Thursday, December 27, 2012

Family trip to Kundasang, Ranau.

So I've been abandoning my blog again huh? Yea, I am. I'm enjoying my own sweet time at home, wasting every moment with deep sleep before I'm going back to my crazy working life. I went out shopping also, which I claim as my own self reward. But I guess that is not really accurate because I shop all the time HAHA.

And I also went out of the house tagging my big families for a short trip to Kundasang and Ranau. My aunt actually planned this. She wanted to bring her kids for a short trip. And as usual, all of us automatically joined the trip HAHA and I was the driver of course. My other half drove my car back to his home because I was away to Sibu, he was so annoying he didn't want to use taxi, he said he had too many stuff this time *sigh*. So for this trip, I drove my aunt's MPV, considering my 7 passengers wtf.

Kinabalu Park. Actually we didn't go inside. We arrived late due to some reasons and of course because my driving skill is really poor wtf. I stopped by and told the kids to take pictures as proof that we were here HAHAHA.

My other half is originally from Ranau (his home to Kundasang only takes 20 minutes I guess), so I asked him to book rooms first. He booked deluxe room at Pine Resort Kundasang. For my standard, it's worth the money. It's clean and comfortable. The surrounding is very pretty too. But I would choose to eat outside for breakfast. Not really a problem actually, it was just because the choices are limited.

It was heavy rain the night before, so the next morning was realllllyyyy cold. I don't really expect this weather because last time I came, it doesn't really cold and I brought thin clothes!!! Serve me right. It was too cold that I woke up at 4.30 am and can't sleep *sigh*. However, it was breathtaking seeing Kinabalu Mount in the morning. See my cousins? HAHAHA all wrapped like durian crepe. At 6.30 am I was, 'wake up! You guys said want to see Kinabalu Mount right? There!' And my other half was like, 'sigh this girl, what's so special about it?' HAHAHAHA okay lah you see it for the whole of your life but please be understanding for us.

Waiting for checkout.
Kundasang's weather makes me feel like I'm extra pretty HAHAHA

Since it was really a short trip, we don't bother to bring the kids to Poring Hotspring. The chances of kids don't want to go back after having fun is sky high. We chose not to take the risk HAHAHA. Then we head to a known natural fish spa, Luanti.

My second time to Luanti and I'm still afraid of the fishes HAHAHA. They're so big I feel like they can bite my feet until my knees wtf.

Look at my annoying face wtf. Mum was so busy trying to catch fishes for no reason.

The tour guide, my other half. He was like, 'come here. Those big ones are useless. They only cuddle your feet. These small ones actually give you real spa.' And I was, 'what? They bite? NOOOOO!!' HAHAHA

Fishes all gone from our side because people next to us bring food for them wtf.

Ungrateful fishes after ate all food from us then you guys ran away. 

Then we head to Desa Cattle Farm at Mesilau, Kundasang. I heard so many stories from my friends. They all said the place is soooo beautiful. But they forgot to tell me how risky the steep hills. I was so thankful that I asked my other half to drive. I would cause unpleasant memories if I am the driver. One friendly reminder from me if you wish to go there, make sure your brake functioning excellently especially if you drive automatic car.

So yeah, I took nice pic of you. Now, your turn to take mine.

You think this nice huh??

Next attempt. He said I'm too short to snap the peak view wtf

 On me ; Top and pant : Roxy
Sandal : local store

And our only pic together taken by my aunt. I'm soooo makcik-makcik right? HAHAHAHA. He said I look like I'm losing weight but why do I feel like I'm gaining weight? I'm trusting my own instinct because I know what I eat.

I love trip like this. Trip of lots people and lots sweet memories.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

leaving footprints

Since kid, I always dream of studying abroad because it sounds so cool. That dream never came true because I was not a very bright student back in school days. So yeah, study in the country still gives me good life. However, overseas still sounds cool HAHA. Unsure how it all started, travel becomes one of my mission in life. Airlines websites are among my favorite websites wtf.

I do love traveling. Before I start earning my own, I took part in college activities because I wanted to get a chance of getting free airline tickets. You know how it works right? Be active, be winner, then college will send you to compete with contestants from other states. Usually it will be held in West Malaysia. So, we from east will go there. That's how I managed to get free tickets HAHAHA. Its 2 in 1. Competition and jalan-jalan hehe.

