Wednesday, May 22, 2013

tick tock to the big day

Think back, it is so not me to be apart of blog, twitter, instagram, etc. Well, that happened. The so-not-me is becoming ME wtf. Seriously, me myself can't understand why I tweet less and don't have anything to post in instagram.One that I know, I kept telling myself not to talk about the engagement or wedding before the time comes. So, that was why I don't tweet and posting pics. Okay, that makes some sense hehe.

Since the engagement day is over and the wedding will happens in a few days, so it's okay to talk about it now. Plus, this AyuCandy asked me to blog about it HAHA I thought no one want to know. So yeah. Here we go.

Frankly, Dedek and I actually planned this last year I think, maybe November or December, I forgot. But then, we wanted to keep it until we both are very sure to proceed or not hehe. Then, we both were agreed to tell the families. Dedek told his family in an easy way I guess. And mine was too hard HAHAHA. I always have this problem when it comes to talk about something serious like this with the family. I always feel lost and don't know how to start. I took few weeks to think before I made a call to my mum HAHA.

Me : Ma, hehehehehe. I'm getting married this June. The engagement is on March. Hehehehehe.
Mum : Ehh? No wind no storm want to get married?

I even asked mum to keep it as secret until everything is okay. Then the pressure begun T__T

Malay engagement or wedding have this tradition of giving barang hantaran to each other. I don't know where to start, so I told myself to buy anything pretty and affordable that I want and put them in the dulang. I don't need hundred dulang. 5 from him and 7 from me are fine.

This one was hard. To choose between Steve Madden or Aldo. Both are super gorgeous and I can only put a pair *sigh. Finally, I chose Steve Madden.

Not a fan of yellow gold. Visiting goldsmith also awkward moment wtf. Dedek even suggested me to go by myself because it will be very awkward for both of us choosing the ring together AHAHA. In the end, I chose the simplest one.

Stuff are all ready. Decorating problem chime in. I know I am not a creative person to turn a makeup stuff to a miniature twin towers, or turning a pair of heels to a miniature boat wtf. Bought pretty baskets, pastel flowers, beads, tadaaa~ problem solved!

Mine was pink. Purple for Dedek.

And the day came. Since the first day I agreed to engaged, I said I don't want pelamin. Everything should be simple. Old school please, no pelamin and the engagement is still on. In the end, my mum won wtf. She said I am the only daughter and this is her first and last experience. Okay, fine. Pelamin is fine. When I woke up the next morning;


Striking green, striking yellow, breath Vujie, breath deeply. Everything will be fine. That was what I told myself.

To keep everything simple, the natural makeup was done by myself. Well actually, it is the makeup I apply on my face to school HAHA. Nothing special on that. And I wore the Jewel peplum from Jovian Mandagie, last Aidiladha collection. It is pretty so it is okay to wear on my engagement day. Hair color done by Amy from number76. I purposely went to KL to get new hair color because Number76 salon is the only salon that gives my hair less damage from coloring. They are the best!

And this man. I agreed to give him a big responsibility to accomplish a taking-care-of-Vujie's-life mission wtf.

The mission begins.

Dedek and I, and also both families agreed, this engagement is only lasted for about 2-3 months. The wedding will be in May or June. This is actually what I always had in my mind. I don't want a very long engagement period. Engagement for me is something tough. I heard stories that during engagement, anything can happen. Pressure is double. And I think I am not tough enough to keep that as one of my major problem in life HAHAHA.

And they are all right. You think engagement is nice huh? Refer picture above. The first fight.

HAHAHAHA. No lah, it's not. We were just talking about something but I don't know why my face looks like I'm gonna slap him in any minute wtf. And actually, we are doing very good during this engagement period. Thanks to the short engagement period hehe. 

The wedding will be on 31 May and 1 June 2013. Maigawd it is next week! You, who are reading this, are invited to the wedding ^^, and share the happiness together with us hehe. As this post is near to the end, I can't guarantee when will I update on the wedding. I apologize in advance hehehe.

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  1. Ohhhh Vujie... why so jauhhh. Hehe. Thanks update pasal engagement! CONGRATULATIONS :) Semoga wedding day nanti berjalan lancar dan diberkati Allah.

    Kelakar gambar fight dan caption dia tu! Tergelak i tengok! XD And... the pelamin.. Vujie sabar Vujiee haha ^^