Tuesday, November 2, 2010

lower lashes

I joined this gyaru forum just to increase my excitement into gyaru style (where i actually didn't achieve any of its style fml). So I saw this thread said that gyaru must always use false lashes. I've tried upper lashes and sometimes can attached them perfectly and sometimes it will go zigzag because my hands can get parkinson depends on their mood HAHAHA.

To tell the truth, I bought a pair of lower lashes long time ago but never tried them outside my house because I think my face will look weird. But always tried use them in front of the mirror where nobody can see me looking weird HAHAHA.

Today, you are lucky because you have the opportunity to see my weird face! Promise me you won't copy my weird face and make an entry in your famous blog entitled "Weirdo Of The Year".

I can still see the glue HAHAHA.

Wish my smile will cover my totally unprofessional way use lashes.

Okay don't criticize too much. Actually you can't criticize here because I disabled comments HAHAHA.

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