Wednesday, October 27, 2010

emo again and again

Well now I'm back. For my blog . With nothing in mind wtf.

If you don't like, then just ignore my pic. Uploaded it because... erm just because. I've done with my medical check up yesterday and report showed nothing suspicious. So okay, I am still healthy to live my life.

I am tired about others who love to talk behind me. And of course badmouth about me. I don't know how the way I dress affects your life. And why can't you stop talking about it. I don't see that if I wear make up then you can't fulfill your stomach and I can't see how possible if I wear tights then our boss will not give your salary wtf. My life business will never ruin your life, mind that!

As long as I remember, I have never tried to interfere in your life. So why can't you? I can see that you put much efforts in putting me in your circle. I mean older people circle. Hey I am young enough to get trendy! Why must you ruin me? If you like to be conservative then go on. Just don't bring me together in your boring life. Mine is mine!

I must stop now. If only you can read this you retard!

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