Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Majolica Majorca Puff De Cheek

I'm not sure should I call this a review or not. Because I don't have any single picture of me putting these stuff on my cheeks. Nevermind. We will try to make this entry as a review using our imagination HAHAHA.

I admit that I was attracted to these cuties because of the packaging. They are really cute that I can't resist from buying.

Left : Majolica Majorca Puff De Cheek Apricot Macaron
Right : Majolica Majorca Puff De Cheek Peach Macaron

Even the puff is super cute! With ribbon as handle.

I usually don't use the puff. I prefer using brush which I think way better to blend the color.

Since I bought them just because of the cute packaging, so I have to say I use them rarely. I prefer using Candy Doll. All I can say is its color last pretty much all day long. And to blend them perfectly needs super skills. I've tried using the puff once and thought I overdid it. Or maybe it just because of my lack of skills fml.

I think Apricot Macaron suits if you want to dress up a little bit mature whereas Peach Macaron is better for cuteness. That's the way I use them.

Even though I'm not so much into it, but it never a waste having them in my makeup bag :D

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Olympus Pen E-P1

So yeah. One of my wishlist has been granted by myself wtf (tick the box). No actually I always wanted a pink compact camera and always aimed at Sony pink compact camera which is I think convenient for me and its pink is cute. A giant size camera won't work for me because the bags I carry all the time are medium size (sometimes can only fit my purse and handphone) and I hate to bring 10kg bag pfftt.

But then I have this thought that a camwhore should buy higher quality pictures provide by not-really-compact-and-not-really-SLR camera HAHAHA get what I mean? So at last I decided to buy this. It is Olympus Pen E-P1 in white.
Okay I know P1 is like old model. The latest one is P3. But who cares? As long as it take good pictures and affordable (obviously because I was in strict budget HAHAHA).

Bought white because black is boring and silver is common. Plus, I want to bling it like picture above! Much easier and prettier if it is white.

Even though P1 is old model but still it takes good pictures. Plus, I am not talented people who take super awesome pictures. So P1 is enough for me.

Soft focus art. No photoshop at all. Man, I'm loving it!

Pin hole art. You can count my blemishes wtf.

Pop art effect. Adjusted the brightness.

Thank you for the one who invented this


I love laces!

It can even take picture of this tiny creature beautifully!

I hope those are real.

HAHAHA don't even bother to take pictures of food because I was really hungry at that time.

See? Didn't I told you the pictures are awesome? I have no regret buying it.

I have love-hate relationship with its size because obviously it won't fit most of my handbags. So after this I need to buy bigger size bags so I can bring my Olympus too (besides purse and handphone wtf).

Dear blog, never worry. You can have all awesome pictures after this wtf.

p/s My laptop is back!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Dear laptop

My laptop can't function well now. Actually I think the problem is on its fan. Because shop helped me format it and changed to Windows 7 but it still stay with its disease wtf. Use it for like 15 minutes then it'll automatically blank. It is not shutting down properly but just blank like no power source pfftt. Guess there is a vaio ghost live in there and playing with me wtf.

So I'll try send it to Sony Service Centre later and try to change the fan if that's the problem. I wish I'm still a student so I can call my mum tell her my laptop broken and try begging for a new one T_T

What makes me sad is I can't blog properly!! I have a few entries to update T_T
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