Then when I came into real life, earning from my own sweats, my wish getting bigger from domestic to international. This year, I settled down with Bangkok and Bandung. My other half and I keep telling each other how we want to visit Bangkok again because we had not enough. The people is so nice, the food is very delicious, tourist friendly, not to mention shopping heaven. Even though flying to other countries sometimes makes me worry because of language differences (my english is not very good and not very fluent also), but I think so far nothing too hard to handle.

For the time being, I have few places to dream of. Let's see.


One of my favorite. I always tell the universe that I must come here before my last breath wtf. Malaysian needs visa to visit Japan and they say to apply it requires at least RM10k in saving account *gulp* That's a lot of RM!

Can you see how beautiful sakura is? Everything is in pink.

Of course the top reason why I want to visit Japan is I want to spend all my money there! Gosh I really love Japan stuff. I read that Japan has many tourist attractions such as historical buildings but I'm not so into buildings, so I guess shopping suits me best HAHA.


Before this I really really want to visit South Korea. I think it is because I watch tons of Korean dramas or movies. Then, when I read others' experience, I'm not sure anymore why I want to go there. As I mentioned earlier, I prefer going somewhere I can shop till drop HAHA. They say it's a perfect vacation if you want to visit historical buildings or drama set. Yes, I can still shopping there but Japan worth it more. Or maybe I want to go Korea just because I want to ask the universe to let me meet these people;

The hilarious Running Man.

The angels SNSD

Big Bang

I sound like 15 year old girl when I mentioned those Kpop Idols, didn't I? So what? I'm a teenage in the heart HAHAHAHA


Honestly, this never came into my mind until today HAHAHA. I was reading people travel experiences on the net, suddenly I found a thread of Maldives. Maigoodness I don't know Maldives look soooooo beautiful like this. Frankly I do know Maldives as one of beautiful islands, but I don't really care to google more about it until today.

Can you say no? I'm not a beach person. I always avoid the sun. I get sunburn easily. I don't know how to swim. I don't wear swimsuit. I am afraid of sea creatures. But this one is exceptional. 

And actually, I still have an option of not going to Maldives to save cost. I can still go to Sipadan Island or Kapalai Island (pic above). But, you know right, I said something about overseas earlier hehehe. Well, to be truth, I think my other half will forever disagree (unless we win free tickets and accommodation from lucky draw wtf) on this beach idea. He works offshore so he gets boring already. He said whenever he see seas he wants to vomit HAHAHA. But I doubt that because his favorite food is still seafood wtf.

So universe, please let me know which place should I go this coming 2013. Besides, please pour me with lots of RM too. Or if you are double generous, make it in USD. I would be forever thankful for that.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

EMODA haul

People say Japan goods are really good. The best Japan stuff I can get around my place is from Daiso or 100yen. The dark side is they don't sell apparels wtf. But the small items I can find there all are good! I mean the cuteness and the use of the item worth the price. In fact, I can find same item like what I can find in Daiso at other places BUT nothing can beat the cuteness Daiso carries. Being a girl, cuteness is important wtf. Say like others will buy sponge at market for RM4.50 but I will spend RM5 for a sponge in Daiso because it is in Hello Kitty head shape HAHAHA that's how I live my life. 

So, EMODA which is one of Japan brand apparently increase its popularity in a blink of eye. They don't need ten years to grow. From my opinion, their focus is simplicity but something that is easy to mix and match. If you read Cheeserland and Fourfeetnine, you can see how EMODA apparels instantly caught your eyes even though it is just a pair of socks. Me too. I noticed myself keep clicking on EMODA Global website and placed orders HAHAHA. Here are my purchases.

Bulky Insole Shoes in Blue

Even the box caught my eyes. I can't take my eyes out of it. It is so chic with the combination of black and white. It's weird that Japan didn't use numbers like US which is most commonly used. They use S, M and L size. So I gambled my life on choosing size. Luckily, S fits me.

I wanted pink but it sold out. This blue is awesome too. Recently, I bought pairs of high heels but it is a bit hard to wear heels for shopping purpose. My shopping slot is never 15 minutes. It will takes hours of walk. In a same time, I want height! Platform is the best choice. I foresee myself wearing these gorgeous here and there.

