So okay, I am still healthy to live my life.

I am tired about others who love to talk behind me. And of course badmouth about me. I don't know how the way I dress affects your life. And why can't you stop talking about it. I don't see that if I wear make up then you can't fulfill your stomach and I can't see how possible if I wear tights then our boss will not give your salary wtf. My life business will never ruin your life, mind that!

As long as I remember, I have never tried to interfere in your life. So why can't you? I can see that you put much efforts in putting me in your circle. I mean older people circle. Hey I am young enough to get trendy! Why must you ruin me? If you like to be conservative then go on. Just don't bring me together in your boring life. Mine is mine!

I must stop now. If only you can read this you retard!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

driving is tiring

When I was just a little girl (if you know the que sera sera song then continue with your song first lol), I wished my legs grow longer as soon as possible so I can drive a car like my mum always do. I had a feeling that a girl (or woman) who drives a car is cool.

Now here I am. My legs longer than 18 years ago. In fact, they are still short! And I can drive. But that doesn't makes me cool wtf. Neither hot T_T. And, I realised now drive a car is no fun like the first time I got my driving license HAHA. It is tiring. Moreover if you have to drive without your willingness and by that time you are already super tired. Ok that doesn't include driving to go shopping HAHA.

So I went to drive my friend to sit for an exam. Waited her for an hour is i-don't-know-what-to-say. But nevermind. She is my friend and she did many things to me, so okay.

Make up for the day.

Oh wait. I can't leave without taking those green grass at the back. It makes my photo more green-ish wtf. And I felt fresh HAHA. My shirt written A FINE DAY AFTER RAIN. Seriously, in was heavy rain the night before.

This photo uploaded in medium size on purpose. Just to cover up my unprofessional skill attaching false lashes on me.

My cute short fur boots.

Again, medium size on purpose HAHAHA.

I wish some people can understand when to ask me to drive them and when not to. I am not your loyal driver because I can be tired too.

Tomorrow I am going to undergo medical check up. Wish me luck! Wish me no weird disease will come up wtf.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

how can i be rich if my attitude continuosly like this

A girl is always a girl. And I am the one of that typical girl wtf. It's an advantage for a girl who earn money for herself. Just like me *wtf again*. The distinguish is how much we earn. I am the type of earn-money-monthly-but-never-enough HAHAHA because I shop too much.

Just like today. I am thinking of buying another blythe but haven't found any liking yet. Simply Vanilla and Simply Chocolate didn't get enough votes from me so I don't want to decide yet which of them will be mine. Or maybe, I won't buy any of them HAHAHA. I wish I had more money and I will go for Blythe Midnight Spell without thinking.

Then, I have this feeling of buying new handbag. Not too small and easy to carry is preferable. I won't go for any LV imitate anymore because even the makcik-makcik buy fish at the wetmarket also wear LV HAHAHA. To maintain my extraordinary feeling wtf, I think I'll go for Juicy Couture or maybe Burberry (imitate of course I am poor you know). Since I don't see any makcik-makcik bring them to wetmarket yet lol.

Next is getting boot. Last time I found this cute boot and reasonable price. The problem is I am the type of not buying on the spot if that thing is not really important. I will go back home first and if I dream of that thing I want to buy for at least 5 nights then I will buy them wtf. HAHAHA stingy me.

My car will not be forgotten. I want to transform it to VIP type. Since it will cost me thousand bucks so I put it in top 20 wishes of 2010.

Enough for now. If not you will be reading my shopping list for at least 10 pages of entry HAHAHA.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

friends are not friends till their true color revealed

I was actually tried to find my most fierce photo but I didn't found any. Lots of my pictures are in showing-yellow-teeth-photos category fml. Last night I was emo and today I am angry. When will I meet tranquility wtf.

First, I am angry because he seemed to question about my relationship with God. Are you good enough to talk about that? Fine, you are better than me but that doesn't give you permission to humiliate me in front of our dearest colleagues!

