Tuesday, June 5, 2012

black roots go away!

Thing I hate when having dyed hair is maintaining it when black roots start showing T___T The last time I dyed my hair was before I went to Bangkok, about 3 months ago. Black roots start to show now and I now need to redo it again. Plus, I'm going to Bandung next week so I need it badly! Vacation means pictures. Pictures means pretty. Pretty means nice hair. Nice hair means no ugly roots. Get it? Get it? HAHAHA.

I don't want unnatural color like pastel pink green lilac (actually I really want to!! I wish I'm not a government slave) and I'm going for brown again because it looks natural and pretty. Something like this;

Or this;

Together with an ombre at the end like this;

Well not that blonde. I'm going for two tones lighter than base color. At least it'll look like ombre HAHA.

Now, the problem is finding a good salon in KK. I want to try White Salon (salon Maguchan went for her hair and seem like they are doing good job) but Maguchan told me they are now under construction T_____T Back in Miri, I always go to Alan Inspiration Hair Salon because I think they have good stylists even though they are expensive. I know there is Alan's branch in KK too but I want to give a try to another salon.

Will update again later when this problem solved wtf.


  1. We have the same dilemma! I love dying my hair but at the same time also hating it when black roots kept growing/showing which means its time to retouch again! >_< But despite hating it, vanity still wins! lolz! Hope you get to find the salon you prefer! ^_~

  2. Good luck finding a salon :D
    I think the ombre looks really pretty and it would be cool to have.
    Ah I want to dye my hair pink but then I'll have to start worrying about roots too ._.

    1. Actually this problem already solved LOL but haven't got enough time to blog yet *sigh*