Friday, April 1, 2011

come and go like chipsmore

Ohai! Miss me? HAHAHA I'm so desperate I need somebody to miss me. I'm actually here waiting for my car. Proton's worker is now working hard servicing my poor car which I accidentally abused just because gravel road is mean T__T.

I'm sorry I didn't update my blog because life is very hectic these days. Colleagues gone one by one because they've been transferred to another school (which I want it too), so my works keep increasing day by day. Even attending meeting! Which is suppose to be attend by headmasters and PK (I don't know what's it called in english).

So last week a friend (actually a NEW friend) wanted to hang out with me and I said okay since I was kinda stressed and bored too. I just love to dress up whenever I have the chance to hang out bcz I can't apply any falsies to go work. Not because its forbidden. Because I don't want my students keep asking! HAHAHA.

Make up of the day. And some Popteen pictures technique wtf. Which is bloom your picture till you can't see your nose LOL.

Hairdo. Nice or not?

It was super super hot that day. I hid behind giant cactus in front my house for the sake of taking pictures wtf. And I LOVE MY HAIR EXTENSION!

HAHAHA I'm so obsess with my hair extension. Why I didn't do this earlier? If not I might be chio earlier wtf. Till then, bubbyeeee!!!

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