Sunday, November 3, 2013

wedding part 1 ; akad nikah

Long awaited post huh? HAHAHA. Four months passed and here comes the post. You can kill me if you want, for my lack of effort to come out earlier. In your imagination of course HAHA. I'll make this story shorter than it should be. You remember how your teacher asked you to just include important points in your essay? Yes, that's how this post will be.

Our akad nikah was on 29th May 2013. Most people will tie the knot on Friday, and of course at their house. It was different case for us. For some reasons, we chose just to do the ceremony at Muis office, KK. I just found out they actually prepared a special room for that kind of ceremony. With mini pelamin and flowers hehe. Easier for both families to come. And because of that, we had to choose working day because we don't pay overtime allowance for the officers to ask them to work on off day HAHAHA. I knew some of my relatives and close friends cannot attend it because they were still working on that day. But I am okay with it. Akad nikah for me is something special for just the family. As long as it goes well, then that's it.

Since the ceremony will be at nikah room in the office, I decided to wear something simple with some points here and there. My baju kurung was from Ratu, designed by Ezuwan Ismail for FashionValet. And my scarf was from Tudung People. It was hard for me to find matching scarf at first. I even went to KL to find a nice one (or I was just finding an excuse to go there hehe). I can't find any, then online shopping saved my life. A day before the real day, I spent hours in front of the mirror trying out which way the scarf will looks good wtf. Thank god that I don't have hijab-bad-day that day. And to make sure my scarf was good until the ceremony ended, I sat straight (and nap too) in the car all the way to KK HAHAHA.

The akad nikah went very smooth. Alhamdulillah. And also, my scarf been good all the time hehe.

(insert emotional song here) 
It was a little bit awkward moment for both of us. We've been together for so long. Looking at each other eyes is not a problem anymore. On that day, everything seemed different. For me, at least. I couldn't look at him straight on the eyes before the akad nikah started. I couldn't smile at him even once. I was very nervous to see him. Not that I was afraid he will run away and refuse to marry me HAHA, but all I can say, it was all different feels for me. 

Only after the lafaz was done (once only and I felt like patting his back saying Good Job HAHAHA), I can looked at him and smiled. But another thing came, I couldn't look at my mum, afraid that I might cry hehe. A good tears of course. To hide all those strange feelings, I smiled and laughed for everything like stupidos there. I really meant EVERYTHING! HAHAHA.

It didn't take too long to settle down everything. Not even an hour I guess. It was very very smooth, I thanked Allah for making it soooo easy for us.  

I whatsapp-ed my best friends this pic with a caption "off the market in sekali lafaz" to annoy them HAHAHA. Actually, no. They are all happy for me, I knew it. But they couldn't come since it was working day. There was my eheemm may I now pronounce it officially, my husband, back there had a phone call with I-don't-know-who. And me, at another table, sat with this best friend (pic below) gossiping HAHAHA.

Not really gossiping or what, we were busy replying our bff-who-couldn't-attend whatsapp messages hehe.

That was part 1 :)

Sunday, October 27, 2013

short hair story

Just finished marking exam papers. Key-ed in data. Great. One task finished. But still cannot relax. A few tasks are still in queue waiting for me *sigh.

This is actually just a random post. And I actually don't have anything specific in my mind on what to blog HAHA. Owh btw, I apologise for not responding to your comments. Frankly, your comments light me up. It is just this forgetful memory. I read, I smiled, planned to reply when I have proper internet, and I forgot wtf. 

Taken on last Eid at kampung
Baju kurung is from brand Ratu, designed by Ezuwan Ismail for FashionValet

It is no secret to the people who followed my instagram. That I am now short haired. And also, I did upload few pics in this blog. Here's the story. I've always a long/medium haired person. And I've been struggling to keep my long hair in good condition before I got married. You know, for the sanggul-rambut-tinggi-tinggi purpose HAHA. After marriage, I felt like having short hair because it is easier for married woman like me to manage I think ehem-if-you-know-what-i-mean. So, there I go. I told the hairstylist to cut my hair a little bit lower than shoulder. Having long hair for a long time and drastically cut the hair below ears, I don't think I can handle that. So, medium length is fine.

To my surprise, I actually loooooooove this new hair length! Much easier to manage. Around 10 minutes to blow dry and styling, I love that. The bad side is I have to go for rebonding since I am actually a natural curly haired person. Curly short hair is not so nice on me I guess -____-" 

I would not promise that I'm gonna keep this length forever. I know someday I will miss long hair again.

