Sunday, July 27, 2014


Well umm,, my last post was January. And I'm back in July? HAHAHA at least I can still remember my blog password. 

I lost interest in blog just because. No other reason. I was just lazy. I felt like there was nothing to share. Even if I share, nobody wants to know wtf.

And I'm writing again in this post just because I don't know what else to do right now.

My last post stated that I failed again in my application for transferring to other school. I didn't tell that I applied again right? And for the 7th time, Allah granted it. Succeed to transferred to Labuan. So here I am, serving for JPN Labuan hehehe. My lucky year I guess. I left Miri for good.

It has been five months already. I'm happy to be here in Labuan, even though people say Labuan is boring with no entertainment at all. I have to say yes to that, but doesn't bother me that much since I don't enjoy going out for movies every night, or stay outside hang out till dawn, or clubbing, etc. I don't do that. I'm just happy with my life, go to work, going out with friends for food and chit chatting, then come back home to relax. I'm good with all that.

Also, this situation is even better for me as I just need to drive less than 5 minutes to arrive at school every morning hehehe. Rather than staying in Miri and drive for an hour to school everyday *sigh*.

And, husband and I don't need to check the airlines ticket every day just to find cheap tickets anymore. Waste no money here. His main base is here. Sometimes he'll be working in KK but never mind because all the airlines fares are on the company. After settle with works, his tickets are ready to go back to Labuan. All I have to do is just wait for him patiently hehe.

Not sure if I'm going to blog about my wedding anymore. Because it was last year and we actually celebrated our first anniversary already HAHAHA

Till then, bye.

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  1. Goshhh besarang labah2 sudah blog kita jie..bukan mainan utk mak mak dara lagi kali ni..hahahaha..serius otak tepu sudah mo mngarang..kerana mentor shaklee ku gagahi juga update takut kna marah..huuu..ku ingat tiada lg assignment bila sda tua2 ni..haihh la..