Monday, April 25, 2011

Hot weather and delicious Candy Doll

Just transferred pictures from phone to laptop and I asked myself, "Eh why most of these pictures taken in car?" Fml. Realise now I rarely take chio pictures in order to save my not-so-youth-anymore face wtf. Please be informed, my life is just plain everyday. That's why I didn't take zillion vain pictures nowadays.

I wake up early in the morning, apply make up on Monday Wednesday Friday only cz I had PE on Tuesday and Thursday. Perfect make up will only last about 2-3 hours cuz after that oily skin starts show itself. Malaysia is just hot like that okay. To be exact, plantation area in Malaysia is damn hot! I wish I live with polar bear, or at least let me lock myself in a fridge wtf. So with oily skin there's no point of taking chio pictures. Mission will automatically fail wtf.

I miss the time where I don't have to switch on the fan all the day cuz its too cold HAHAHA. But everything has pros and contras right. The dark side of raining all day is I can't go anywhere! Can't even drive out to town cuz mud all over this place T_T. Hello ministry of education, when will you take me out from this plantation and send me back to my hometown? I'm waiting like forever already :'(

Enough complaining. I spent the whole evening today surveying on how good is Candy Doll make up line. Sounds suspicious, no? HAHAHA yes, I'm planning on buying them! Obviously they are a bit pricey. No lar. They are actually very expensive! Well, expensive for me cuz I'm poor fml.

Lip concealer cost RM55. And lip gloss too. You didn't just put concealer on lips right? So concealer plus lip gloss already cost RM110. Want to pop out your cheek? You need to pay RM55 for blusher. Heard that mineral powder is good for your skin? As long as you have RM69, you can get it for real. Wtf I must forget Candy Doll and just buy make up from Daiso RM5 for each items only T____T

This is why I must stop buying Popteen! It gives bad influence to me wtf. You also Tsubasa Masuwaka, stop acting cute for all the products LOL! Okay, just wait and see. If I can't tahan this nafsu, I'll get them for self satisfaction HAHA.
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  1. LOL! vujie darling, your blog always made my day~ me too hv to tahan nafsu with all those candy doll and dolly wink's new product~~ aaa~~ (>.<)

  2. nekochan;

    me always cannot tahan HAHAHA XD