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Sofina bag story

Almost everyone around me knows my obsession toward bags. I have too many bags. Even my mum and aunts wait patiently for my spring cleaning, because they know there must be something useful for them, especially bag lol. Last December I brought back my i-dont-want-to-wear-anymore bags to my hometown in a large size plastic. I also can't recall which bags I threw inside because they've been in the plastic for ages, but I swear they all still in good condition. One day, when I was checking my mum's facebook, I saw her photo bringing my Juicy Couture bag to go outstation HAHAHA.

I realize I had too many bags. And being me, I always buy bags, doesn't matter cheap or expensive, as long as I like them. So, I tell myself not to buy just any bags anymore. If I really want to buy, think deeply on how long I will be able to wear them. I should invest in good bags. Even though if I happen to just have 2 bags, they must be real good!

And, God knows how much I desperately want Balenciaga. Since it costs a lot, I have to save as many as I can. By saving, I have to sacrifice lots *sigh*.

But, it is all written up there. I bought a bag last week, and it is not Balenciaga HAHAHAHA   
Sometime bag inspired by Vivy Yusof. She named it Sofina.

Here comes the full story.

My bff also admires Vivy's style. Especially her taste on bags. Obviously, her bags are all expensive hehe.  When Vivy announced that she will produce bags, my bff was like 'let's buy if it's really good.'

And I said, "No babe. I promised myself not to buy bag if it is not Balenciaga." I said that in my mind.
"Okay, let's do that." That was what came out from my mouth.

A week before launching, I reminded her to stay in front of computer at 10 am because that was the exact time of the official launch. And she did. I was at school with sucks internet connection, I failed to do the same. Bff sent me whatsapp, telling me how beautiful the bags are and they were available in purple, blue, red and green. I was, "okay, wait till I reach home this evening." I even promised her will place order that night.

And when I reached home, my mind was working hard to decide either blue or purple. Bff wanted green. Then I went to FashionValet, only to find out that colors we want were all sold out! Omg that was real fast! First attempt failed.

I can't remember when the exact time, my bff whatsapp me again. 'Hey, they have your purple bag now. Just take blue for me.' I was happy and I put them into cart. Then I took my own sweet time to pay because I was actually intended to buy another shoes hehe. So okay. Bags, confirmed. Shoes, confirmed. Proceed to pay. 

'These items are currently out of stock.' FashionValet told me that. And they were the bags. The bags gone again! Not even an hour! Second attempt failed.

Days later, announcement up from FV team. Sofina bags will be restocked again. I know I can't make it because I will be at school at time they restock. So, my bff and I made a mission not-so-impossible. Bff is not so familiar into buying from FV so I let her use my account to make an order. The time came.

Bff : Okay, all items available. How should I proceed?
Me : First you bla bla bla bla. Already? Next bla bla bla. Wait. Look at the address. Is it my Miri address or Kinarut? If Kinarut, change it to Miri.
Bff : I don't know how. I can't change it direct here.
Me : Omg how?? What if they sold out again?? Okay okay. I'll go home now!
Bff : Okay, hopefully they will still available.

Unfortunately, driving from school to house usually takes an hour. And when I reached home, they were gone again. Third attempt failed.

God listened to us. FV announced that they will restock again but VERY LIMITED amount.

Me : They will restock again. I'll change the address and tomorrow you just proceed to pay. I'll teach you how. (explaining very serious)
Bff : Okay. You are so serious HAHAHA.

I am serious you know!

Next day,

Bff : Okay, everything is ready. Your card number?
Me : 237678364876394734628372389
Bff : Okay, done. They said, 'thank you for your purchase'. That means success right?
Me : YESSSS!!! *too excited hahaha*

WE MADE IT! At our fourth attempt HAHAHAHA

And when the parcel arrived, as soon as I closed the door, I immediately looked for scissor. I can't wait any longer to lay my hands on that bag. Maigawd you are super pretty Sofina. Thank you Vivy, you are very genius. Words not good enough to express how grateful I am to invest in this bag.

Vivy's version
Vujie's version.

The color is more gorgeous in real life. The stunning purple is not really show in picture. It is so roomy that I bring my world in it. I can put everything including nasi lemak in it. Even textbooks!

No no no. Doesn't means I'm not eye-ing on Balenciaga anymore. I still am. But currently, this Sofina will be my everyday bag hehehe.

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