Wednesday, December 28, 2011

#random thoughts

I'm going back to Miri (again T_T) tomorrow. School starts next week. I'm not very happy about that 'going back' -.- There's nothing I can do except going back, because that's the only source I'm able to afford my lifestyle wtf. This time it's gonna be challenging for me. I decided not to live in plantation anymore. So I'm gonna rent a house. To rent a house means I need to challenge myself wake up at 5 am, get ready, drive to school about an hour pfffttt. I'm not hundred percent sure if I can do this but I will give it a try *determine.

It's gonna be tough at first because I have to spend a lot on gas and waste more energy waking up early morning but every happiness needs sacrifice right? I want to try live alone and independently. Since I'm the one who want this badly, so I should do all the sacrifices.

I can choose to stay in my last couple years comfortable zone, wake up at 7, walk to school only 5 minutes, free foods often supplied by neighbours, etc, but I don't think I get all the freedom I want. I think I'm meant to live in urban area HAHAHAHA wtf very vain.

So, to make me more vain, here I provide you girls (and guys) my selca pictures I took few weeks ago.

I really love this curl styles now. Simple and easy. I have confidence on my bare face but not on my original hair. My original is real messy and super damage. I can say I can't live without hair straightener and hair curler wtf.

I think I have moustache here HAHAHA.

No PS at all (except brightness). Excuse my weird face shape T____T

I'm wearing Dolly Wink lashes no.2 and bottom lashes Dolly Wink no.8

This picture my bf despise the most HAHAHAHA. He said I look weird in that pose and asked me not to do that anymore HAHAHA. He was actually forcing me not to upload this picture *stubborn.


I have this parcel I want to blog but I don't know when, since I don't have proper internet at Miri,

but I'll give a hint :p


My Jeremy Scott pink Bear shoes <3 <3 <3
Love it to the max!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Princess Mimi review (proper one)

I made a review about this here but that can't count as proper review because I only use my blythes as model wtf. So actually everytime I wear them to work, I snapped pictures of them for proper review purpose. But then all of them spoiled by my oily face. I don't work in air-conditioned room so yeah, oily face is my everyday look wtf.

*excuse my weird lower lashes*

1) Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown

2) Princess Mimi Apple Green

3) Princess Mimi Sesame Grey

Overall I think they were meant for full make up face. I tried wear them with bare face and I admit that gave me weird look. If you want a natural look, these lenses are the best. The design is suitable for natural look. And they are best for photoshoot.

Usually I can wear lens about 9 hours without help from Rohto-C but I can only wear this series about 5 hours. After that it'll dry and cause blur vision. How to drive a car when you have blur vision? Pffttt. I don't know others but that happened to me. So I avoid wearing them if I have to go outside for more than 5 hours at least. Or else, I'll bring the case because I'm sure I'll have to remove them not long after.

About enlargement effect, I think they doesn't give me enlargement effect that I really want. They can only give me natural effect and super nice color effect. If you want to look nice, when using them, try put Tsubasa's make up style then they can flatter your look.

So, do you think they suit me?

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Colorful Hair

This year has been a year where I abuse my hair often. Changed color more than 4 times I think pfftt. But I did treatments okay. So I guess my relationship with my own hair is still good wtf. I first colored my hair right after I'm done with my school at 18. Was afraid that my mum will be crazy because I color it so I used dark brown color and only colored my bang wtf. Fuh what a memories.

I found these pictures (thanx to Google and tumblr) really attractive and gorgeous of course! Who doesn't like colorful thing? Okay if you don't then you are super lame HAHA I'm kidding. Some people might like one color only for the rest of their life. Me is not. Since kindergarten, 30% of my mum's salary had been wasted for buying color pencils and crayons for me HAHAHA.

I think this is really Juicy Couture color. Brown is one of pink bestfriends in my opinion. They match well. By looking at this, I'm sure she's wearing a wig. Not her real hair. *rush to taobao to find this pink brown wig*

Two tones color like this really attractive right? Then style your hair fabulously I'm sure you'll get compliments all the day.

