Sunday, January 6, 2013

teach me how

All pictures credit to An & LeFlowers

Can anybody photoshop experts out there help me on how to edit pictures like above? Or at least give me best keyword to google in case you don't have time to explain? Okay, I know first step is taking pictures in the evening maybe wtf. 

If I happen to get married, I would love to have wedding pictures like above instead of having common pictures like staring to each other eyes while trying to say I heart you thru the eyes wtf. Or maybe taking pictures in studio with waterfall scenery behind HAHA. No, really. I would love to have a simple outdoor photoshoot but finding a good photographer that suit my taste might be uneasy I guess. But, urm.. why do I talk about this when I don't even have a date for wedding yet? HAHAHAHA.

No, seriously. I really want to learn how to have pictures like above. Please give me tips. If I can't find good photographer, maybe I can just edit my pictures myself wtf.


  1. sis, si khairunie oso can do like this lah! kastaw dia, suru dia ambil gambar pre wedding kamu nanti. hehe

    1. actually memang terpikir si khay juga hehe. pre wed? LOL. Perancangan pun belum sekarang ni HAHA.