Sunday, April 3, 2011

run baby run

Have you ever thought of run away to a new place where nobody acknowledge you? I did. Not once, not twice. But everytime when I think I can't face obstacles in life. Doesn't matter its my life, love life, family life and so on. I just want to run away.

The feeling is just like when pimples are all over your face and you don't want to go buy groceries just because you have pimples (wtf why am I putting this as an example).

In time you would smile widely and laugh out loud....
second after, you become sad just because your other half talk about something that ruin your happy moments T___T

Yeah life is like that. My life to be exact. I can laugh. I can come with jokes. I can do puffer fish face to make you laugh. But I can't be like that all the time. A minute after I would cry like hungry baby just because you hurt my emotion.

Wtf this post shouldn't be an emo post. I should write happy one. HAPPY!

I'm a good planner. Or at least, I think I'm a good planner. So, when I plan for something of course I think my plan is the best one. Sounds selfish now wtf. But then if people disagree, that would make me sad. Especially when 'people' is my boyfriend T_____T

Excuse me, I should be happy. HAPPY!

I just want to have 'you and me only' moment again. Means nobody else but two of us. Last time I checked our 'you and me only' was last year. The rest are 'we and our BIG family' time T____T.

If I continue this post, I'll end up not finishing my lesson plan wtf. Bye.

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