Thursday, July 19, 2012

a better person for a better life

These days I try my best to keep calm. I admit I can get angry easily. Like really easy. Even if someone accidentally use unsuitable voice tone to me. Or to people around me *sigh*. Since I was born, I have this princess attitude that I want everything runs as smooth as I want. If it doesn't, that makes me grumpy. I am spoilt brat I know T__T As I grew older, I noticed that I've changed. Not fully changed yet. A little bit, maybe. I laugh when something annoying happen so that I can act like I'm not angry at all. They say laugh is a good medicine. That's how I try to be a better person.

But still. I don't understand why people don't even have the intention of getting better. I mean like they say they want to change, but then their complains are getting bigger than before. Or do you mean it doesn't matter change from nice to bad as long as you change? 

I read The Secret. Even though I am not good at practising it but I did try. The Secret is not even a Quran. But it is a good book to read and practise. The Secret emphasizes the more we complain, the more bad things will come to us. Based on that I can see why troubles keep coming and find the people who complains a lot. For financial, for job, for lifestyle, etc. Their life is not getting better at all. I do complain. And these days, I calm myself first before I complain. It's hard to do but I try.

Then, I don't get it why people always have an issue (or issues) with others. I mean like, sure there is something small that may be annoying that makes you feel like slap him/her right on the face, can we just laugh at it and let it pass? Why must make it an issue just to make others join the war and fanning the flame? As for me, I won't get involve if it doesn't include me. So please. You can say everything bad but don't expect me to join the parade. I would love to stay away from any negativity. We are friend but that does not means it is compulsory for me to be on your side and makes enemy *sigh*

Be better for people around me is easier for me than be fully better person for my other half and family. Ugh I never knew that's too hard to do. Especially for my other half. If you happen to read this (usually he don't), I am sorry for making you my punching bag because it is too hard to throw away this princess attitudes when it is you T_T I am trying my best, please give me your supports.

That's all. Thank you. Emo post shouldn't be long like this HAHAHAHA

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  1. I think I'm exactly like you haha tho i haven't read the secret yet, and what i studied in uni shows the flaws in the secret XD i will try it tho, and I hope you are becoming a 'better person' although I'm sure you already are :)