Saturday, March 19, 2011

no title post

School break ends tomorrow T_____T wtf this should be said by students, not me cuz I'm a teacher I should say 'yes! Monday is coming. Can't wait to see my students and giving them all the knowledge in the world.' HAHAHA. Yes, you are reading this low motivation teacher's blog now.

I can't say I'm unhappy or happy with my job bcz if I say that, I'm giving you a negative perception on me. It all actually depends on my mood. When I'm happy then I'll say I'm happy teaching. When my mood disappear then of course I'll say I'm unhappy. That's all. No need to say 'Vujie, you better resign cuz you can't bring us better generation in the future. I'll report this to government.' HAHAHA guess my imagination is too high right now. No I'm not under drug.

I'm using my boyfriend's laptop right now so no pictures to show off. Plus, I just realize that I didn't put any make up on me for the whole week. I'm giving my face a break from any chemical wtf. No, actually pimples are all over my face during my menses. So I decided to let them free from chemical for a while. It's okay cuz my new hair extension can hide all the lacks on my face HAHAHA. Yes, I'm now having this super long hair and that makes my head heavy than ever wtf.

Since I joined soompi forum, I love to check on my nuffnang stat cuz my visitors now reach hundred. Thank you people!! I wish I can give you a sport car for each visitor HAHA. Even you didn't leave any comment, I'm still happy as long as you pay a visit for my blog. If not, I'm the only one who'll read my own blog wtf.

Gotta go now. Spending hours left before I reluctantly back to plantation which I slowly hate. Bye.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I have to admit I don't have any talent in finding perfect title for all my posts. Okay, this might be a short update only. But who knows if my talent in rambling shining brightly in this post wtf. Put in your mind, I'm a talking machine.

Can't remember exactly when we went for a picnic. It was my friend who really wanted to go for a picnic. She said she wanted to take a break from depression HAHAHAA. The more the merrier. That's why she invited us (my housemate and I) to join them. Them means her in law family.

Ok, to be honest I'm not really into that picnic by the way. I mean it is fun if you go picnic with people around your age then go lala and haha by your universal jokes (funny dirty nasty whatever joke types). Picnic with your friends' family who you not really close with?? Hurm. I think it was okay. Not saying that I'm not happy, but 'okay' rate only.

I pulled my hair to one side and curl it then my friend asked me, "Is that wig?" wtf she can't recognize my own hair when I tied it like that. Usually I tie it ponytail style and high. Look at my housemate's expression. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA why your face like that? We are on camera please smile HAHA.

Okay I think I overdo the liquify. My face looks weird. Told my friends, "See, even going picnic I can't switch off my make up obsession. I'm the one who wear make up now. I'm like just popped out from magazine." HAHAHAHA wtf very confident. Nevermind. My friends know my jokes.

I promised my friend yesterday I'll bring her to Secret Recipe today. So, brb!

Monday, March 14, 2011

please take my fat belly away

I'm being generous today for updating again my blog HAHA. This is because I'm at home and I'm having this super speed internet connection oh I think I'm in heaven!

If you are following my twitter you can see I always complaining my fat belly! Grrr I'm so angry why other girls can have 23, 24, 25 inches waist? You don't eat at all? Why all the food I eat seems like can't find their way to the right place? They just love to reunion on my belly wtf.

Usually my belly measurement is 27-28 inches. I'm not happy with that! I want 25! But last night I was wondering do all the celebrities have flat tummy? Why they'll look fabulous whenever they wear high waist pants or body hugging tops? Or do they photoshop their pics first?

So I googled 'celebrities with fat belly' omg I'm mean I'm sorry I just felt curious. I found this.

So Hee from Wonder Girls! Sorry I forgot the source. She has fats on her tummy. Mine is something like that T____T.

This picture with Tiffany from SNSD included. Yes, that's how my tummy looks when I wear jeans and S size tops T__T.

