Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Gaahhh!! Mizuki Nishikawa photospam!

Gosh I really need a rest!! Been working back to back these few days. That explains why I don't have much time to blog. Blogging in this blog is not only posting some craps, but it also needs lots of photoshop works HAHAHA. And I don't really have pictures to be shared because recently my days are only filled with boring stuff. Like working, eating, resting, sleeping, working, eating, resting, sleeping wtf.

Looking at my work schedule for this coming July, I don't think I'll get enough rest. Especially in the weekends. All things related to work must be done in July pfftt. Only in August I can rest a little bit from any outdoor activities because it is fasting month and for sure I won't have extra energy to run here and there while fasting fml why am I weak like this.

And, my blackberry camera can't function properly since yesterday T___T. It'll shows an error like 'Camera unable to open. Close other applications and try again.' or something like that. I accidentally dropped it like two or three times but nothing happened, until yesterday. As long as I remember, I didn't drop it yesterday. I've read in the internet how to solve the problem and I found many people face the same problem.

1. Some said it is because of the lens that might be moved a bit out of it original position.
2. Some said need to upgrade OS.
3. Some said pull the battery for at least 30 seconds.
4. Some said press lightly on the camera lens.

I didn't try no.1 because I am afraid I'll break the lens.
I don't have the idea what the hell is OS, so no.2 is out of the question.
I did try no.3 zillion times and did not work at all.
No.4 works a little bit. It back to normal for like 3-7 seconds only wtf.

Okay. I think maybe the screws are loose. Because it can back to normal after I pressed lightly on the camera lens. I don't have special screwdrivers so I can't do it myself. Plus, I don't want to take a risk having a damage blackberry T__T No choice. I'll bring it to the specialist pfftt.

Now I want to spam you with some pictures of Mizuki Nishikawa or Mizukitty!! She's really cute! I've been attracted to her since the first time I bought Popteen. But on that time I can't differentiate Mizukitty and Nana Suzuki wtf. Both are cute and I am jealous to the max! I always want hair like her. And her cheeks. And her eyes. And her smile. And her ability to put out her tongue but still cute (if I pose like that I look like a retard wtf). She's also one of the reason why I wear back Super Barbie Angel 16mm because she's super adorable when wearing it and I'm trying hard to be adorable too HAHAHA.

Erk cannot say this is photospam actually because I only put four pictures HAHAHA. Next time, I will do proper photospam XD . Till then, bye!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I need energy. I need You C1000.

Been busy these days. Working is no fun when you need to leave your family behind pfftt. I mean like I was a happy person (because I can have excellent internet speed and no pressure fml) at home but after two weeks need to go back to where I should be and educate new generation. Doesn't mean I hate to teach. The fact that I posted to somewhere that I am not quite happy is what I don't really like. To be exact, I hate to be here where I spend all my time (after working) talking to the wall wtf.

But, I still enjoy going to class and joking with my lovely students HAHAHA. And in the same time, I feel like I'll be trapped in this kid mindset for the rest of my life wtf.

If I'm not mistaken, Xiaxue made an advertorial about this You C1000 before this. And as always, I can be easily influenced by people wtf. Actually stuff that can be found in Xiaxue's blog, most of them can hardly be found in Malaysia pfftt. But she always made those stuff interesting to try!

So I accidentally found You C1000 in local mini market. Cost me RM2.50, which is I think a bit expensive. No, actually I am stingy HAHAHA. I was in doubt at first to try. For me, energy drink always don't taste delicious fml. That explain why I don't drink 100plus and prefer coke HAHAHA. But then, I ate my words. You C1000 tastes seriously delicious! Vitamin Orange tastes exactly like orange juice. No yucks taste I can guarantee.

See what I found in the label? HAHAHA no wonder I've never found this You C1000 before in local shops. Even this You C1000 I bought is actually For Sale in Brunei Darussalam Only. I don't have idea how the owner managed to smuggle those drinks from Brunei. Because from my experience, the immigration people are strict. They can ask you to open your boots just to check what things you have in your car if you look suspicious pfftt.

