Sunday, February 3, 2013

makeup organizer

I showed this section in previous post but, let me show you once again. What to do, this is my favorite section in the house wtf. Frankly, because this is the only part that shows my house somehow looks neat and nice. The others might give you a nightmare. Actually I want to show you guys my super adorable crystal clear makeup organizer!

Tadaaa~ Here it is.

I found out about this organizer through Sabrina's blog. She blogged it but god knows how committed that girl in blogosphere, she blogged everything that I can't find the real post anymore (or maybe I'm just dumb like that) HAHA. They say this organizer thing started famous because of Kardashian. I don't watch Kardashian series or whatever so I don't know until I found out through Sabrina. Sabrina is kind enough to give link of where can we buy it too. However, I think the price tag is killing me #foreverpoor. 

So I became Detective Conan, using the power of google, tried to find cheaper price tag. God listened. Google helped. I found this post. I read and I sent an idea to my mind that I can afford it HAHAHA. I don't know, maybe if you can find it maybe in alibaba or taobao, it will be waaayyy cheaperrrr.  Or maybe, the prices different from each other based on its size, I don't know.

I emailed Lilian at (in case you guys want it too hehe) and asked if she still sell the organizer. I was lucky she said she just restocked. Even though patience is virtue, in this case waiting is killing me HAHAHA. So I tried my best to pay as soon as I can and deep in my heart I prayed hard she will give her best too. Lilian is very good I tell you. She responded to ALL my emails. Even I just typed Thank You lol. She even helped me predict when will the package reached me.

That's how my makeup stuff look right now. Crystal clear effects somehow gives classy luxury look I guess hehe. I don't really have lots makeups. So, this size is actually perfect. This transparent organizer really helps me find things I need easily. I think I should apply this concept to my wardrobe also. I keep on losing undergarments nowadays I can't find matching bra and underwear wtf.

That thing covered with pink blingbling is actually my blusher brush, in case you are wondering lol. Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil works very effective in combating with pimples wtf. See? I don't really own colorful lipsticks. All of them are in natural shades. Except the Silky Girl in hot red shade and I bought it just for fun. Never wear it outside or else I'll look like clown. I can't handle it HAHA.
First drawer filled with eyeshadows. Yeah, all in brown shades. Boring right? Recently, I went Dior and bought pink eyeshadow and I'm still taking special lesson until now on how to use pink eyeshadow through Youtube wtf. The Dior girl said my skin tone can handles pink eyeshadow prettily (she said while applying it on my eyelids because I got free makeup session) but yeah, whatever professional magic touch will always looks good. Me myself? I don't think so fml.

Second drawer. Moisturizer, foundation, sunblock and eyebrow powder. Essentials only.

Third drawer. Compact powder that no longer used (nowadays I only put loose power) but I refuse to throw it away because of the pretty case hehe. Some Holika Holika free stuff. 

They are all basic. That why I said the size is just perfect for me. Unless my job requires me to put 10kg chemicals on my face, so maybe I need bigger organizer wtf. 

And yeah, if you want to get the same organizer you can email Lilian. I'm not sure if she has other sizes but you can always ask, she doesn't bite hehe.

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