Green is also pink bestfriends. And this one is real. Its her real hair. Gahhh I wish I'm brave like that. I also want colorful hair! But can't. Or else I'll be fired from my current job wtf. Sorry I can't track back the photo source T________T

For now I want a hair color like pic above but I don't know the real color code. I used to just show picture to stylist and they do their work. Usually it didn't turn out well T__T

Recently I went to salon and actually wanted to color my roots. But the stylist said it would be hard because I got highlight. I asked for them just color it use base color also they said the color would be different and not nice pfftt. I want to save money but they keep wanting my money wtf. At last I said, "okay lah I change color lah much easy." I asked her I've read about ash color and what the exact color is ash color. She then pointed to this grey with a lil bit of green tone. And I decided to give it a try. So that's my current hair color.

Actually it's real nice under the sun. I kept saying I don't want a real dark color and she insisted that the dark would be temporary only. After wash about three times it'll become light and lighter again. And she is right!! My hair now become lighter after a few washes.

But still, I miss my light brown with blonde highlight hair T___T If only I'm not a government slave..........................................................................

p/s Ever since I use iPhone, I store all my chio pictures in it because it got all the awesome apps that will turn you chio, even if you are not wtf. And with iPhone 4s, Nobody Is #foreveralone anymore!!! Click this to get iPhone 4s at affordable price!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Journey to Serikin, Kuching.

Before heading back to my hometown in Sabah, I took my big family to Kuching, Sarawak. Our first plan was convoy use 2 cars. Then my bf can't make it because of work so we just used a car. My reason was it's easier if we get lost while finding the right direction. Actually the real reason was I'm too lazy to drive HAHAHA. It's 12 hours drive okay!

My colleagues keep telling me how wonderful Serikin is. They said Serikin is a heaven for shopaholic. My previous visit to Kuching, I wasn't able to go to Serikin. So I told my family let's go to Serikin before school break and buy all cheap stuff there. Plus, it's been a long time we didn't go travel. By the time they said yes, I knew I'll be their ATM machine wtf.

We started our journey a bit late around 10 am. I was being considerate not to wake them up early morning like 5 am because they must be tired sat in the car all day from KK to Miri a day before. On the first day, we were doing good.

Oh before that. I apologise for giving you all my bare face and messy hair T________T

Took a rest for a while. There is a temple on the way to Sibu. It looks very interesting that we couldn't resist not to take pictures HAHA.

I said I'll upload this picture in facebook and write the caption as "Sweet memories in Shanghai" just to get the oversea mood wtf.

What's there in your tummy?

Wukong, our eyes are not in the same direction wtf. What are you looking down there while I'm looking up in the sky?

I was born in tiger year (chinese calendar)

That's my cousin, Alisa Annisa. People keep saying that she really look like me when I was a lil girl. So you know now, how your face will turn out when you reach 25 years old? You better take deep care of it from now on wtf.

We couldn't reach Kuching in a day (everybody was exhausted) so we decided to stay a night at Sri Aman. We stayed at Hoover Hotel. It looks like unglam hotel but actually the price is quite high. But it's worth the money if you are travelling with lots adults because the room is really really spacious.

The next day we left hotel early like 7 am and went straight to Serikin. It's easy to find the route. From Serian just follow the signboard to Kuching and find the route to Batu Kawa - Bau - Serikin. Buy the Kuching maps. It'll helps a lot. We never lost even once although we totally depend on the maps.

Reached Serikin at 2 pm and it was gloomy that day. But it was still hot pfftt. Now imagine if you are going at 12 pm wtf.

Serikin supposed to be a crowded place because local and tourists love going there to get cheap stuff from Indonesia. When we were there, it was not crowded at all. Maybe because we went there at 19th Nov, not payday yet wtf.

The dark side was it's hard to get super cheap price. The more people come, much cheaper you'll get. Less people come, less discount you'll get wtf. I thought when they say real cheap, the stuff will be cheap as RM10 but no. So that's a bit disappointing.