Second, I am angry when your eyes keep looking at me like I am the most disgusting person in the earth just because my appearance didn't reflect our work field. I wear skirt, short, sleeveless, tights. As long as I remember I've never wore them to work! So, what's your problem? If you want me to wear kain sarong all the time, do I have to obey your order? I am not your wife! Mind you, we are just colleague!

Third, I am angry when I already tried my best to keep our relationship (colleague) as smooth as it is but when you did this then I think you are ruining it. Can you just be neutral as I am so then we won't have any problems later? I don't want to be racist but when you act like this, I guess what people always say about you and your race is right. Before this I have a few friends like you but they are not worst like you. You are the worst!

But when I think it back, why should I get angry? The person who talk rubbish is nothing to me. Plus, it's not like the first time people talk thing like this to me.

Monday, October 18, 2010

rumour spreads everywhere

Have you ever wonder what rumours spread behind you? Of course laaa rumours about you. I admit I always have the curiosity to know what people talk about me. Do they think I'm a good person like I think I am? HAHAHA. Or do they think I am not a good one to be their friend? Or at least someone to talk to?

I always have the tendency to think that people might talk bad about me and I am afraid that other people will believe it then they will look down at me. Haih so stupid la the way I'm thinking T__T

When I was in college, I used to think that when I start to work, I want to go to a place that no one knows me. I mean people who didn't know my past. It doesn't mean that I want to hide my real life but I just wanted to start a new life. God heard my pray and He threw me to this unknown place HAHAHA. Guess what happened? Me is still me. I am still the same one like the one I want to forget.

One thing I'm proud about myself. I've been here about 10 months and I don't have any bad issues with anybody. And I don't even want to know what people keep saying about my behaviour here. I just live my life.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

pink contact lens

A friend once told me I'm weird just because I buy chinese magazines but I can't read them HAHAHA. Yes, I am that type of person. I spent money on chinese magazines just to get through all the pictures. I bought ViVi magazine just to know the secret of super gorgeous makeup technique. I bought Popteen magazine just to check out what trends of fashion out there.

And I noticed, none of the models didn't put contact lens on their eyes!

I was actually contact lens fan. I used to wear contact lens everyday when I went to class. When I started my work life, I am not committed already to make my eyes big and change the color everyday. My reason is I am afraid I will become the centre of attraction here where I live HAHAHA. No laaa actually I just don't want to expose myself too much because it will probably bring troubles to me. I prefer look like other people wearing boring t-shirt and boring hair and boring attitude T__T

But then, I can still get in with the fashion trend whenever I'm out from this place HAHAHA so I think I need contact lens again. Kinda miss my old life where I can wear every piece I want everyday T__T

So I went around the net and found this blogshop. Her price is affordable with instock lens. I hate pre-order because I am not patient enough to wait. And of course I bought 16mm PINK LENS!

Can you see the difference? I'm wearing 16mm lens there and I don't think I'll go for 17mm.

Me without contact lens. Incomplete look.

This pic makes me look like I'm naked there wtf.

But still, I am not brave enough to wear them to work T__T Most of the people here can't accept extraordinary people like me wtf.

Thank you 16mm lens! Now I can achieve my dolly look and make sure every person will look at me more than 2 times HAHAHA.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

lonely vujie

i swear i am too exhausted these days. Why holidays seem like too far away? And why I feel so lonely?

When talking about friends, due to my work and where I'm staying now, my circle of friends now are much older than me. Most of them married already. Even I am the youngest among us, if it comes to shopping issues, then we are in the same boat. HAHAHA I think I can't even list 10 names of my girlfriends who didn't love shop till drop like I do. But then if it comes to other issues, I don't think I can get myself to their level yet. I want to go to jungle trekking, what can you expect from friends who have babies to entertain? There goes lonely Vujie T___T.