Camera Case

Before I place orders, I was pretty sure this case won't fit my camera. It is more to a compact camera case. But I was thinking of make this as my phone case. When it arrived, I'm right. My camera can't fit. But it's okay because iPhone 4 can fit. So, mission accomplished wtf. It is made of synthetic leather. I swear I don't know what is synthetic leather but that's what they say HAHAHA. I love how simple it is but it still gives impact to your daily fashion. Sometimes, I am lazy to bring my handbag to run errands. So, I had to hold phone and purse like that. Guess this will definitely solve my problem. It can handles my phone and enough money for a simple errand.

I admit they ain't cheap but for me they worth it because of the quality. But in Japan, it is their standard price. If you say you can buy this for RM 20, for me that's your choice. I also can get that price if I buy in taobao but not this quality. It's all in your hand.

I am happy with my purchase. EMODA handles my orders very good. But I suggest for them to improve their website. I mean update the shipping status. For my orders, the shipping status never changed even after I received my parcel HAHAHA. I went to their fb page and asked why my orders were still unshipped even after 5 days. The next day, Poslaju van came and honked. I spotted instantly a chic box next to the driver and I knew it was mine. The poslaju man must be very confused why is this girl smiles very very very wide. Am I too handsome for life or what HAHAHA.

So yeah, I can see myself as return buyer for EMODA :)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

quality x quantity

It is a fact that I have too much clothes. My family and friends acknowledge that I am a serious shopper. I used to spend my money on buy 3 free 1, or buy 2 free 1, or buy 1 free 1, or buy 2 for a price of 1, or whatever-you-know-how-it-works. So my wardrobe is never empty. But frankly, out of 3, there is only one of them that I really want. The other two are just to fill the quota. And usually, the material is not good. One throw into a washing machine will destroy it. If it doesn't fit to my body perfectly, I don't want to wear it again. But to throw it into dustbin, I will be investigated by my mom why I waste it like that. To avoid all that, I just put it inside the wardrobe but never wear again *sigh* That's how my wardrobe exploding. 

Now I am reducing them. Since I'm now living alone, I can throw my imperfect shirts whenever I want HAHAHA no one will nag and no one will pick it up again from the dustbin. I prefer to hang all my shirts instead of fold them because I can have all the so-called-walk-in-wardrobe by myself. I notice that almost half of shirts I own, I don't wear often. Some of them I only wore once! For instance, I don't like to wear a shirt with school logo (you know when everyone agree to have same shirt with same logo and same color duh!). So when I have to, I only wear once. 

One of the reason why I buy too many is because I tell myself that I have to buy so I can match it with a pant I bought recently. I am always lazy to try first my purchase (my bad I know) because I always feel like I can fit into anything since my body is not that weird HAHAHA, so I just proceed to the cashier. Little did I know when I come home and try to match it using the imagination I had earlier, it comes out wrong wtf. So there it goes the top will rest in peace in wardrobe fml.

Same goes to bags or shoes issue. I have to buy to match with this and that. In the end nothing is right.

So, I'm going to reducing them be selling or give them out to my family or unfortunate students and only put quality ones into my wardrobe. I'll teach myself patience. No more being crazy when seeing all that SALE signs. Keep calm and buy quality instead of quantity.

Friday, November 16, 2012

effortless chic

I don't remember very well when it started but I notice that I no longer use 16mm diameter contact lens, no longer line my eyes 5m and wing it doll like (still do but more natural), no longer wear princessy dress, no longer loving barbie striking pink (well actually I've never love striking pink HAHA). I also notice that my style also changed. I can't say much because things will usually change from time to time.

My favorite blogs were #1 Cheeserland, #2 AudreyFourFeetNine, #3Xiaxue. Now they all rank down. My most favorite blog now is VivyProudduck. I've never missed read her new blogpost. She's so entertaining. And her outfits are very inspiring. Her pretty face helps too :) And her expensive bags (I-am-jealous!). I tried to find out what is her fashion called, then yesterday I think the word 'effortless chic' is suitable. She didn't put too many layers on her but still she looks very great. She just dress neatly and put some accessories, then tadaaa~ she's ready to go. Because of her, my top shopping website now is FashionValet HAHA that also tell you guys that I made few purchases already *sigh* I promise you can't take your eyes easily from that dangerous web!

