Tuesday, May 29, 2012

#random 2

Sigh. I feel like killing myself nowadays. I don't take vain pictures lately just because I have this worst skin condition due to back to back reality job T_T Picture above was taken during exam week. Thank you filters, you hid my worse skin really well wtf. Even if I think I had enough rest but still, my body didn't work as I thought it should be. So I guess, the rest was not enough actually. In the end, I can rest, like seriously resting! HAHAHA It's school break and I'm spending my days in KK right now. Duh I don't want to say this again and again but I just can't hold myself to say this, I LOVE THIS INTERNET CONNECTION HERE!

Too bad I left my car in Miri. So I'm car-less now and I'm stuck at home can't go anywhere. My house is not located at somewhere you can get public transport easily. Plus, I can't remember the last time I took a bus (vacation doesn't count) wtf. I probably forgot already how much bus fare from where to where. Leaving car and stuck at home actually didn't leave my bank account in peace. I still do online shopping HAHAHA Thank you internet!

I went to taobao and saw a pair of fake Jimmy Choo, then I went crazy in front of laptop. Never advise me to buy the real Jimmy Choo because I can never afford it with my current job. So, taobao will save me for sure HAHAHA. But no, I haven't put orders yet. Still K.I.V it.

In less than 3 weeks, I'm going to Bandung (hopefully everything will work smoothly). Right now I'm still searching for the best hotels I can get. I don't hire driver or travel agent or whatever, so I need to plan this carefully. No sightseeing for sure because it is only a 3 days 2 nights vacation. Every minutes will be dedicated to shopping purpose HAHAHA. 

But why do I think hotels in Bandung are expensive?? I went to Agoda. I got scared to stay in budget hotels because I read many complaints on them. Even for RM150/nite hotel room also got complaints. That RM150 is not cheap okay (at least for me). So, do I have to book RM300/nite hotel room? Shit that's too expensive! It is actually a bit hard for me to choose a hotel that suits my budget. Even if I find one, they don't do online reservation. I think walk in method not really secure. I'm going there on weekend, in case the hotels are fully booked, where should I stay? Mosque? Urgghh!! This didn't happened when I was choosing hotel in Bangkok *sigh*

*continue clicking here and there in Agoda*

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