Right now, in my mind, I want a vacation. Anywhere.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

my sunday

Hello. How's your Sunday? Mine is not so good. I mean I woke up early and dressed up nicely to spend my weekend at Bintang Megamall Miri. It was just 40 minutes past 10 am when I arrived at the basement parking entrance, and it was FULL wtf. Miri people really has a thing going into mall early morning until car park full heh? *sigh* Fine then. Next time I will come at 7 am. See if car park full or not.

So I drove back to the airport and here I am, having brunch at Starbucks and use their wireless to update blog hehe.

Dedek took picture above. At last, I satisfied with his work. All the instax photos of me he took before this all were mehhh. I kept nagging said that I took good pictures of him (at least I think so hehe) but he didn't put much effort in taking nice pic for me. I love that my arm looks skinny in the pic haha.

And yeah, I have my own laptop already hehe. It took a few weeks before I make decision which one should I buy. I lost track since when I admire this macbook. But then the price tag is killing me. So when I lost my previous sony vaio, I aimed for this. Dedek said it's too expensive. He can buy two or maybe three laptops with its price. But I insisted that I'm not the person who will lost interest in thing I love easily. I would never think of buying new laptop if the vaio still with me. And he said, "okay lah. Your money anyway." hahahaha I won! I love it that it's sooooo light. No wonder people who own macbook air bring theirs anywhere everywhere. But I still can't find out where to download photoshop :(

This is me today. Before going out, only to find out that car park is full hahahaha useless. Notice my jade bangle? I actually bought it for fun. Never I expect that it will matches almost all my daily outfits. Is this what we call killing two birds with two stones? wtf. I love how it gives me a lil girly element even if I'm in my PE outfit. Chinese believes that wearing jade bangle on left will bring lucks to the wearer. And wear it on right gives good health and avoid misfortune. I'm wearing it on my left. So, come here you all lucks in the world!!!

Till then, daa~

Sunday, September 15, 2013


I wake up. I drive. I work. I come back home. I surf the net. I sleep.
And that is my daily life. I feel unmotivated.

I used to be bubbly. I mean, I still bubbly but not as I used to. When I'm on the phone with the husband, he usually asks me to talk more because he knows I have so many to talk. But no. That was in the past. All I have now is about work. He will be bored if I only talk about work, complaining the same people he didn't know, talking about the mischievous students, right? And every time that happened, I felt guilty as I have nothing interesting to share with him.

Whenever I feel like I'm suffocating because of boredom, I drive myself into malls hoping that I would buy something that would make me alive again. Usually I would walk out with nothing in my hand *sigh*. Okay never mind. I put hopes in online shopping. So I browse blogshops, and put nothing in cart *sigh*.

I need to change. I need to have something that would inspire me to become positive person.

Problem is, what is there to change if nothing can be changed? What do you mean change workplace? I am more than happy to change. Of course not until they approve my transfer application.

Find interesting place to hang out? Alone? That wouldn't change anything. Plus, crimes are increasing these days. Its a big no. Unless the husband is here.

Find new friends? Friends at my age are starting to build a family. I shouldn't drag them out to spend time with me whenever my husband goes to work. 

Start a hobby? Like cooking? I only have 2 plates, 2 forks and 2 spoons in the kitchen. And mee maggi. Okay fine. There are also water heater, slow cooker (wedding gift from friend) and air fryer (bought because I can throw every frozen food inside). You expect me be a masterchef? 

Okay. I know now. It is because I am alone most of the time. That's why I'm feeling this way. My husband is not always there next to me. When he off to work, I left alone for at least fortnight. Family and friends are all far away. I have no one to talk to, to listen to all silly thoughts I have in mind.


Now if you excuse me, I have a novel to finish. Salina by A. Samad Said. Don't question me why I'm attracted to novel like that hahaha.

p/s no, this post is not telling you that i'm depressed with my life. i just want to blog. i'm okay actually with what i have now. i know how to handle the boredom. but if i can have something to be inspired, i would appreciate it more than enough.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


HAHA. Can't believe I'm still alive, do you? Well yeah. I do have lots of time. But seems like I can't find the right mood to document my life. Especially my wedding story. Been married almost 3 months but still haven't blog about it. Or maybe, I should wait until I deliver newborn baby then blog it HAHAHA. Oh no no. Don't misunderstand just yet. I'm not pregnant yet. Not that we're not looking for a baby, but we just want to enjoy the newlywed moment a little bit longer hehehe.

