Saturday, November 27, 2010

Giant size shades

I was thinking of updating my blog by showing off my car accessories stuff. Since I am too lazy to snap picture now, so here we go, another lame entry HAHA. I think I act abnormal now. Instead of buying fabulous outfits with matching heels or maybe spend hours doing manicure, I went to car accessories shop and my money flew away just like that. Abnormal, no? HAHAHA.

Right, I remember now I went shopping for shirts yesterday but... like usual you need to wait for me to gain strength on snapping them and show you shirts I bought. Why shirts? Because I just realised that I only bring not more than 5 shirts back here in KK. Stupid fml.

Couple months ago if I'm not mistaken I found these giant size shades with super cheap price. As you know, my obvious talent is buying cheap things HAHAHA. Bought them just for fun because I can't resist myself from buying HAHA. Bought pink one at first then when my brother saw it he felt jealous and asked me to buy another white for him. Too bad no white so I bought red for him.
The black one I wear in the picture was given by a friend. He said his face getting bigger and that shades did not suit him already HAHAHAHA. I keep mocking him Spongebob Squarepants just because he said his face getting bigger. Actually I don't think that shade suits me too but I still take it since it free. Who doesn't like free stuff? HAHAHA.

Yeah right. You realize now. I wear the same outfit again. Told ya.

I guess I have to write notes and stick it on wall where I can see it easily. If not, I will not remember that I want to snap pictures of my car accessories stuff and shirts. So that I'll have something to update my blog. If not, then I have to come out with new label "lamevujie", which you have to avoid from read them because it's boring HAHAHA.

Next entry I'll update about:-
  1. How to solve Rubik cube in 10 seconds referring to Vujie's techniques.
  2. Summary of Osama Laden biography.
  3. How to cook like a professional chef.
  4. How to achieve brilliant mind like Dr. House.

Ok fine. There are no entries like that cause I don't even know what I'm talking HAHAHA. I think it is time to take my medicine. By medicine I mean crazy med. I am crazy you know.

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