Thursday, November 25, 2010

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Sorry for the lack updates, where actually there is no one reading my blog HAHAHA. Nevermind. Here is your bubbly Vujie come back to entertain herself because she is the only one who reads this blog HAHAHA.

Now I seriously admit that I am totally fall in love with my Revlon Nude lipstick. Too bad it didn't stay on my lips too long. It'll go away after I eat. I don't know how to make it stay long. FYI, I am not the person who'll go to ladies room every time after taking meal just to apply lipstick again and again.
Didn't PS this photo. That's why you can see my cheeks did not look chubby there. For all photos where you find my cheeks are chubby, trust me I did PS them HAHAHA. I am skinny even if I eat like a pig still I won't gain 5kg. I usually work hard increasing my weight and gain 2kg then my weight will drop again after menses T___T. When menses strike, I don't eat much because I can't differentiate either my stomach wants food or wants to go to toilet HAHAHA.

I swear I PS my cheeks HAHAHA.

Dressing for the day. Felt comfortable wearing it. So after this, in 10 photos u'll see 8 out of them I'm wearing the same outfit HAHAHA.

I have a feeling like I am one of those kindergarten kiddos when I wear this. Unfortunately I am not cute like them so who I'm gonna blame for my un-cuteness now HAHAHAHA.

Now with matching headband. Bought it for just RM2.50 I am so talented in buying cheap things HAHAHA.

My hair turned disaster on that day. My mistake I showered with very hot water because the room was so cold. I put tons of leave-on conditioner but still a disaster. And I forgot to bring my wig!! I can't believe I have the guts went out in public.

I hope tomorrow I can come out with better post.

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