Monday, July 9, 2012

Insta Spam #2

Promised to blog my Bandung hauls before. These days I bought too many things that I don't know where to start. Some of them are still in plastic bags T__T So I do this trick again. Steal my own instagram pics and come out with a new post wtf. So yea, it's basically random insta post.

Super nice wave I got from my lazy hair routine, which is put my hair into braid HAHAHA. Sometimes I let my messy hair be itself without any chemical stuff or straightening iron heat or whatever, but I make sure they're in neat condition like braid or Japanese hairbun because I don't want to scare people around me with lion hair wtf. So yea, that's my super dry and super damage hair.

Explain to me on how can I do proper post on these hauls. They're too many. Remember when I was at KK and got super fast internet connection? I went mad that day.

This was when our school held a motivation camp for Year 6 students. Basically I tried to tell my colleagues that even I'm Poor but I'm Good Looking HAHAHA. Matched that loose shirt with Miss Sixty skinny jeans from The Secret factory outlet in Bandung.

Marc Jacob day. From top to bag (and perfume, the smell can't be shown on picture wtf), all are Marc Jacob. Top and bag from Rumah Mode, Bandung. I regret why didn't I buy that top more than one. It is so comfy with good material used. Don't ask either they're authentic or not. I don't know. The bag I'm quite sure not authentic.

Colorful stripes top from Rumah Mode Bandung also. Asymmetrical sky blue skirt from online blogshop. Showing my short legs HAHAHA.

Cute cafe curtain bought at Daiso. I can't say no to the pink roses and strawberries. Still try to figure out where to hang them. Too short to be kitchen curtain.

Ya ya I know this is sooooo last year. I tahan myself not to buy since last year just because everybody seems to wear it but then dropped my ego and bought it just for fun. My student said I wore kids watch. Oh kids, what do you know about fashion LOL.

I did this fishtail braid to my friend and she likes it! Yay! I can feel like I'm talented and I can open a salon already wtf
Picture taken while my friend and I tried our best to take our own selca but we wanted it to be like someone else take the picture for us. It's like someone really adore you and take your pics nonstop and you can feel like you are the most pretty in the world HAHAHA. We both had so much fun laughing at our own selca.

I'm just done with airline tickets again. And this week I'm gonna fly again weehuuuu~ No matter how much money flew away, if this stuff can makes me a happy person, why not right?

But wait. Remember my pink dotted luggage? Broken already T_________T I need new pink luggage!


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    1. Thank you Ayu ^^ Senang buatnya. Tapi penat sebab kena amik sikit-sikit.