Uhm,, to tell you honestly, of course I did select best wedding pictures of mine to come out with a blogpost and already edited them. However, it's written up there that my continuous happy moments had to be paused for a while. I got robbed during fasting month :( 

A day before school break started, thieves got into my house while I was sleeping and took away my laptop, cash money, id cards, atm cards, wedding rings and etc. It was heavy rain that night and I didn't hear any sound. Quite shocking because that was my first time. What makes me felt so down was my almost five year old laptop. All my memories were in that laptop. And my works of course. I do have backups in external hard disk but the thieves took it away too. Now I have to start again from zero pfftt. 

However, I'm being positive. I'm looking to the bright side. Maybe the thieves need it more than me. So okay, I hope you will be happy with my stuff wtf. No, really. If that can makes you happy, go ahead. But I hope you acknowledge that you are not doing the right thing.

I'm still being lucky because they didn't lay even a finger on me so I'm safe. Even though I was sleeping in my unlocked room by that time! Maybe they just want the stuff. They don't intend to hurt anyone physically. Or maybe, the way I sleep is not sexy at all they don't even want to have a gaze HAHAHAHAHA

So, now I settled with police reports and all. I'm so touched by my husband. He's always there with me even in my sadness. He sacrificed a lots of things (I never expect he will do this during our 8 years relationship before we got married). Guess I got married with the right man hehe.

Till then, bye :D

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

tick tock to the big day

Think back, it is so not me to be apart of blog, twitter, instagram, etc. Well, that happened. The so-not-me is becoming ME wtf. Seriously, me myself can't understand why I tweet less and don't have anything to post in instagram.One that I know, I kept telling myself not to talk about the engagement or wedding before the time comes. So, that was why I don't tweet and posting pics. Okay, that makes some sense hehe.

Since the engagement day is over and the wedding will happens in a few days, so it's okay to talk about it now. Plus, this AyuCandy asked me to blog about it HAHA I thought no one want to know. So yeah. Here we go.

Frankly, Dedek and I actually planned this last year I think, maybe November or December, I forgot. But then, we wanted to keep it until we both are very sure to proceed or not hehe. Then, we both were agreed to tell the families. Dedek told his family in an easy way I guess. And mine was too hard HAHAHA. I always have this problem when it comes to talk about something serious like this with the family. I always feel lost and don't know how to start. I took few weeks to think before I made a call to my mum HAHA.

Me : Ma, hehehehehe. I'm getting married this June. The engagement is on March. Hehehehehe.
Mum : Ehh? No wind no storm want to get married?

I even asked mum to keep it as secret until everything is okay. Then the pressure begun T__T

Malay engagement or wedding have this tradition of giving barang hantaran to each other. I don't know where to start, so I told myself to buy anything pretty and affordable that I want and put them in the dulang. I don't need hundred dulang. 5 from him and 7 from me are fine.

This one was hard. To choose between Steve Madden or Aldo. Both are super gorgeous and I can only put a pair *sigh. Finally, I chose Steve Madden.

Not a fan of yellow gold. Visiting goldsmith also awkward moment wtf. Dedek even suggested me to go by myself because it will be very awkward for both of us choosing the ring together AHAHA. In the end, I chose the simplest one.

Stuff are all ready. Decorating problem chime in. I know I am not a creative person to turn a makeup stuff to a miniature twin towers, or turning a pair of heels to a miniature boat wtf. Bought pretty baskets, pastel flowers, beads, tadaaa~ problem solved!

Mine was pink. Purple for Dedek.

And the day came. Since the first day I agreed to engaged, I said I don't want pelamin. Everything should be simple. Old school please, no pelamin and the engagement is still on. In the end, my mum won wtf. She said I am the only daughter and this is her first and last experience. Okay, fine. Pelamin is fine. When I woke up the next morning;


Striking green, striking yellow, breath Vujie, breath deeply. Everything will be fine. That was what I told myself.

To keep everything simple, the natural makeup was done by myself. Well actually, it is the makeup I apply on my face to school HAHA. Nothing special on that. And I wore the Jewel peplum from Jovian Mandagie, last Aidiladha collection. It is pretty so it is okay to wear on my engagement day. Hair color done by Amy from number76. I purposely went to KL to get new hair color because Number76 salon is the only salon that gives my hair less damage from coloring. They are the best!

And this man. I agreed to give him a big responsibility to accomplish a taking-care-of-Vujie's-life mission wtf.

The mission begins.

Dedek and I, and also both families agreed, this engagement is only lasted for about 2-3 months. The wedding will be in May or June. This is actually what I always had in my mind. I don't want a very long engagement period. Engagement for me is something tough. I heard stories that during engagement, anything can happen. Pressure is double. And I think I am not tough enough to keep that as one of my major problem in life HAHAHA.