That's all for now. Tadaaa~

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

VuJiE's make up tutorial

This entry is seriously full of pictures!
Might take long time to load if your internet connection is slow.

I used to be a girl who only put moisturizer and compact powder on the face. Then I learned and keep learning about make up. Where actually a bit late for age like this because I don't have enough money at my young age HAHAHA. So here is an entry about make up skills that I've learnt from decade ago.

No, actually this is my usual make up that I put on my face everyday to go to work. Here's the chemicals HAHAHA.

Nothing too expensive in my make up bag. I don't have super sensitive skin, so I use cheap products only because my skin didn't react badly to them.

Nude face aging skin fml. I'm wearing Super Barbie Angel Brown 16 mm lens.

I put on lip balm first to avoid dry lips. And to make it easier to put lip concealer later.

Moisturizer first and then BB cream. Just put a little on face because too much BB cream will only make you look fake.

I put concealer on my eyebags, nose, and lips. Concealer helps cover tired eyes, blackheads and not-so-pink lips wtf. My concealer is from Silkygirl in medium.

Make sure you choose the right compact powder for your skin because too light powder make you fake and too dark powder make you old pfftt. Mine is from ZA no.22

This part is my favorite. Candy Doll Mineral Powder. Don't ask why. You know it's good for you as long as it is mineral, such as mineral water HAHA. Okay okay serious.

Sometimes I feel like it helps reduce oily face. Emphasize on T-zone because there is critical area on my face. I think I have oil factory on my T-zone wtf.

I am not the kind of putting colorful make up on my eyes. I love natural. So ZA dramatic eye color gold is my favorite. No 1 above is for highlight and no 2 as base. I rarely use black color because I don't really suit smoky eyes. And yes, I put eyelid sticker after I put eyemake. Some people may put before putting everything but I don't actually follow all the rules step by step HAHAHA.

This pencil is from Korea and bought it for RM10 only. It can make eyes look fresh.

Next is defining my eyebrows. I use Kiss Me Eyebrow Highlighter. I made a review before and you can read it here.

Okay. This part needs skills. I love to make the eyeline longer at the end and winged out a little bit to give dolly eyes effect. Actually don't make it too long or else people will spot your fake eyes much quicker HAHAHA. I prefer using dark brown liquid liner from In2it because it is easier to handle and adjust in case I do imbalance line left and right eye wtf.

Next is line lower part of eyes use this Maybelline eyeliner pencil in dark brown. Make sure it connecting your original eyeshape with the eyeline that you create earlier. Man, my explanation really sucks. I hope that red arrow helps.

Time to make my cheeks look pink and healthy (and cute wtf).

Okay I didn't edit picture above so that's the original looks of Candy Doll Cheek Color Peach Pink on my cheeks.

We almost finish. Next is putting lip concealer. My lip concealer is from Candy Doll. Do not put too much to make it less shiny. This is my review in case you want to read.

My lipstick is always Revlon Colorburst nude color. I am not really a fan of red lips. And I've been using Majolica Majorca ages ago.

And that's the usual lips I do everyday.

Lastly, put on your favorite fake lashes. My favorite is always Dolly Wink lashes XD


Truly sorry for my lack of wise words and grammatical errors. And excuse my bad explanation T___T Have fun trying! XD

Sunday, June 12, 2011

F-cup Cookie Review

My boobs are small is a fact. Actually it doesn't bother me too much. It's not like I'll wear swimsuit and people will find out how small my boobs are. I can always hide them in my tricky bra, which is thick sponge bra HAHAHA. Plus, I still have confidence in them because I announced once in my twitter, "my boobs are small" and I got a response like, "sometimes small boobs are sexy" HAHAHAHA.

But still, when I found out there are products that helps enlarging breast size, I have the intention of trying. Not talking about enlargement creams because I always had the idea of none of them will work wtf. Finally I gave a try on Fcup Cookies because written on the brochure, it can helps those who want to be slim too. Please be informed I have big belly HAHAHA blame the delicious food.

