Monday, April 25, 2011

Hot weather and delicious Candy Doll

Just transferred pictures from phone to laptop and I asked myself, "Eh why most of these pictures taken in car?" Fml. Realise now I rarely take chio pictures in order to save my not-so-youth-anymore face wtf. Please be informed, my life is just plain everyday. That's why I didn't take zillion vain pictures nowadays.

I wake up early in the morning, apply make up on Monday Wednesday Friday only cz I had PE on Tuesday and Thursday. Perfect make up will only last about 2-3 hours cuz after that oily skin starts show itself. Malaysia is just hot like that okay. To be exact, plantation area in Malaysia is damn hot! I wish I live with polar bear, or at least let me lock myself in a fridge wtf. So with oily skin there's no point of taking chio pictures. Mission will automatically fail wtf.

I miss the time where I don't have to switch on the fan all the day cuz its too cold HAHAHA. But everything has pros and contras right. The dark side of raining all day is I can't go anywhere! Can't even drive out to town cuz mud all over this place T_T. Hello ministry of education, when will you take me out from this plantation and send me back to my hometown? I'm waiting like forever already :'(

Enough complaining. I spent the whole evening today surveying on how good is Candy Doll make up line. Sounds suspicious, no? HAHAHA yes, I'm planning on buying them! Obviously they are a bit pricey. No lar. They are actually very expensive! Well, expensive for me cuz I'm poor fml.

Lip concealer cost RM55. And lip gloss too. You didn't just put concealer on lips right? So concealer plus lip gloss already cost RM110. Want to pop out your cheek? You need to pay RM55 for blusher. Heard that mineral powder is good for your skin? As long as you have RM69, you can get it for real. Wtf I must forget Candy Doll and just buy make up from Daiso RM5 for each items only T____T

This is why I must stop buying Popteen! It gives bad influence to me wtf. You also Tsubasa Masuwaka, stop acting cute for all the products LOL! Okay, just wait and see. If I can't tahan this nafsu, I'll get them for self satisfaction HAHA.
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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Weight history

Never tell you this but in this pic cannot deny anymore. I have weird face shape. Right and left imbalance. Left jaw bigger than right wtf. Anybody please invent liquify apps in blackberry 9700.

I swear I'm not seriously busy that make me didn't update this blog. I'm just lazy like that. I spent most of the time watching korean drama. Once start can't stop already. And I just finished Dream High and He's Beautiful in a few days only *proud*.

A confession here. I used to be skinny. When I say skinny, means that really really skinny which is only 39 kg. I took vitamins and I achieved 48 kg HAHAHA by that time I felt my body was like balloon. Wear heels also cannot. Feet really swollen. Then my mum scolded me cz I'm fat like a pig HAHAHA.

Then I stop taking vitamins and just maintain my eat schedule. But then I've never reach 39 kg anymore. Now I'm so jealous bcz Popteen models are like 37 - 39 kg only !! Phewww human never satisfied right.

And just now I checked I'm 45 kg. HAHAHA I thought I'm only 42 kg. Start from tomorrow, no secret recipe cake anymore #neverbelievethis. Okay actually secret recipe cake is my favorite now.
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Sunday, April 3, 2011

run baby run

Have you ever thought of run away to a new place where nobody acknowledge you? I did. Not once, not twice. But everytime when I think I can't face obstacles in life. Doesn't matter its my life, love life, family life and so on. I just want to run away.

The feeling is just like when pimples are all over your face and you don't want to go buy groceries just because you have pimples (wtf why am I putting this as an example).

In time you would smile widely and laugh out loud....
second after, you become sad just because your other half talk about something that ruin your happy moments T___T

Yeah life is like that. My life to be exact. I can laugh. I can come with jokes. I can do puffer fish face to make you laugh. But I can't be like that all the time. A minute after I would cry like hungry baby just because you hurt my emotion.

Wtf this post shouldn't be an emo post. I should write happy one. HAPPY!

I'm a good planner. Or at least, I think I'm a good planner. So, when I plan for something of course I think my plan is the best one. Sounds selfish now wtf. But then if people disagree, that would make me sad. Especially when 'people' is my boyfriend T_____T

Excuse me, I should be happy. HAPPY!

I just want to have 'you and me only' moment again. Means nobody else but two of us. Last time I checked our 'you and me only' was last year. The rest are 'we and our BIG family' time T____T.

If I continue this post, I'll end up not finishing my lesson plan wtf. Bye.

Friday, April 1, 2011

come and go like chipsmore

Ohai! Miss me? HAHAHA I'm so desperate I need somebody to miss me. I'm actually here waiting for my car. Proton's worker is now working hard servicing my poor car which I accidentally abused just because gravel road is mean T__T.

I'm sorry I didn't update my blog because life is very hectic these days. Colleagues gone one by one because they've been transferred to another school (which I want it too), so my works keep increasing day by day. Even attending meeting! Which is suppose to be attend by headmasters and PK (I don't know what's it called in english).

So last week a friend (actually a NEW friend) wanted to hang out with me and I said okay since I was kinda stressed and bored too. I just love to dress up whenever I have the chance to hang out bcz I can't apply any falsies to go work. Not because its forbidden. Because I don't want my students keep asking! HAHAHA.

Make up of the day. And some Popteen pictures technique wtf. Which is bloom your picture till you can't see your nose LOL.

Hairdo. Nice or not?

It was super super hot that day. I hid behind giant cactus in front my house for the sake of taking pictures wtf. And I LOVE MY HAIR EXTENSION!

HAHAHA I'm so obsess with my hair extension. Why I didn't do this earlier? If not I might be chio earlier wtf. Till then, bubbyeeee!!!