The one and only hope is my boyfriend. Asking him to entertain me all the time HAHAHA. If your boyfriend is willing to feed your needs all the time, not my boyfriend. Pity me again. Since we are in our long distance relationship so I guess we should stick to our phone 24/7, no? Reality check, we only spent our time together at night around 9 pm to 11 pm. Other than that, me is lonely thank you for making me look terrible like this T___T.

Ok now. The solution is get fun for myself or making fun of myself fml. If only I know my life will be this horrible, then I'll make sure I get a job with the circus team.

Monday, October 11, 2010

beast wants to be beauty

This time you'll hear me talk about photoshop. HAHAHA what the rubbish I'm saying I don't even pro in photoshop. I'm just a girl who want to look gorgeous all the time even when I'm in the toilet but too bad God doesn't allow me. He prefer me being messy HAHA.

Thank you for my leisure time today that I can spend my time in front of my laptop playing games till boredom strike then editing my own photo to make sure I have something to post in my blog HAHA. Usually I don't photoshop my photo too much because I will go through zillion photos of me and look for the best among them. Then I just adjust the brightness and tadaaaa upload it and claim it as my fine photo of the day HAHAHA.

But this time I chose one of my ugly photos and try my best edit it and make it gorgeous. Or at least better than ugly HAHAHA.

I call this wrong angle, wrong makeup, wrong hairdo, everything wrong. Stupid oil on my face! And what the hell uneven skin tone??!!

Ok this is not photoshop tutorial so I won't provide you step by step how ugly photo transforms.

The key is liquify! HAHA. That's why my forehead not super wide here. My nose also. Adjust the brightness to tell the world picture taken when the weather was super great HAHAHA.

Not satisfied of my photoshop skills, so I begged meitu (software that can make your face gorgeous without much skills) for her helps. So, here's the result.

From now on, don't believe everything you see in this blog. If I look cute than ever, then that must be photoshop HAHAHA.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

sacrifice my darling

Since the first day I drove my own car, this is the first time I want to complain about it. HAHAHA. I shouldn't buy this type of car. It has been rainy days for several days already. Too bad government sent me here where the road is bad. And become worst if its rain. The gravel road full of mud and my car can't get through it.

Next week will be my busiest week this month. My friends asked me to take them to the airport then I have to attend story telling contest for my students but how to get out of here if the rain never stops?

I'm sorry my car darling you have to sacrifice together with me. You all do pray for me I can transfer to my hometown as soon as possible for the sake of my car happiness HAHAHA.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

cruel me

I may look like cruel girlfriend when i'm being mad just because my boyfriend can't keep his promise to come and see me because he is sick. But he felt sick few days before he promised to come then why didn't he make an effort to go to clinic? I'm sure if he goes to clinic since the first day then he will not suffering migraine until now. All I can say is just SERVE U RIGHT!

Now I realised I can't stand long distance relationship T___T. Since I have to be here for working purpose, so what can I do? I can only hope he treats me better.

half senior blogger acts newbie

Hi there! HAHA wth what is half senior blogger i mentioned up there?! Yeah right I am 2 years old blogger but now act like I'm a newborn blogger. Start this new blog with new aim in life. HAHA no la what is new aim in life when my life has no improvement? Waste my life fml T___T. I just wanted to start writing in a new blog. My old blog is just boring. If I happen to be celebrity blogger two years ago then I won't say my old blog is boring HAHAHA.

If you are one of my old blog readers then congratulations to you. Mind you, there is no prize for finding me here HAHAHA.

Before you complain me a silly blogger who talk rubbish in English, move your eyes to the left and read my confession there. I learnt english since 2 years old (i made this up) when my mum taught me what to answer if people ask me, "What is your name?" but my english has never been better until now. I'm still suck on it but never questioned it HAHAHA.

This blog is the simplest blog I ever had (at least till this post). No shoutmix. No friends' links. No followers. No nuffnang. No no no no and no. I will add them up when necessary. At least when there is somebody who read this blog other than me HAHAHA.

Enough for now. Bye!