Wednesday, October 24, 2012

long weekend

Yeay it's gonna be a looong weekend this time. Yeay again! It's Hari Raya Aidiladha this week, so I can lay flat on my bed for four days wtf. After all rush hours at school, from sports to exam to marking papers to key in marks to meetings etc etc etc, I deserve this long weekend! Shit I guess I forced myself too much recently that I almost die last night wtf. I suddenly felt like puking and my body wasn't work very well. Looking at myself last night, I looked so pitiful with tired eyes and messy hair, I felt like crying thinking why am I like this. Before the tears come down, I put myself to sleep and not expecting any dreams. I just want a rest. A very nice rest. I left all my works on the desk. This morning, I woke up earlier than usual and get them all done then went to school without any makeup. I prepared myself to be laugh stock because me without makeup is super unglam HAHAHA.

Nevermind. This week I'm gonna regain my power. Everything will be fine again. The Secret's twitter once said plan tomorrow as what you want it to be, everything will slowly goes as what you've planned. Okay, so I'll plan my weekend. I will eat good food, laugh with Running Man, have good sleep, talk to awesome people, and online shopping HAHAHA. Obviously online shopping can makes me happy so that's what I'm gonna do.

*no pictures because I'm too lazy to transfer them*

Monday, October 15, 2012

hantaran. once or twice.

Some people say 26 is already old for a girl so must get married very quick. Or else it would affect the womb or whatever blablabla. But why I hadn't give a deep thought about that? HAHAHA. Okay, maybe it is because I'm still enjoying my single life. My other half and I never talked (yet) about this living together thing very serious. I mean like discussing it as if we are in a parliament meeting or something wtf. But sometimes we do talk about it. And it ends very quick. It almost like a joke for us. Maybe, because everytime we try to discuss I feel like laughing HAHAHA.

So yesterday, that topic popped out again. You know how we have 'hantaran' before marriage right? It started because we are not sure when will people bring the 'hantaran'.

Me : "When will people actually bring the 'hantaran'? Is it on the engagement day or on 'akad nikah' day? Why some people give 'hantaran' twice?"

Him : "I am not sure too. I haven't experienced it myself yet." (yea wtf)

Me : "Ah whatever. But I want to insist that among all the 'hantaran', there must be a Balenciaga bag for me!"

Him : "Yes, of course. Why not? You just need to wait."

Me : "What?? Really?? Are you willing to spend almost 6K for the sake of my Balenciaga bag?? Tell me honestly."

Him : "HAHAHA NO."

Me : " ........................... "

That's how our conversation ended.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Handbags & Motorcycle

Back at school days, all I know is being teacher is so easy. Talk and marking papers. Shit me now I'm a teacher I torture myself with lots works! Not that I'm complaining because even if I do, nothing will change. Except I resign and eat grass for my whole life wtf. Do you know that talking in class can actually makes you tired like you just involved in world war? Yes. That is so true. I don't run on a treadmill at school but still when I reach home, all I see is just my bed because I'm too exhausted! I put all my stamina on my talking effort, especially to the slow learners. Well kids. They always play, play and play. And me as a teacher always in charge to remind them on how to behave by doing things like talk, talk and talk.

However we still have our own time. Where we suppose to do our teaching preparation. Because my school isn't a big school (my school have around 70 students only can you imagine how small my school is?), so all preparations won't take long. My colleagues and I have time to sit together talking about life while sipping 3in1 coffee wtf. Our staffroom has hot water dispenser and 3in1 coffee. We are so cool we are not ordinary we can make coffee in staffroom wtf. Besides talking about life, we also spending time together sharing iPad or Samsung tab and admiring branded handbags HAHAHA. We like to tease the boys especially the junior one.

"Buy these handbags for us please. Only RM 5000 each. Different color for each person ok? Thank you."
"I want this Chanel handbag. I need RM 7000 more. Lend me money please."

Of course they will buy for us. They love us. Really love us!

HAHAHA who am I kidding.

"With that amount, I better buy a motorcycle or invest on whatever that will make it double," said the boys.

*sigh* What do they know about fashion and life standard HAHAHAA