Knowing that she's also petite (standard size of Malaysian I think), guess the way she dress herself can also suit me.
Sailor top : Roger Yong 
Pants : local store

My first try on palazzo pants. I used to think that palazzo thing not suitable for me because I'm short but Vivy rock it very well. Little did I know that it is very comfortable! Obviously, Chic Yamada's palazzo pants seems like the best, but this cheap material lycra palazzo I bought from local store also nice. And tuck in? Helloooo? What style is that? Very skema lah you know! Yea, I used to think that way but why it looks nice when I try??? *confuse*. My other half yet to see this style. I'm pretty sure his comment will be like 'ugh! Buruk.' He doesn't have fashion sense, please be informed HAHAHA.

Flower top : Bandung
Pants : Padini
Headband : local store

Tuck again? HAHA see how easy I can be influenced? That headband, didn't it reminds you to Salvatore Ferragamo bow style? Actually I'm so over headband thing already but it can't be helped I still use it sometimes. Sereni & Shentel headbands are the best! Very gorgeous. But their prices are expensive for my accessories standard. Maybe one of you would like to give it to me as present? Please give me your email, I'll give my address HAHAHAHA.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

End year school break has come

First, I'm presenting you guys my most popular selca at the moment. I uploaded this in instagram then my friends commented I look like shampoo model here. Thank you to the fan. Due to the likes on instagram, I uploaded again in facebook. and managed to get 15 likes HAHAHA that's a good news to me. Before this, just to get 1 like, I had to call genie in a bottle to grant my wish wtf. My aunt some more commented I look like Fauziah Latif, famous Malaysia pop singer 10 years ago LOLOL.

 You all just want to make me happy right? fml

mustard dress and necklace from Bandung
watch from W♥C
shoes from Kiss & Tell

I took a leave that day because I think I deserve it. Worked hard for the week arrange this and that, key in marks, etc etc etc. So I put effort on doll up myself and go out. I love it how I can take all the time in the world putting make up on my face and choosing apparels and accessories. My usual days are usually rush everything because I need to be at school before the bell rings. Sometimes I would skip contact lens because I wake up late. Sometimes I wear tracksuit even though I know I won't teach PE that day because I am too lazy to iron baju kurung. I wear sandals to school because the environment is not right for me to wear heels. It sadden me that I'm super messy these days. So, when I have extra time I put effort to make myself pretty and neat again.

Was unhappy last week. I failed again in applying to transfer back to my hometown. This time I'm very sad. Guess I put too much hopes this time. I think it's time already for me to come back to my family. I've been away from my family since secondary school. I went to boarding school, then further my study to college that also far from home, and now working very very very far too. So I spent very little times with family. Some people just don't understand. They say it's okay to stay far from family as long as payday comes every month without fail. I bet they simply say like that because they stay with their family. They don't know the down side. But it's okay. I will try again next April :)

Me that didn't look like me HAHAHA.

Till then, bubbye!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

long weekend

Yeay it's gonna be a looong weekend this time. Yeay again! It's Hari Raya Aidiladha this week, so I can lay flat on my bed for four days wtf. After all rush hours at school, from sports to exam to marking papers to key in marks to meetings etc etc etc, I deserve this long weekend! Shit I guess I forced myself too much recently that I almost die last night wtf. I suddenly felt like puking and my body wasn't work very well. Looking at myself last night, I looked so pitiful with tired eyes and messy hair, I felt like crying thinking why am I like this. Before the tears come down, I put myself to sleep and not expecting any dreams. I just want a rest. A very nice rest. I left all my works on the desk. This morning, I woke up earlier than usual and get them all done then went to school without any makeup. I prepared myself to be laugh stock because me without makeup is super unglam HAHAHA.

Nevermind. This week I'm gonna regain my power. Everything will be fine again. The Secret's twitter once said plan tomorrow as what you want it to be, everything will slowly goes as what you've planned. Okay, so I'll plan my weekend. I will eat good food, laugh with Running Man, have good sleep, talk to awesome people, and online shopping HAHAHA. Obviously online shopping can makes me happy so that's what I'm gonna do.

