Thursday, June 21, 2012

Old-New Ash Hair

LOLOL it took me like thousand years to update my old-new hair. Okay let me explain. First, I was busy with my job right after the school break ended. Second, I was busy I went to Bandung, will update about it later which-i-am-not-sure-when wtf. Third, I'm back to school and busy again fml. You know, we're rushing now to do all the school activities before fasting month. From this week until the beginning of Ramadhan, we are all busy with camping, motivation camp, sports, etc.

Okay, straight to the point.  I decided to do my hair a week before I fly to Bandung. I was at KK so I gave a try to Patrick Salon (located at Centre Point KK) because my friend once told me this salon is really great but they're expensive T___T Nevermind. I simply put this as investment for hair wtf

Remember this pic?
Showed this pic to the hairstylist and told her I want something like this. Ash as the base and 2 tones lighter color as the ombre. I kept explaining the colors I really want and she seemed like confuse. I'm pretty sure it was actually my explanation sucks HAHAHA. Then she said, "Okay okay I know what you mean. Let me do it." Okay alright madam, I trust you, please do your best. 

Now, to the result :-

She did the ombre exactly like the picture I showed HAHAHAHA Noooooo!!! That's not 2 tones lighter. That's tooooones lighter. But The Secret taught me to always say Thank You because we never knew what the other had been through wtf so I gave big smiles and showed my happy face while deep inside I kept persuading myself it's okay I can redo it later if I'm unable to love it wtf

But still, the ash color is really great that I love it to the max I can die!

Blonde X Ash
This was how it look like after curled

Actually the colors were pretty nice, I can still pour love but I have to consider I have another about 5 months in this year to go teaching, meet the always-curious-students (one of my student asked my colleague why my hair keep changing color am I wearing wig or what HAHAHA), meet the bosses, etc. If it's November, then okay. I'll just rage wtf.

So I changed the blonde to the lighter ash color I wanted from the first place. This time, I did it at The Azores salon, Miri. He knew what I wanted and he delivered the color very well.

Filtered. Use your imagination to remove the filter wtf.

This hairstylist asked why did I chose this ash because it didn't really compliment my skin tone. It makes my skin look darker. Okay, I don't have the right answer. Nevermind. Proper make up will help wtf.

Before this, the salon I went always applied Schwarzkorf (geez so difficult to spell!). This time, they used Wella products and my hair is like old tree wtf Not smooth at all! Not sure why. Maybe the products don't have enough moisturizer in it. But they claimed Wella is the best, beat the Schwarzkorf some more. I think it didn't happen to me *sigh* Maybe it only works well with super lucky people with super healthy hair.

Ulcer came to me few days before my vacation shit me why didn't I drink enough water. It was awkward because ulcer usually attack inside your mouth, this time it attacked my lower lip, outside some more wtf So most of my vain pictures look like this, just to hide the Mr. Obvious Ulcer ;

Sorry for the wide forehead wtf

I will try to drink enough water from now on -.-


  1. I love that Ash-toned hair shade too!! I've tried consulting it with the salon I've went to and they told they don't know how to achieve that same shade >_<..Then, I'll just try checking other much* experienced salons..haha..

    1. One thing I hate on ash-toned is it fades easily, like veeeeery easy T__T