And they are all right. You think engagement is nice huh? Refer picture above. The first fight.

HAHAHAHA. No lah, it's not. We were just talking about something but I don't know why my face looks like I'm gonna slap him in any minute wtf. And actually, we are doing very good during this engagement period. Thanks to the short engagement period hehe. 

The wedding will be on 31 May and 1 June 2013. Maigawd it is next week! You, who are reading this, are invited to the wedding ^^, and share the happiness together with us hehe. As this post is near to the end, I can't guarantee when will I update on the wedding. I apologize in advance hehehe.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

taken. but, not really.

Reaaaallllyyy want to blog something that makes me reaaallllyyyy excited these days hehe.

But I might spurt out something that I shouldn't talk about it yet hehe.

So, I better not say anything yet.

But I promise I will.

Someday. Hehe.

Just to tell you guys that I'm engaged.


29th March 2013 <3>

Sunday, February 3, 2013

makeup organizer

I showed this section in previous post but, let me show you once again. What to do, this is my favorite section in the house wtf. Frankly, because this is the only part that shows my house somehow looks neat and nice. The others might give you a nightmare. Actually I want to show you guys my super adorable crystal clear makeup organizer!

Tadaaa~ Here it is.

I found out about this organizer through Sabrina's blog. She blogged it but god knows how committed that girl in blogosphere, she blogged everything that I can't find the real post anymore (or maybe I'm just dumb like that) HAHA. They say this organizer thing started famous because of Kardashian. I don't watch Kardashian series or whatever so I don't know until I found out through Sabrina. Sabrina is kind enough to give link of where can we buy it too. However, I think the price tag is killing me #foreverpoor. 

So I became Detective Conan, using the power of google, tried to find cheaper price tag. God listened. Google helped. I found this post. I read and I sent an idea to my mind that I can afford it HAHAHA. I don't know, maybe if you can find it maybe in alibaba or taobao, it will be waaayyy cheaperrrr.  Or maybe, the prices different from each other based on its size, I don't know.

I emailed Lilian at (in case you guys want it too hehe) and asked if she still sell the organizer. I was lucky she said she just restocked. Even though patience is virtue, in this case waiting is killing me HAHAHA. So I tried my best to pay as soon as I can and deep in my heart I prayed hard she will give her best too. Lilian is very good I tell you. She responded to ALL my emails. Even I just typed Thank You lol. She even helped me predict when will the package reached me.

That's how my makeup stuff look right now. Crystal clear effects somehow gives classy luxury look I guess hehe. I don't really have lots makeups. So, this size is actually perfect. This transparent organizer really helps me find things I need easily. I think I should apply this concept to my wardrobe also. I keep on losing undergarments nowadays I can't find matching bra and underwear wtf.

That thing covered with pink blingbling is actually my blusher brush, in case you are wondering lol. Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil works very effective in combating with pimples wtf. See? I don't really own colorful lipsticks. All of them are in natural shades. Except the Silky Girl in hot red shade and I bought it just for fun. Never wear it outside or else I'll look like clown. I can't handle it HAHA.
First drawer filled with eyeshadows. Yeah, all in brown shades. Boring right? Recently, I went Dior and bought pink eyeshadow and I'm still taking special lesson until now on how to use pink eyeshadow through Youtube wtf. The Dior girl said my skin tone can handles pink eyeshadow prettily (she said while applying it on my eyelids because I got free makeup session) but yeah, whatever professional magic touch will always looks good. Me myself? I don't think so fml.

Second drawer. Moisturizer, foundation, sunblock and eyebrow powder. Essentials only.

Third drawer. Compact powder that no longer used (nowadays I only put loose power) but I refuse to throw it away because of the pretty case hehe. Some Holika Holika free stuff. 

They are all basic. That why I said the size is just perfect for me. Unless my job requires me to put 10kg chemicals on my face, so maybe I need bigger organizer wtf. 

And yeah, if you want to get the same organizer you can email Lilian. I'm not sure if she has other sizes but you can always ask, she doesn't bite hehe.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sofina bag story

Almost everyone around me knows my obsession toward bags. I have too many bags. Even my mum and aunts wait patiently for my spring cleaning, because they know there must be something useful for them, especially bag lol. Last December I brought back my i-dont-want-to-wear-anymore bags to my hometown in a large size plastic. I also can't recall which bags I threw inside because they've been in the plastic for ages, but I swear they all still in good condition. One day, when I was checking my mum's facebook, I saw her photo bringing my Juicy Couture bag to go outstation HAHAHA.