*no pictures because I'm too lazy to transfer them*

Monday, October 15, 2012

hantaran. once or twice.

Some people say 26 is already old for a girl so must get married very quick. Or else it would affect the womb or whatever blablabla. But why I hadn't give a deep thought about that? HAHAHA. Okay, maybe it is because I'm still enjoying my single life. My other half and I never talked (yet) about this living together thing very serious. I mean like discussing it as if we are in a parliament meeting or something wtf. But sometimes we do talk about it. And it ends very quick. It almost like a joke for us. Maybe, because everytime we try to discuss I feel like laughing HAHAHA.

So yesterday, that topic popped out again. You know how we have 'hantaran' before marriage right? It started because we are not sure when will people bring the 'hantaran'.

Me : "When will people actually bring the 'hantaran'? Is it on the engagement day or on 'akad nikah' day? Why some people give 'hantaran' twice?"

Him : "I am not sure too. I haven't experienced it myself yet." (yea wtf)

Me : "Ah whatever. But I want to insist that among all the 'hantaran', there must be a Balenciaga bag for me!"

Him : "Yes, of course. Why not? You just need to wait."

Me : "What?? Really?? Are you willing to spend almost 6K for the sake of my Balenciaga bag?? Tell me honestly."

Him : "HAHAHA NO."

Me : " ........................... "

That's how our conversation ended.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Handbags & Motorcycle

Back at school days, all I know is being teacher is so easy. Talk and marking papers. Shit me now I'm a teacher I torture myself with lots works! Not that I'm complaining because even if I do, nothing will change. Except I resign and eat grass for my whole life wtf. Do you know that talking in class can actually makes you tired like you just involved in world war? Yes. That is so true. I don't run on a treadmill at school but still when I reach home, all I see is just my bed because I'm too exhausted! I put all my stamina on my talking effort, especially to the slow learners. Well kids. They always play, play and play. And me as a teacher always in charge to remind them on how to behave by doing things like talk, talk and talk.

However we still have our own time. Where we suppose to do our teaching preparation. Because my school isn't a big school (my school have around 70 students only can you imagine how small my school is?), so all preparations won't take long. My colleagues and I have time to sit together talking about life while sipping 3in1 coffee wtf. Our staffroom has hot water dispenser and 3in1 coffee. We are so cool we are not ordinary we can make coffee in staffroom wtf. Besides talking about life, we also spending time together sharing iPad or Samsung tab and admiring branded handbags HAHAHA. We like to tease the boys especially the junior one.

"Buy these handbags for us please. Only RM 5000 each. Different color for each person ok? Thank you."
"I want this Chanel handbag. I need RM 7000 more. Lend me money please."

Of course they will buy for us. They love us. Really love us!

HAHAHA who am I kidding.

"With that amount, I better buy a motorcycle or invest on whatever that will make it double," said the boys.

*sigh* What do they know about fashion and life standard HAHAHAA

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What handbags are you?


Which one is your priority?

I think it is handbag for me. Because I can handle myself when I see attractive elegant beautiful apparels. I can persuade myself that it is okay. Nice clothes are everywhere. Shoes, I love them. Realistically, my shoes are usually stay alive nicely on the rack and rarely use, especially high heels. Because wearing high heels to school is something that can be considered insane. Why? Imagine yourself wearing them super gorgeous from home, only to arrive at school stepping on mud, chicken shit and all. So sayang my heels, so yeah, please rest in peace on the rack wtf.

Handbag? That can kill me in instant. My pocket always have holes so I can say I am always money-less HAHAHA. How I control myself from a jaw-dropping handbag? Obviously, I failed all the time wtf. First, I talk nicely to myself that I don't really need it. I have too many bags. Most of them left unwrap just because I can be satisfied by owning and not using HAHAHA wtf is that. So I don't need new bags. Just stick to the one I use everywhere I go until it dead. Then, I go home and sleep. When I am awake, the visual of bag still there. That is when I tell myself again I NEED THAT BAG! *start the car drive straight to the handbag location wtf*

I don't earn large amount every month. I still can't achieve the level where people wear Chanel just to buy fishes at wet market. Level is still locked. So, cheap ones but good quality is the best for me. Until today, the expensive bag I ever bought is Coach Poppy Swingpack for RM 200. It is just a small bag. Can't even put in my Roxy long purse. Haih small bag cost a lot because the brand. Why I bought it if it's expensive for my range? Because I was too curious what makes those branded bags super expensive!

