Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Blackberry Bold 9700

I'm done melting over others blackberry cuz I own it now HAHAHAHA *excitement*. I always wondered how does it feels owning a blackberry. Now I know already HAHA.

Since it is white so I think we should start call it WhiteBerry wtf. Your name is blackberry then why come out with white? Shouldn't you stay in black?

Unfortunately, my berry is still a dumb phone. Not yet a smartphone because I just changed to postpaid and subscribe data plan so need to wait 24 hours before I can surf till my fingers cramp HAHA. Wait till tomorrow then I can tell the world I have smartphone just like you! HAHA super excited.

This is actually a quick post. I am too tired. T__T

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Giant size shades

I was thinking of updating my blog by showing off my car accessories stuff. Since I am too lazy to snap picture now, so here we go, another lame entry HAHA. I think I act abnormal now. Instead of buying fabulous outfits with matching heels or maybe spend hours doing manicure, I went to car accessories shop and my money flew away just like that. Abnormal, no? HAHAHA.

Right, I remember now I went shopping for shirts yesterday but... like usual you need to wait for me to gain strength on snapping them and show you shirts I bought. Why shirts? Because I just realised that I only bring not more than 5 shirts back here in KK. Stupid fml.

Couple months ago if I'm not mistaken I found these giant size shades with super cheap price. As you know, my obvious talent is buying cheap things HAHAHA. Bought them just for fun because I can't resist myself from buying HAHA. Bought pink one at first then when my brother saw it he felt jealous and asked me to buy another white for him. Too bad no white so I bought red for him.
The black one I wear in the picture was given by a friend. He said his face getting bigger and that shades did not suit him already HAHAHAHA. I keep mocking him Spongebob Squarepants just because he said his face getting bigger. Actually I don't think that shade suits me too but I still take it since it free. Who doesn't like free stuff? HAHAHA.

Yeah right. You realize now. I wear the same outfit again. Told ya.

I guess I have to write notes and stick it on wall where I can see it easily. If not, I will not remember that I want to snap pictures of my car accessories stuff and shirts. So that I'll have something to update my blog. If not, then I have to come out with new label "lamevujie", which you have to avoid from read them because it's boring HAHAHA.

Next entry I'll update about:-
  1. How to solve Rubik cube in 10 seconds referring to Vujie's techniques.
  2. Summary of Osama Laden biography.
  3. How to cook like a professional chef.
  4. How to achieve brilliant mind like Dr. House.

Ok fine. There are no entries like that cause I don't even know what I'm talking HAHAHA. I think it is time to take my medicine. By medicine I mean crazy med. I am crazy you know.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

u can put your own title here

Sorry for the lack updates, where actually there is no one reading my blog HAHAHA. Nevermind. Here is your bubbly Vujie come back to entertain herself because she is the only one who reads this blog HAHAHA.

Now I seriously admit that I am totally fall in love with my Revlon Nude lipstick. Too bad it didn't stay on my lips too long. It'll go away after I eat. I don't know how to make it stay long. FYI, I am not the person who'll go to ladies room every time after taking meal just to apply lipstick again and again.
Didn't PS this photo. That's why you can see my cheeks did not look chubby there. For all photos where you find my cheeks are chubby, trust me I did PS them HAHAHA. I am skinny even if I eat like a pig still I won't gain 5kg. I usually work hard increasing my weight and gain 2kg then my weight will drop again after menses T___T. When menses strike, I don't eat much because I can't differentiate either my stomach wants food or wants to go to toilet HAHAHA.

I swear I PS my cheeks HAHAHA.

Dressing for the day. Felt comfortable wearing it. So after this, in 10 photos u'll see 8 out of them I'm wearing the same outfit HAHAHA.

I have a feeling like I am one of those kindergarten kiddos when I wear this. Unfortunately I am not cute like them so who I'm gonna blame for my un-cuteness now HAHAHAHA.

Now with matching headband. Bought it for just RM2.50 I am so talented in buying cheap things HAHAHA.

