Sunday, October 6, 2013

my sunday

Hello. How's your Sunday? Mine is not so good. I mean I woke up early and dressed up nicely to spend my weekend at Bintang Megamall Miri. It was just 40 minutes past 10 am when I arrived at the basement parking entrance, and it was FULL wtf. Miri people really has a thing going into mall early morning until car park full heh? *sigh* Fine then. Next time I will come at 7 am. See if car park full or not.

So I drove back to the airport and here I am, having brunch at Starbucks and use their wireless to update blog hehe.

Dedek took picture above. At last, I satisfied with his work. All the instax photos of me he took before this all were mehhh. I kept nagging said that I took good pictures of him (at least I think so hehe) but he didn't put much effort in taking nice pic for me. I love that my arm looks skinny in the pic haha.

And yeah, I have my own laptop already hehe. It took a few weeks before I make decision which one should I buy. I lost track since when I admire this macbook. But then the price tag is killing me. So when I lost my previous sony vaio, I aimed for this. Dedek said it's too expensive. He can buy two or maybe three laptops with its price. But I insisted that I'm not the person who will lost interest in thing I love easily. I would never think of buying new laptop if the vaio still with me. And he said, "okay lah. Your money anyway." hahahaha I won! I love it that it's sooooo light. No wonder people who own macbook air bring theirs anywhere everywhere. But I still can't find out where to download photoshop :(

This is me today. Before going out, only to find out that car park is full hahahaha useless. Notice my jade bangle? I actually bought it for fun. Never I expect that it will matches almost all my daily outfits. Is this what we call killing two birds with two stones? wtf. I love how it gives me a lil girly element even if I'm in my PE outfit. Chinese believes that wearing jade bangle on left will bring lucks to the wearer. And wear it on right gives good health and avoid misfortune. I'm wearing it on my left. So, come here you all lucks in the world!!!

Till then, daa~


  1. great machine that MBA, worth every penny. you might want to get GIMP as alternative to Photoshop.

  2. suka btul aku bca blog mu ni jie...
    mau marathon dlu aku baca,,,
    lama ni nda buka

  3. Laviap;

    It took me a while to finally realise it is you Paival! Haha

  4. Mrs Mikko;

    Lama jua nda nampak ko bah hehe.