Thursday, January 21, 2016

how my job affect my relationship

This is the third week of school 2016 and I can say I'm pretty much exhausted with all the meetings lately. I've been given a new task, which is in charge of the library, and still struggling to understand and follow the flow. Usually the library teacher will only get around 10 to 12 teaching periods. Since we don't have enough teachers in school now, so I get 20 periods. Never mind, I'm positive that I can handle this. I just need more time.

Even if I want to complain about the meetings, not just meetings but loadsss of meetings, that is what I would looooove to complain but nobody would care. So yeah, just complain it in your head Vujie pffftt. I'm too tired that I scolded my husband last nite just because I asked him to cook but he said he don't know how HAHAHAHA. To be honest, it's true that he had no idea on how to cook vege soup, but he can actually prepares mee maggi awesomely. And his fried rice is actually nicer and yummy-ier than mine pfft. I'm too tired to cook so I said just cook vege soup, a very simple recipe. I took out all the ingredients, all he has to do is just slice them and put them on fire. And he just stood there saying he don't know. I explained again and went to bath, expecting there will be food on table when I'm done. Still there's nothing and he knew that my face said "Where's the food?", he then went to the kitchen and tried to slice the onion. I was mad and I said never mind let me handle, but not in a good intonation I tell you.

Then everything settled. Food was on table, we ate and we went to sleep. I was tired and slept deeply. Before I slept, I kept asking myself why he couldn't understand that I'm tired, and vege soup is soooooo simple, just throw all of them into the pot and wait until it's safe to eat, why can't he do that?

And also, I can actually just do all that by myself without asking him in the first place. I can do everything because it's so simple, I can prepare everything because it's so simple, I don't have to scold him because I CAN DO EVERYTHING BECAUSE IT'S SO SIMPLE hahahaha. I was mad for a silly reason hahaha.

So, that's how my job affect my life slowly. People say steady relationship starts from the 5th year of marriage. So, I still have another two and a half year to walk patiently :D

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