My hair turned disaster on that day. My mistake I showered with very hot water because the room was so cold. I put tons of leave-on conditioner but still a disaster. And I forgot to bring my wig!! I can't believe I have the guts went out in public.

I hope tomorrow I can come out with better post.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Liese Bubble Hair Color Marshmallow Brown

Before you proceed, I'd love to warn you that this post might be super long and if you have super slow internet connection, I suggest you put much effort on loading all the photos provided in this entry.

I was so sick of my black hair. I always think that black hair is so dull. How come some people can be gorgeous when their hair is black huh? Me is totally can't T_T. So instead of going dull everyday, I decided to change hair color for the sake of feeling beautiful but reality check is not HAHAHA. Last year I went for auburn red blonde color.

This time I chose Liese Bubble Hair Color Marshmallow Brown. I've read tons positive comments about how easy to apply Liese and also some negative comments that the color didn't turn out well and fade easily after a few washes. Nevermind. I'm gonna try it anyway.

This is my dull-ugly-black-hair. And also my just-awake-face. Haven't brush my teeth too HAHAHA.

All the ingredients wtf. The instruction comes in 4 languages if i'm not mistaken. Since I can't read chinese and japanese, so forget them. English and Malay, I choose Malay HAHAHA yeah I am truly Malaysian.

Can my hair gorgeous like you? Oh yeah you are already beauty if you have no hair still beauty T_T If I have no hair then people will faint because they think I am toyol wtf.

Since my hair is super dark so the result should be like the one I ticked up there.

Gloves included do not worry. Good quality one. Not plastic like other brands always provide.

This is how it turns after mixing no.1 and no.2

Its written that put oil based cream on face before start coloring. I don't have oil based one so I put bio-oil on my face. The purpose is to prevent the color fall on your face and get allergic. If you can't get what I'm saying, go back to school and learn.

After putting all the bubbles onto my hair.

Delete this pic if you can't accept my no make up face lol.

I colored my eyebrow too to make it even with my hair color. If not, will look weird.

After finished all the procedures. Look no different eh? I kept looking the mirror and when I saw my roots color were too light, I was nervous and rushed to the toilet and washed it HAHAHA. I don't want the color become too light for the sake of my job T__T

Can you see the marshmallow brown shades? Didn't turn out like I expected T_T Maybe I did it wrong.

Ok this pic is useless. I uploaded it because.... just because HAHAHA.

After few washes and exposed my hair to sunlight, I think the color became obvious already and it looks nice. And much nicer if I stand under a lamp lol. I asked my friends either the color is even or not and their answer was 'okay laaa'. I am sorry for my unprofessional way to color my own hair HAHAHA. Wait till I am brave enough then I color it back to red like Paramore.

Overall I am satisfied with my hair color right now. So I won't feel myself is dull anymore even when I wear sarong HAHA.

Reason why I didn't go to saloon and done my hair there;
  1. I don't have time. I have tons of works waiting and courses to attend. So my days are all occupied. Can't wait for holiday.

  2. I am just stingy like that HAHAHA. Why should spend hundreds if you can color yourself for RM3+.++?

lower lashes

I joined this gyaru forum just to increase my excitement into gyaru style (where i actually didn't achieve any of its style fml). So I saw this thread said that gyaru must always use false lashes. I've tried upper lashes and sometimes can attached them perfectly and sometimes it will go zigzag because my hands can get parkinson depends on their mood HAHAHA.

To tell the truth, I bought a pair of lower lashes long time ago but never tried them outside my house because I think my face will look weird. But always tried use them in front of the mirror where nobody can see me looking weird HAHAHA.

Today, you are lucky because you have the opportunity to see my weird face! Promise me you won't copy my weird face and make an entry in your famous blog entitled "Weirdo Of The Year".

I can still see the glue HAHAHA.

Wish my smile will cover my totally unprofessional way use lashes.

Okay don't criticize too much. Actually you can't criticize here because I disabled comments HAHAHA.