Took this picture from google. I didn't take pictures of my own Fcup cookies box because I am just lazy like that wtf. I asked for chocolate flavor but the salesgirl said berry flavor is the newest and contains much more vitamin C. It can whiten our skin too. So okay, I took berry.

I didn't expect the cookie would be this small at first. After I tried, one bar is enough but need to take plenty of water. The salesgirl said it is best to take with fresh milk. For those who first time try this cookie (like me wtf) need to take 2 cookies per day, day and night. I was told if I want to continue my second box, then I can take those cookies like 3 days a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday).

She said the first box will activate the hormone first (especially for old people like me wtf) and it'll give the effects day by day. As in my case, I already tried this for about 2 weeks now and I can see the effects. Actually it didn't change my bra from B cup to F cup wtf, but my breast gets firmer now. My pervert boyfriend said he can see the changes HAHAHA.

I didn't really see either my skin already whiten or not but it gets healthier. Maybe because of the double triple water I drank. I usually prefer coffee and coke more than mineral water XD I know I know it's not good fml.

The dark side is, because of the super active hormone, I have lots of pimples now pfftt.

Okay that's for breast part. Now, tummy. The measurement reduced about 1-1.5 inches only HAHAHA. I blame my bad habit cannot leave rice wtf. But I take more soup. And I can't stick to my diet plan recently because I went to a wedding event and it was not nice for me to say no when they offered me food. Tummy mission a bit failed T_______T But I admit I ate less after took the cookie especially at night. Still feel hungry but can't take too much food.

I believe Fcup cookies might not really work for some people, that's why you can read many negative feedback on the net. Never afraid if you want to give it a try. Who knows maybe it'll work for you. Good Luck!!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Yellow Kebaya

Told you I've been to a wedding, right? These pictures I got from facebook. Pictures taken using DSLR actually so it should be in high quality but facebook and blogger really mean when it comes to chio pictures wtf. Everyone have DSLR (except me) nowadays, so I don't have to bring my own lame camera to take perfect pictures like these HAHAHA.

Now I realise yellow makes me look fat fml.

Presenting to you, my other half HAHAHA.

Stop staring at my weird body okay HAHAHA. Not weird actually, it was because of the kebaya (can't accept fact wtf). Actually his brother (and one I-don't-know-who) took zillion pictures of us but he hadn't upload yet. So, I'll keep waiting XD

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Peter Pan Collars Tutorial

Actually I wanted to do this entry using my own words but I know my english is not as good as her so you might think it is useless for me doing it by myself fml. Well okay let's start. I found this Peter Pan Collars tutorial from Jemma youlookwellnice.

Before I start, I’ve never written anything like this before so please bear with me if I get it a little wrong! Feel free to message me about anything I’ve not quite explained properly.

Step 1: Making a pattern

This doesn’t have to be particularly fancy! I usually start quite neat with straight lines and accurate measurements but it usually ends up being finished in free hand to get that nice curve where the edges meet in the middle of the neckline.

Collars can vary in thickness and length. This particular one was 3 inches wide (including seam allowance) but I’ve made some that are nearly 5 inches wide! The most important bit is to make sure you make the straighter side long enough or else your collar won’t meet in the middle. I, however, quite like this gap. It can be filled with lace and ribbon roses ^___^

TIP: Be sure to include a seam allowance! I generally use 1/4 of inch.

Step 2: Marking the fabric

Please note! This should be done using a piece of dressmakers chalk or a fabric pen/pencil. Mine was blunt at the time and I couldn’t be bothered to sharpen it and seeing as this was only a trial collar I used a biro.

Ok, this part is important! Take your fabric that you intend to use. You need to fold it in half neatly to create a double layered piece of fabric. Line your template up with the short, straight edge of the collar (seen at the top of this picture) resting on the fold. This way when you cut out your template your half a collar will turn into a full collar!

You will need to cut out 2 pieces of fabric from your template.