Well well well. A girl is still a girl. Why men can spend a lot on modifying car? That's the same reason why girls are always dreaming for branded handbags. It is satisfaction (sorry if you are not this type of girl but I'm sure I am). Thank you my dear colleagues, you guys are my backbone to this madness. Thank you for being there next to me whenever we browse for the babies online *sarcasm*   

My dream bag right now is Balenciaga. One day, you are gonna be mine.
Followed by Miu Miu, Prada, Chanel, Kate Spade, CD, blablabla. 

Actually I don't really admire Coach. It didn't attracts me as much as Balenciaga does. But then, that's the only brand I can afford right now HAHAHAHA

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Your dream walk-in wardrobe

I believe it's every girls dream having our own walk-in wardrobe. A girl can never had enough apparels right? If only universe have special fund for us girls to renovate our house and turning one of the rooms into our own walk-in wardrobe HAHAHA. This is actually one of my point of renting a house and living alone. So that I can spare a room for my infinity amount of clothes that seems like never reduced but keep increasing wtf. I swear I bought too much clothes these days and I haven't wear them yet *sigh. And of course, my imaginary walk-in closet has to be in pink! A combination of white and pink to  be exact.

Something like this. But where are the clothes? It almost doesn't make sense for a girl to have so little amount of clothes wtf.

Blair Waldorf's personal wardrobe. Ohmyyyyy look at those heelsssss!!!

BEP Fergie's wardrobe.

Because I have too many clothes, so I guess this one is better to be my reference on how to organise all my stuff.

Realistically, my so-called-dream-walk-in-wardrobe is actually like this :-

Filtered with heavy noise to avoid you from vomit seeing how messy the room is HAHAHAHA.

This house has three rooms. One is my master bedroom which I strictly put few important things only, e.g : bed, side table, fan, full body mirror, because I want it to be comfortable to sleep. Comfortable enough to make me sleep until noon wtf. Second room is my working room, filled with electronic stuff. A room where I spend most of my life wtf. Online, writing, typing, printing, watching movies, daydreaming, etc etc etc. And the third room, a room I want to make it my walk-in wardrobe, in the end look like a warehouse HAHAHAHA. I have too many useless stuff which I still can't decide to keep or to throw away. I put everything in there. So, there goes my dream of having my own celebrity wardrobe *sigh*

This is the best I can do wtf

So, what is your dream walk-in wardrobe?

Friday, August 31, 2012

Hari Raya 2012

To be honest, my Hari Raya usually is too far from what you see on television ads where elders happily making ketupat and dodol, children run happily here and there. Every year, my hari raya starts by waking up early morning, wear new baju kurung, salam-salam all family member (no hari raya speech or whatever, salam just like that), straight to the kitchen find anything that can be eaten, preparing self going to grave, back home then watching tv. That's all. Hari raya is just like usual holiday for me *sigh* I don't know. I'm just like that.  
That's me on first day of hari raya without any makeup. Didn't bother to put any chemicals on face.

Me with my lil cousin, Afifah Antasha. The naughty one. She arrived kampung late that day and she knocked my door in the middle of the night (I was asleep already) just because she wanted her new clothes HAHAHA kids nowadays. Her mother said she insisted of going back kampung that night. Of course because she knew new dresses were waiting HAHA.

I'm the one who always in charge of hair styling in the family wtf. The kids will naturally find me when it comes to hair styling. Here's one of my artwork HAHA :-

My so called Bohemian Fairy Braid.
And this one is my so called Waterfall Fairytale Braid (taken at school).

I actually have nothing more to say about my hari raya. It was seriously nothing to share. What's there to share when I was staying at home all the time? By the time my hari raya break ended, I went back to Miri. Now, I'm continuing my boring life.

Taken today before going out paying bills, drive the car to car wash, breakfast, lunch, doing some light shopping, etc etc etc. 
Lost of words. I'm having period pain right now. So everything is like going to the wrong direction T_________T