Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year

There are few posts in my draft and I chose to ignore them. No other reason, I was just lazy. And I am still lazy. For the time being, blog is like, the 275th in my life that I want to do HAHA. When blog was in trend, I can blog thrice a day. Nowadays, hmm I better not think about it.

Anyway, today is 2nd January 2014. Still not too late for me to wish you Happy New Year. Hopefully this year will bring more luck and all fortune to me and to you. 

And today is also my first day to work in this two thousand fourteen. I'm in charge of Year 1. I personally prefer pupils in year 4 to 6, because they listen to me better. And they can take my jokes HAHA. With seven years old kiddos, I need to be extra careful of my choice of words and also my action. They will copy everything I tell you! If you scold them because it's their own fault, they didn't know and will say you are so grumpy, always want to scold. When you are not in the mood, PMS I mean, they didn't understand and they can still run all around the class till you feel like you are going crazy. But who can resist their doe eyes??? In the end, I am the one who will feel sorry because I am being selfish, I should understand them not asking for the other way.

Also, this year my class has 9 girls and only two boys. I foresee my class will perform better in any event because girls love thing like that HAHA. The downside is just, it will be not really easy to handle when they misunderstand each other. It will be a drama of course! Sulking, crying, unfriend each other etc, that will be the plot wtf. 

Hmm. I failed in my application to transfer again. Again. So I'm staying in my current school again. I read this somewhere today, "when you didn't get what you want, believe that Allah has better plan for you." I don't know what fortune is waiting for me. Nevermind. Someday it will come to me.

Okay. Will see you again. Daa~

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