Saturday, August 13, 2011

Dolly Wink Limited Edition, Tiny Apple and Tsubaki

I have too many interesting stuff (at least they are interesting to me wtf) around me recently. Well okay, I actually spent a lot last month on things I unable to buy when I was a real poor citizen HAHAHA. Doesn't mean I am rich now, but at least I can if I cut expenses on food wtf.

But I am seriously in a serious business lately, so I haven't try them yet! Which is actually disappointing. That means this is not a full review post (but still, I will put this under review label wtf) and I am not making a promise here that I will come back later with a proper review post. Told you I am in a REAL SERIOUS BUSINESS pfftt.

Dolly Wink again XD because its affection can't be denied. Tsubasa Masuwaka, you are bad! The lashes are actually limited edition one. Lashes case is not the usual case which is pink. This one is purple and kinda cute too :) Too bad, till now I haven't open the package yet. Their home sweet home for now is in my closet wtf.

Usually when you buy a box of Dolly wink lashes, it contains 2 pairs of same lashes. This limited edition contains upper and lower lashes.

Upper lashes : No.2 Sweet Girly
Lower lashes : No.6 Baby Cute

I already have two pairs of Sweet Girly lashes actually. So these are my third pair.

Purple lash case. Or should I say lilac?

Tiny apple. Guess now!

It is actually a lip balm. Very cute so can't hold myself from buying wtf.

Went for a digital perm two weeks ago and my hair is really really bad now. I am sorry hair T___T. Since I can't find any Essential shampoo in local stores and online Malaysia blogshop, so I had to give a try on this Tsubaki shampoo and conditioner first. Hopefully they will work their magic on my super damage hair.

I had this idea of going to Singapore just to buy Essential shampoo and conditioner and hair mask and lotion and etc pfftt.


  1. where you buy the lip balm??? this case's so adorable!