I realize I had too many bags. And being me, I always buy bags, doesn't matter cheap or expensive, as long as I like them. So, I tell myself not to buy just any bags anymore. If I really want to buy, think deeply on how long I will be able to wear them. I should invest in good bags. Even though if I happen to just have 2 bags, they must be real good!

And, God knows how much I desperately want Balenciaga. Since it costs a lot, I have to save as many as I can. By saving, I have to sacrifice lots *sigh*.

But, it is all written up there. I bought a bag last week, and it is not Balenciaga HAHAHAHA   
Sometime bag inspired by Vivy Yusof. She named it Sofina.

Here comes the full story.

My bff also admires Vivy's style. Especially her taste on bags. Obviously, her bags are all expensive hehe.  When Vivy announced that she will produce bags, my bff was like 'let's buy if it's really good.'

And I said, "No babe. I promised myself not to buy bag if it is not Balenciaga." I said that in my mind.
"Okay, let's do that." That was what came out from my mouth.

A week before launching, I reminded her to stay in front of computer at 10 am because that was the exact time of the official launch. And she did. I was at school with sucks internet connection, I failed to do the same. Bff sent me whatsapp, telling me how beautiful the bags are and they were available in purple, blue, red and green. I was, "okay, wait till I reach home this evening." I even promised her will place order that night.

And when I reached home, my mind was working hard to decide either blue or purple. Bff wanted green. Then I went to FashionValet, only to find out that colors we want were all sold out! Omg that was real fast! First attempt failed.

I can't remember when the exact time, my bff whatsapp me again. 'Hey, they have your purple bag now. Just take blue for me.' I was happy and I put them into cart. Then I took my own sweet time to pay because I was actually intended to buy another shoes hehe. So okay. Bags, confirmed. Shoes, confirmed. Proceed to pay. 

'These items are currently out of stock.' FashionValet told me that. And they were the bags. The bags gone again! Not even an hour! Second attempt failed.

Days later, announcement up from FV team. Sofina bags will be restocked again. I know I can't make it because I will be at school at time they restock. So, my bff and I made a mission not-so-impossible. Bff is not so familiar into buying from FV so I let her use my account to make an order. The time came.

Bff : Okay, all items available. How should I proceed?
Me : First you bla bla bla bla. Already? Next bla bla bla. Wait. Look at the address. Is it my Miri address or Kinarut? If Kinarut, change it to Miri.
Bff : I don't know how. I can't change it direct here.
Me : Omg how?? What if they sold out again?? Okay okay. I'll go home now!
Bff : Okay, hopefully they will still available.

Unfortunately, driving from school to house usually takes an hour. And when I reached home, they were gone again. Third attempt failed.

God listened to us. FV announced that they will restock again but VERY LIMITED amount.

Me : They will restock again. I'll change the address and tomorrow you just proceed to pay. I'll teach you how. (explaining very serious)
Bff : Okay. You are so serious HAHAHA.

I am serious you know!

Next day,

Bff : Okay, everything is ready. Your card number?
Me : 237678364876394734628372389
Bff : Okay, done. They said, 'thank you for your purchase'. That means success right?
Me : YESSSS!!! *too excited hahaha*

WE MADE IT! At our fourth attempt HAHAHAHA

And when the parcel arrived, as soon as I closed the door, I immediately looked for scissor. I can't wait any longer to lay my hands on that bag. Maigawd you are super pretty Sofina. Thank you Vivy, you are very genius. Words not good enough to express how grateful I am to invest in this bag.

Vivy's version
Vujie's version.

The color is more gorgeous in real life. The stunning purple is not really show in picture. It is so roomy that I bring my world in it. I can put everything including nasi lemak in it. Even textbooks!

No no no. Doesn't means I'm not eye-ing on Balenciaga anymore. I still am. But currently, this Sofina will be my everyday bag hehehe.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

teach me how

All pictures credit to An & LeFlowers

Can anybody photoshop experts out there help me on how to edit pictures like above? Or at least give me best keyword to google in case you don't have time to explain? Okay, I know first step is taking pictures in the evening maybe wtf. 

If I happen to get married, I would love to have wedding pictures like above instead of having common pictures like staring to each other eyes while trying to say I heart you thru the eyes wtf. Or maybe taking pictures in studio with waterfall scenery behind HAHA. No, really. I would love to have a simple outdoor photoshoot but finding a good photographer that suit my taste might be uneasy I guess. But, urm.. why do I talk about this when I don't even have a date for wedding yet? HAHAHAHA.

No, seriously. I really want to learn how to have pictures like above. Please give me tips. If I can't find good photographer, maybe I can just edit my pictures myself wtf.