My friend once told me this, "Make your boobs bigger then it'll hide your fat belly." HAHAHAHA. Or maybe I have this weird short upper body so all the fats have no where to go other than my belly wtf. Yes, my upper body is short than normal T_T. Wth I just said that now I think I'm OKU.

I need advices on how to achieve super flat tummy!! Or else, I'll continue complaining in twitter wtf.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

thank you please come again

To my surprise, I checked nuffnang stat just now (obviously to check out how much I earn recently which I know if it happens to increase it'll be only 50 cents wtf) and found out this week I got many visitors.

Thailand, United States, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Hungary, Singapore, Croatia and if you notice there is 'unknown' also. Can anybody tell me where can I find Unknown Country in world map? I want to travel there wtf. Nuffnang, please improve your map and I promise I'll improve my grammar then I'll attract visitors come to my blog more often and click the ads wtf.

Thanks to all of you who came recently. Do come again (while standing in front of my blog's door wtf).
I'm now at home. Safely arrived from a very long journey from Miri to KK. Okay I have this idea on how to attract more travellers to my blog especially those who wants to experience road travel from Miri to Kota Kinabalu. I'm gonna draw a map for you! Easier for you to travel. So next time I can see in my nuffnang stats weekly keyword 'how to not lost in Brunei travelling from Miri to Kota Kinabalu' HAHAHA.

I'm no more stress. Home is heaven. Even now I can't differentiate living room, kitchen, wash room, dining room and bedroom. Mum, why do we have loads of stuff? We aware that we have small house, do we? Why that mini fridge placed in my bedroom? Why our internet router in front of brother's door? Why the washing machine placed near the grill? My house is a mess wtf.

Nevermind. As long as I'm happy here. Stress, you can only disturb me when I'm at the plantation, please be informed.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Unstable me

Your-boring-Vujie is here, again. Yeah, pimples and dark circle are here and there now. I blame the situation I've been through these days! Wtf Vujie like always you blame others where you are the one who actually ask for it T_T

I'm not really good now. My relationship was in chaotic. My work atmosphere is a mess. So do my mood. One will bring effects to others wtf. But I swear I'm getting better. My soulmate and I are getting better. Well it was actually me who being attention seeker. What? Is that wrong request for more attention from your other half?

Workplace is not really comfortable right now. Cuz a senior colleague acts like he's right all the time. Nobody could be right but him. The worst thing for me is he seems like aiming me! Wtf I didn't even touch you, why must aim me? I can't remember any of works he gave me I didn't do.

This is why I hate working with older people. Cuz I'm not the type of talking back if he/she is older than me. By older I mean 5, 6, 7, 8 and whatever years older. Why my mum taught me not to talk back to older people even when they do wrong? Mum, you ruined my moral LOL.

Usually (especially government slave), the older the lazier. Have you ever heard that? Doesn't mean we are younger then we must work hard where you the older works less but gets much more salary wtf. For instance, I have 33 teaching periods and he has 12 teaching periods but his salary is wayyyy bigger than me. Then, he insists I must obey all the sit in schedules he arranges. Like I don't have to do all the lesson plans wtf!!

Can we work together and not putting burden on one side only you dearest older people?

If you are still student, my advice is DON'T WORK where older people are here and there like mosquitoes! Freelance. That's better. Wtf.
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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What happen?

Why am I always meet rude person nowadays? What happen to current generation? Why can't speak politely? I don't know you, so why being rude?

This might sounds serious topic. Like I'm one of psychology speaker, politician or whatever wtf. No lar. This is actually only an expression of me.

At first, I was thinking, why Sarawakian is rude (bcz I experience this most of the time in Sarawak)? Then I think it's unfair to judge them like that, where the rude people might be minority only. Look back at the past, I met rude people everywhere. Sabah, KL, Johore, everywhere.

So, I blame this to the current generation wtf.

What happen to family institutions nowadays? Why can't teach your member to be polite as our older generation taught us? Well, at least tell them to smile widely and speak nicely. Be nice to people and be rude only to mean people wtf.

Tell me which country put politeness number one in life. I want to migrate.
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