Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Impromptu escape to Kuala Lumpur

Sometimes I would feel like I'm not Malaysian because when someone talks about Kuala Lumpur, I don't know what's the latest happen there. You know outsiders mostly will notice Malaysia if you mention Kuala Lumpur. So I feel like if I don't know Kuala Lumpur that much, I'm not Malaysian wtf. I mean like current top shopping mall, or super delicious meal, etc etc. The last time I went there was two years ago. Attended my convocation. Eventhough I was in transit at LCCT and KLIA few times this year, can't be count because those airports are not in major cities wtf.

So this was my impromptu trip. Went alone and met my friend who works there. Well actually, not really impromptu lah because I planned this for weeks but still can't decide whether to go or not to go. In the end, I went HAHAHA. You know why did I suddenly want to go to KL? The only purpose was I wanted to visit 76style !! My friends told me I am crazy spend money just because I want to visit a hair salon. But I insisted this salon is different! It is Japanese salon! HAHAHAHA will blog about my experience with 76style in my next post (god knows when).

My first day. I went straight to the airport from work and didn't get enough rest. I went kamikaze without book a hotel, so I had to walk here and there looking for the best hotel for single lady. In the end, I stayed at Capitol Hotel in front of Lowyat and next to Sungei Wang. They gave me a corner room costs RM 4++ per night. I'm not sure why they gave me discount so I paid much lesser than that lah HAHAHA I'm so lucky #likeaboss. The room is super comfortable! Worth the rate I paid I must say. The only lack about the room was the tv. It didn't function like a tv wtf. You can only listen to sound but no graphic. Maybe the person before me changed the signal and I'm too stupid I don't know how to fix it fml.

Wait for my friend to pick me up for supper.

KLCC view from my room. Believe it or not, I never went to KLCC yet T______________T

Top from Berjaya Times Square. Chose black because I wanted to try mode-style then I started to fall in love with it even though before this I always thought people who wear black all the time is fashion-less and lazy HAHAHA.
My minimal make up nowadays. I rarely put eyelid tap already. These days I also read Ray magazine and I try to practise their minimal but sweet make up. Contact lens is RainbowColor Wood Ash. Eyeliner, pencil liner both from Dolly Wink. Lipstick and lipgloss from Candy Doll. Cuteness from myself HAHAHAHA.

I really love this top especially at the back. It has buttons at the back so it doesn't look like typical boring black top.

The hotel receptionist noticed my necklace and she finds it pretty. Thank you so much but I'm not selling it wtf

Close up on the necklace. Bought at Bandung. Can't recall which outlet. Either The Secret or Oasis.

Accessories from Forever 21
La Senza was having sale on that time so,,,, yeahhh.. I actually don't mind wearing a RM10 bra as long as it's comfortable and able to hug me well wtf. This La Senza haul is ummmm just because HAHAHAHA Not sure why I bought floral motives. Usually I prefer plain one. No fancy colors, no fancy motives, no fancy laces, etc etc etc. I don't find those are important because for the time being, I have no one to show my bras HAHAHAHA
Pastel skinny from Topshop. I saw Tricia Gosingtian wears this color and she looks really good in it. I hope it'll looks good on me too. Not sure why I dare to compare Tricia who is a walking barbie with myself who is a walking zombie fml.

So this short trip ended here.

It's fasting month and I'm doing good. I've never mentioned this before but I actually took Ephyra since June. I'm on my second box now. Ephyra is a collagen drink. In a same time it can gives energy. So, thank you to Ephyra for your contributions in my fasting effort lol.


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  2. I really love your statement necklace! You look so stylish!