TIP: To save money, collars can be backed with cheaper cotton drill to save using all of your nice fabric :)

Step 3: Cutting out

Be sure to cut accurately! I use Cath Kidston’s haberdashery scissors. I think they’re £8 a pair and they come in a beautiful floral scissor keeper. They’re very shop and have fairly long blades which are ideal for sewing. At this point, you should find a cotton that co ordinates with your fabric. Prepare a bottom bobbin using this cotton as well.

My cut outs shown here are folded in half. Yours should look like large, fabric ‘U’ shapes.

TIP: Only use your sewing scissors to cut fabric and cotton. Paper (and even some wadding and batting) can blunt scissors easily so buy a spare pair!

Step 4: The sewing!

This is the part where the seam allowance becomes very important! I usually allow a 1/4 inch seam allowance as the distance between my needle and the edge of my foot is 1/4 of an inch. This means by simply lining my fabric up with the edge of the foot, I automatically sew 1/4 of an inch in from the edge of the fabric. Refer to your manual to find out the distance of your machine.

Make sure you put your fabric wrong sides together!!!

Ok. First thing’s first. Set your machine to use a straight stitch with the needle in the centre of the foot. (My machine has a similar function but sews to the side). I usually set my tension to 4 but this can vary so be sure to practise on a scrap first!

Load your top cotton and thread your needle. Load your bottom bobbin and bring up the thread. I tend to press very lightly on my pedal as this piece has a lot of curves and bends. Pressing lightly keeps the machine fairly slow so I can keep my stitching neat.

Be sure to leave a 2-3 inch gap at the centre back of your collar to allow for turning.

Trim your seam allowance down a little and cut into your corners. Turn the collar right way round and poke out the corners gently.

Sew up the gap by hand or machine.

I then add a decorative stitch around my collars, I use the elliptical stitch pattern with the tension set just above 0. This creates a nice, tight scallop.

Here’s an example of a finished collar with ribbon attached:

That's it! She is cute and creative, right? XD So, let we all try this awesome tutorial!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Peter Pan Collars

I just came back from a wedding. It was actually my boyfriend's sister wedding. So I went there to lend them my hands wtf. His sister is so kind to me, so it is not nice of me if I didn't attend her wedding. Where actually my cousin getting married at the same time too T_____T. So I am a bit tired now pfftt.

I suppose to do an entry for my recent Dolly Wink Eye cream but I am too lazy now to put on full make up on my face. You don't expect me doing a review on eye make with nude face right? Plus I have one entry still in my draft HAHAHA. I wanted to publish that entry since decade ago but keep delaying it. It is actually an entry about my daily eye make. Since no one ask me 'how do you make your eyes awesome (or at least I think so wtf) like that?' but I am the one who really vain want to show off my make up skills, so I keep it safe in my draft pfftt.

Ank Rouge is one of awesome fashion line from Okarie (she is Popteen model in case you don't know). Everytime I bought and read Popteen, her sense of fashion usually caught my eyes. The more I look at them the more I realise I actually attracted to the collar style. It is called Peter Pan Collars if I am not mistaken.

Collar like this looks very sweet, nerd and honest, don't you think so? I am not really into wearing accessories like necklace when I put on awesome outfits (at least I think so too wtf) so awesome collar like this will helps my look a lot.

To my surprise, I found the tutorial in tumblr!! Yeayyy I can make it by myself. Do not worry. I'll share it with you all later XD

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Dolly Wink Gold Cream Eye Shadow Nudy Glamorous

Yes, I spent money again. Told you my recent hobby is spending money on purchasing make up pfftt.

And today, I bought Dolly Wink Gold Cream Eye Shadow Nudy Glamorous. Haven't open the packaging yet, so no pictures from me. Picture above taken from its original website. But I did try at the shop and I think the texture is quite good.

Okay okay this entry is not a review because I haven't try it properly yet. This entry is to prove that I am not lying when I say my recent hobby is spending money on make up wtf.

Sorry this is a short post because I am running late for something actually. Till then, bye!