Ready made curtain.

Home decorations.

I think this is cow skin.

Wall decorations.

Cheap glamorous kebaya. Okay this one I can say cheap, if only you are brilliant in arguing the price with sellers wtf. Local boutiques will sell this hundred ringgit. You can get them here cheaper than that. I bought one too XD

If you are thinking what are all these, they are actually clay HAHAHA. Seems delicious right? They are samples for what this man is selling.

Yes, because this man is actually runs his business selling a tool to make fancy biscuits. He is original Indonesian based on the way he talks. Or if he Malaysian, he must be watched too much Indonesia sinetron that he can speak well wtf.

And our second day ended just like that HAHAHA only Serikin but we were really exhausted already. We don't bother to visit museums and all since our mission was just Serikin wtf. Before we went home on our third day, I brought them sightseeing along Waterfront Kuching.

Nice sign. Avoid alcohol and drug. Don't waste your youth.

A must take picture to show people "Hey we reached Kuching already" wtf. My mum, brother, aunts, cousins, all in one picture.

Hobbycon 2011

I was fighting with myself just now because I couldn't decide which one to blog first wtf. Then I looked at my outfits in every pictures (that I want to upload), seems like I wore the same top in all pictures HAHAHA. So please, bear with it. It's not like I don't have other tops but there's always one top I love max that I couldn't resist not to wear pfftt.

So, last week Hobbycon was held at Suria Kota Kinabalu. Instead of just lazy-ing at home, I decided to go. Just because I was too lazy to drive, so I dragged my brother HAHA. And dragged my bff too ^^

My brother took this pic. I was actually showing off my gorgeous fashion ring. Bought at shibudoru109.

And Hello Kitty spec too. Cute right?

My bff had to go to driving class first so we reached Suria a bit late. We were lucky because the moment we arrived, the cosplay competition just started. And we were actually really really hungry but I forced them to suffer from hunger first just because I don't want to miss the cosplay event HAHAHA.

I'm not really an anime fan, so don't ask me what character they were cosplay-ing HAHA.

My bff and me like this girl the most! I don't know she cosplay-ing for the competition or not but she's very attractive. She's like very very tall and thin. I'm jealous of her tiny waist. And she can do the wink perfectly too!! I can't T________T

These two girls are really cute. Feel like I know the girl in green wig but can't recall where did I met her before. Or maybe, dejavu wtf.

She's so awesome that she can pull her character perfectly all the time. We kept saying why is she didn't smile at all but maybe that's her character. Fierce look.

Is this one of anime? I don't know.

Is this CatWoman?

I had to edit all pictures because my brother is very untalented person he can't take pictures perfectly wtf.

See? He suppose to take pictures like from head to toe then we can see the whole costume. But he took from knee to ceiling wtf. And that man at the back, he appeared in the pictures with the same pose HAHAHA.

This is MaguChan. She's so cute and my bff admit it too. I disturbed her doing her shibudoru109 business just to take picture with her HAHA. She greeted me with smiles and asked me to wait a bit because she had customers on that time. I was actually shy to ask for a picture XD I was surprise to see we are in a same height. I thought she's taller than me based on her pictures in her blog. And that's my hungry smile wtf. Do you notice we both wore WC? Hehehe.

And this nail expert is Nekochan. I was surprise to see her there. What a small world. Nekochan, my friend adores your fashion styles! XD

Okay this one taken after we had our lunch. That explains why my smile improved to a better smile wtf. I love her pink wig! Should I get one?

I don't take many pictures because my friend and I went shopping after took a few pictures. She said that's enough already to put in blog. No need to take pictures for every characters wtf.

Me still showing off my gorgeous ring wtf.

Yes, I wish people to be generous to each other. That brings us peace no war.

Dear lottery, please let my mum win so I can have fun in taobao. No lar. My mum does not buy lottery. How to win when she's not buying wtf?

Can't decide what post will come after this. Review post or travel post? Hmmmm...