Friday, May 11, 2012

Bling Bling iPhone Case

I almost forget that I bought bling bling months ago. I was actually wanted to stick them on all my make up cases so that they will be prettier than ever, and special *ehem*. But then, yeah, I'm always the one full of imaginations but lazy wtf. So that day I was too boring while waiting for Love Rain (fav korean drama at the moment) buffering, I took all the bling bling and started to do something, instead of doing nothing staring at the screen for like half an hour fml.

My no-longer-use iPhone case. Got this for free when bought the phone. The white actually turned to yellowish already euww.


LOL nothing to proud. Cheat one HAHAHA. It's very simple. I don't have to arrange them one by one. The blings originally come with its sticker. All I did only mix match them wtf.

So now, I can have my own bling case.

Bling iPhone cases are very expensive here. Some of them cost more than hundred. Wtf very expensive! Since I'm the type who throw phone carelessly in handbag, I'm not sure how long the blings will stay -.-"

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