Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Your dream walk-in wardrobe

I believe it's every girls dream having our own walk-in wardrobe. A girl can never had enough apparels right? If only universe have special fund for us girls to renovate our house and turning one of the rooms into our own walk-in wardrobe HAHAHA. This is actually one of my point of renting a house and living alone. So that I can spare a room for my infinity amount of clothes that seems like never reduced but keep increasing wtf. I swear I bought too much clothes these days and I haven't wear them yet *sigh. And of course, my imaginary walk-in closet has to be in pink! A combination of white and pink to  be exact.

Something like this. But where are the clothes? It almost doesn't make sense for a girl to have so little amount of clothes wtf.

Blair Waldorf's personal wardrobe. Ohmyyyyy look at those heelsssss!!!

BEP Fergie's wardrobe.

Because I have too many clothes, so I guess this one is better to be my reference on how to organise all my stuff.

Realistically, my so-called-dream-walk-in-wardrobe is actually like this :-

Filtered with heavy noise to avoid you from vomit seeing how messy the room is HAHAHAHA.

This house has three rooms. One is my master bedroom which I strictly put few important things only, e.g : bed, side table, fan, full body mirror, because I want it to be comfortable to sleep. Comfortable enough to make me sleep until noon wtf. Second room is my working room, filled with electronic stuff. A room where I spend most of my life wtf. Online, writing, typing, printing, watching movies, daydreaming, etc etc etc. And the third room, a room I want to make it my walk-in wardrobe, in the end look like a warehouse HAHAHAHA. I have too many useless stuff which I still can't decide to keep or to throw away. I put everything in there. So, there goes my dream of having my own celebrity wardrobe *sigh*

This is the best I can do wtf

So, what is your dream walk-in wardrobe?


  1. still you have a big space for your clothes! a lil storage stuff will turn it into a dream walk in closet! hehe.. i love dulce candy office/closet!

    1. My biggest problem is when I arrange them all nicely, a minute after it'll become like a $^$%#$#@%^ HAHAHA.

  2. Suka tengok gambar akhir sekali tu. Banyakknye baju cantik-cantik. Tu yang best kalau kurus. Kalau sy ni hhhhhh XP

    Vujie duduk rumah sewa sorang2 eh? Bestnyaaaaa.

    1. A'ah duduk sorang. Sewa rumah kecil saja. Cukup-cukup untuk sorang tinggal saja HAHA. Selama ni tinggal asrama, nak merasa tinggal sorang pula hehe.