Monday, October 15, 2012

hantaran. once or twice.

Some people say 26 is already old for a girl so must get married very quick. Or else it would affect the womb or whatever blablabla. But why I hadn't give a deep thought about that? HAHAHA. Okay, maybe it is because I'm still enjoying my single life. My other half and I never talked (yet) about this living together thing very serious. I mean like discussing it as if we are in a parliament meeting or something wtf. But sometimes we do talk about it. And it ends very quick. It almost like a joke for us. Maybe, because everytime we try to discuss I feel like laughing HAHAHA.

So yesterday, that topic popped out again. You know how we have 'hantaran' before marriage right? It started because we are not sure when will people bring the 'hantaran'.

Me : "When will people actually bring the 'hantaran'? Is it on the engagement day or on 'akad nikah' day? Why some people give 'hantaran' twice?"

Him : "I am not sure too. I haven't experienced it myself yet." (yea wtf)

Me : "Ah whatever. But I want to insist that among all the 'hantaran', there must be a Balenciaga bag for me!"

Him : "Yes, of course. Why not? You just need to wait."

Me : "What?? Really?? Are you willing to spend almost 6K for the sake of my Balenciaga bag?? Tell me honestly."

Him : "HAHAHA NO."

Me : " ........................... "

That's how our conversation ended.

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