Sunday, November 3, 2013

wedding part 1 ; akad nikah

Long awaited post huh? HAHAHA. Four months passed and here comes the post. You can kill me if you want, for my lack of effort to come out earlier. In your imagination of course HAHA. I'll make this story shorter than it should be. You remember how your teacher asked you to just include important points in your essay? Yes, that's how this post will be.

Our akad nikah was on 29th May 2013. Most people will tie the knot on Friday, and of course at their house. It was different case for us. For some reasons, we chose just to do the ceremony at Muis office, KK. I just found out they actually prepared a special room for that kind of ceremony. With mini pelamin and flowers hehe. Easier for both families to come. And because of that, we had to choose working day because we don't pay overtime allowance for the officers to ask them to work on off day HAHAHA. I knew some of my relatives and close friends cannot attend it because they were still working on that day. But I am okay with it. Akad nikah for me is something special for just the family. As long as it goes well, then that's it.

Since the ceremony will be at nikah room in the office, I decided to wear something simple with some points here and there. My baju kurung was from Ratu, designed by Ezuwan Ismail for FashionValet. And my scarf was from Tudung People. It was hard for me to find matching scarf at first. I even went to KL to find a nice one (or I was just finding an excuse to go there hehe). I can't find any, then online shopping saved my life. A day before the real day, I spent hours in front of the mirror trying out which way the scarf will looks good wtf. Thank god that I don't have hijab-bad-day that day. And to make sure my scarf was good until the ceremony ended, I sat straight (and nap too) in the car all the way to KK HAHAHA.

The akad nikah went very smooth. Alhamdulillah. And also, my scarf been good all the time hehe.

(insert emotional song here) 
It was a little bit awkward moment for both of us. We've been together for so long. Looking at each other eyes is not a problem anymore. On that day, everything seemed different. For me, at least. I couldn't look at him straight on the eyes before the akad nikah started. I couldn't smile at him even once. I was very nervous to see him. Not that I was afraid he will run away and refuse to marry me HAHA, but all I can say, it was all different feels for me. 

Only after the lafaz was done (once only and I felt like patting his back saying Good Job HAHAHA), I can looked at him and smiled. But another thing came, I couldn't look at my mum, afraid that I might cry hehe. A good tears of course. To hide all those strange feelings, I smiled and laughed for everything like stupidos there. I really meant EVERYTHING! HAHAHA.

It didn't take too long to settle down everything. Not even an hour I guess. It was very very smooth, I thanked Allah for making it soooo easy for us.  

I whatsapp-ed my best friends this pic with a caption "off the market in sekali lafaz" to annoy them HAHAHA. Actually, no. They are all happy for me, I knew it. But they couldn't come since it was working day. There was my eheemm may I now pronounce it officially, my husband, back there had a phone call with I-don't-know-who. And me, at another table, sat with this best friend (pic below) gossiping HAHAHA.

Not really gossiping or what, we were busy replying our bff-who-couldn't-attend whatsapp messages hehe.

That was part 1 :)