Wednesday, August 21, 2013


HAHA. Can't believe I'm still alive, do you? Well yeah. I do have lots of time. But seems like I can't find the right mood to document my life. Especially my wedding story. Been married almost 3 months but still haven't blog about it. Or maybe, I should wait until I deliver newborn baby then blog it HAHAHA. Oh no no. Don't misunderstand just yet. I'm not pregnant yet. Not that we're not looking for a baby, but we just want to enjoy the newlywed moment a little bit longer hehehe.

Uhm,, to tell you honestly, of course I did select best wedding pictures of mine to come out with a blogpost and already edited them. However, it's written up there that my continuous happy moments had to be paused for a while. I got robbed during fasting month :( 

A day before school break started, thieves got into my house while I was sleeping and took away my laptop, cash money, id cards, atm cards, wedding rings and etc. It was heavy rain that night and I didn't hear any sound. Quite shocking because that was my first time. What makes me felt so down was my almost five year old laptop. All my memories were in that laptop. And my works of course. I do have backups in external hard disk but the thieves took it away too. Now I have to start again from zero pfftt. 

However, I'm being positive. I'm looking to the bright side. Maybe the thieves need it more than me. So okay, I hope you will be happy with my stuff wtf. No, really. If that can makes you happy, go ahead. But I hope you acknowledge that you are not doing the right thing.

I'm still being lucky because they didn't lay even a finger on me so I'm safe. Even though I was sleeping in my unlocked room by that time! Maybe they just want the stuff. They don't intend to hurt anyone physically. Or maybe, the way I sleep is not sexy at all they don't even want to have a gaze HAHAHAHAHA

So, now I settled with police reports and all. I'm so touched by my husband. He's always there with me even in my sadness. He sacrificed a lots of things (I never expect he will do this during our 8 years relationship before we got married). Guess I got married with the right man hehe.

Till then, bye :D


  1. Ya Allah, rumah u kena pecah masuk :(
    Sabar Vujie. Mungkin Allah nak bagi vujie rezeki yang lebih baik.

    "Or maybe, the way I sleep is not sexy at all they don't even want to have a gaze"
    Adoii cerita sedih..tapi part ni buat i tergelak! haha

  2. 8 tahun ka jie? woo..lama x blog kan..aku rsa aku lpa sdh password blog aku..hahaha