Thursday, December 27, 2012

Family trip to Kundasang, Ranau.

So I've been abandoning my blog again huh? Yea, I am. I'm enjoying my own sweet time at home, wasting every moment with deep sleep before I'm going back to my crazy working life. I went out shopping also, which I claim as my own self reward. But I guess that is not really accurate because I shop all the time HAHA.

And I also went out of the house tagging my big families for a short trip to Kundasang and Ranau. My aunt actually planned this. She wanted to bring her kids for a short trip. And as usual, all of us automatically joined the trip HAHA and I was the driver of course. My other half drove my car back to his home because I was away to Sibu, he was so annoying he didn't want to use taxi, he said he had too many stuff this time *sigh*. So for this trip, I drove my aunt's MPV, considering my 7 passengers wtf.

Kinabalu Park. Actually we didn't go inside. We arrived late due to some reasons and of course because my driving skill is really poor wtf. I stopped by and told the kids to take pictures as proof that we were here HAHAHA.

My other half is originally from Ranau (his home to Kundasang only takes 20 minutes I guess), so I asked him to book rooms first. He booked deluxe room at Pine Resort Kundasang. For my standard, it's worth the money. It's clean and comfortable. The surrounding is very pretty too. But I would choose to eat outside for breakfast. Not really a problem actually, it was just because the choices are limited.

It was heavy rain the night before, so the next morning was realllllyyyy cold. I don't really expect this weather because last time I came, it doesn't really cold and I brought thin clothes!!! Serve me right. It was too cold that I woke up at 4.30 am and can't sleep *sigh*. However, it was breathtaking seeing Kinabalu Mount in the morning. See my cousins? HAHAHA all wrapped like durian crepe. At 6.30 am I was, 'wake up! You guys said want to see Kinabalu Mount right? There!' And my other half was like, 'sigh this girl, what's so special about it?' HAHAHAHA okay lah you see it for the whole of your life but please be understanding for us.

Waiting for checkout.
Kundasang's weather makes me feel like I'm extra pretty HAHAHA

Since it was really a short trip, we don't bother to bring the kids to Poring Hotspring. The chances of kids don't want to go back after having fun is sky high. We chose not to take the risk HAHAHA. Then we head to a known natural fish spa, Luanti.

My second time to Luanti and I'm still afraid of the fishes HAHAHA. They're so big I feel like they can bite my feet until my knees wtf.

Look at my annoying face wtf. Mum was so busy trying to catch fishes for no reason.

The tour guide, my other half. He was like, 'come here. Those big ones are useless. They only cuddle your feet. These small ones actually give you real spa.' And I was, 'what? They bite? NOOOOO!!' HAHAHA

Fishes all gone from our side because people next to us bring food for them wtf.

Ungrateful fishes after ate all food from us then you guys ran away. 

Then we head to Desa Cattle Farm at Mesilau, Kundasang. I heard so many stories from my friends. They all said the place is soooo beautiful. But they forgot to tell me how risky the steep hills. I was so thankful that I asked my other half to drive. I would cause unpleasant memories if I am the driver. One friendly reminder from me if you wish to go there, make sure your brake functioning excellently especially if you drive automatic car.

So yeah, I took nice pic of you. Now, your turn to take mine.

You think this nice huh??

Next attempt. He said I'm too short to snap the peak view wtf

 On me ; Top and pant : Roxy
Sandal : local store

And our only pic together taken by my aunt. I'm soooo makcik-makcik right? HAHAHAHA. He said I look like I'm losing weight but why do I feel like I'm gaining weight? I'm trusting my own instinct because I know what I eat.

I love trip like this. Trip of lots people and lots sweet memories.

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