Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Weight history

Never tell you this but in this pic cannot deny anymore. I have weird face shape. Right and left imbalance. Left jaw bigger than right wtf. Anybody please invent liquify apps in blackberry 9700.

I swear I'm not seriously busy that make me didn't update this blog. I'm just lazy like that. I spent most of the time watching korean drama. Once start can't stop already. And I just finished Dream High and He's Beautiful in a few days only *proud*.

A confession here. I used to be skinny. When I say skinny, means that really really skinny which is only 39 kg. I took vitamins and I achieved 48 kg HAHAHA by that time I felt my body was like balloon. Wear heels also cannot. Feet really swollen. Then my mum scolded me cz I'm fat like a pig HAHAHA.

Then I stop taking vitamins and just maintain my eat schedule. But then I've never reach 39 kg anymore. Now I'm so jealous bcz Popteen models are like 37 - 39 kg only !! Phewww human never satisfied right.

And just now I checked I'm 45 kg. HAHAHA I thought I'm only 42 kg. Start from tomorrow, no secret recipe cake anymore #neverbelievethis. Okay actually secret recipe cake is my favorite now.
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